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Joueur du Grenier is set in the same universe as SCP Foundation
The main character seems to be a very gifted Class-D or even a scientist of the Foundation, considering that he regularly has to experiment with specimen dangerous for the mind. He seems specialized in experimentation involving SCP which are hazardous computer- and videogame-related objects.

Interestingly, Seb seems to be an highly cooperative SCP (although a bit mischievous). He is polymorph, immortal (he gets killed in several videos but inexplicably comes back later), and can even appear as multiple copies of himself (as in the "FAQ" video or the Taz-Mania one).

Notable SCP experimented by the Joueur du Grenier (none of them are recognized on the official website of the Foundation)note :

  • The whole collection of games owned by the Joueur du Grenier is sentient and alive. They are shown moving freely several times, especially in the Ultraman - Rise of the Robots video (in which games force the Joueur du Grenier to review them by entering themselves his console; the video ends with a fight against their carts) and the "2D to 3D transition" (which ends by a general attempt of escape by his game collection, and Tintin in Tibet succeed it).
  • Last Battle: Stucks its player in a "Groundhog Day" Loop.
  • Dark Castle: Slightly mind-damaging.
  • Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue: When the cart is manipulated by the Joueur du Grenier, it suddenly gives him his "bad games review" clothes, completed with a fugitive vision of a giant burning disembodied eye.
  • Dragon Ball: Includes an Ear Worm leading to suicide.
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  • Spirou: Transforms its player in an "Infogrames-game hero" (a character injuried by absolutely anything).
  • The Dragon's Lair games: Like Dark Castle, but worse.
  • Taz-Mania: Leaves its player as a brainwashed shell unable to speak correctly but grants him a superspeed ability. It implies that Taz became the Taz we all know after playing with himself (not that sort of "playing with himself").
  • The Legend of Zelda: Faces of Evil: Put the player in a state of extreme frustration leading to a primal cry powerful enough to collapse buildings.

The worst part is that the videos shows the Joueur du Grenier deliberately triggered several containment breach, when throwing SCP carts right in the nature when trying to decommission them.