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Western Animation / The Magic Riddle

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The Magic Riddle is an Australian fantasy animated film about Cindy (inspired by Cinderella), and about how she goes through a bunch of parts of different fairy tails, being narrated by a old woman who keeps on mixing up fairy tails. The film was released in Australia in 1991 by Yoram Gross Films.

The Magic Riddle provides examples of:

  • Barefoot Poverty: Cindy, except in her dream sequence. And when Pinocchio gives her his shoes.
  • "I Want" Song: Cindy's song about being an "ugly duckling" and wondering when she'll turn into a swan. All while having a thin curvy body, animesque eyes, long flowing hair in contrast to her old wrinkly oppressor. Not to introduce the opinions of Mr. Anonymous Editor, but some may see this song as really stupid in its context.
  • Fairy Tale: It's a mix of different ones. Kinda like an older version of shreck with less humor.
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  • Pinocchio Nose: Obviously on Pinocchio who appears in the film.
  • Villain Song: The widow's song "Mean Mean Mean".
  • Wicked Step Mother: Cindy's stepmother (simply known as the widow) who tries to steal her inheritance. Of course there is an evil stepmother because it's a reference to Cinderella.

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