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Western Animation / Hip Hip-Hurry!

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See the old Coyote, dreaming of his breakfast...
Hip Hip-Hurry! is a 1958 Chuck Jones-directed Merrie Melodies cartoon starring Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner.

From a grenade, a trapeze, a firework on a slingshot, another firework with an extremely long fuse, a boulder, a motorboat and a high-speed tonic, Wile E. Coyote still goes nowhere in his neverending quest to catch the Road Runner.


  • Acme Products: An ACME Mouse Snare (which interestingly worked as it should) and ACME Hi-Speed Tonic (contains Vitamins R-P+M).
  • Ash Face: Courtesy of the grenade and the firework on the slingshot (the latter of which blows up before the launch).
  • Binomium ridiculus:
    • ROAD RUNNER (digoutius-unbelievablii)
    • COYOTE (eatius-slobbius)
  • Burning Rubber: The Road Runner sets a bridge ablaze with his burst of speed near the end of the first scene. The burnt part of the bridge then disintegrates, causing Wile E. to plummet through the bridge.
  • Delayed Reaction: When Wile E. fails to light an extremely long-fused firework, the Road Runner comes in and offers the Coyote a lit match, allowing him to successfuly light the fuse. It isn't until that the bird dashes off that Wile E. realizes that the Road Runner was right there.
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  • Fantastic Fireworks: After ending up in a dynamite shed with two kerosene lamps, Wile E. is launched into the sky in the shed's silo once everything inside said shed explodes. As the Road Runner watches, Wile E. soars into the air and explodes, covering the entire screen with falling stars.
  • Gravity Is a Harsh Mistress:
    • When the Road Runner puts on a little burst of speed to escape Wile E. at the beginning, he ends up setting a bridge on fire. As Wile E. gestures to the audience at what happened while halting, he falls through an empty part of the bridge where the burnt part used to be.
    • While on his motorboat, Wile E. nearly goes over a waterfall and turns around the other direction... only to fall over another waterfall.
  • Homing Boulders: Wile E. tries to push a boulder off a precipice where it will squash the Road Runner, but the boulder's weight causes the precipice to break off. As Wile E. runs in the air to avoid being squashed, the broken precipice then lands on a smaller rock to create a seesaw, then Wile E. lands on one end and is propelled into a rock face when the boulder lands on the other. The boulder is then launched up into the air when Wile E. lands back down and flattens him.
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  • Inevitable Waterfall: Wile E. comes close to falling off a waterfall while chasing the Road Runner on his motorboat. He steers backwards just in time, but unfortunately, there is another waterfall in the other direction and he ends up falling down there.
  • Overly-Long Tongue: The first time we see Wile E. in the cartoon, his exaggeratingly long tongue dangles out of his mouth as he chases after the Road Runner.
  • Pin-Pulling Teeth: Wile E. does this as he prepares to drop a grenade on the Road Runner.
  • The End: Seen after the Coyote explodes into a million stars at the end of the cartoon.
  • What a Drag: As Wile E. approaches the Road Runner on a trapeze, he ends up getting scraped on the ground.