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What a happy family!
Unreality is a webcomic created by Kiyan Shahab. it started on November 19, 2017. It's updated on an inconsistent yet frequent basis, Unreality is a slice-of-life comedy that centers around 3 teenagers living together in a recovering apocalyptic future.

The series takes place in the surprisingly nice post apocalyptic year of 0377AE, and revolves around a Trio of teenagers,a jaded, overworked 18-year-old woman named Monica, Dominic, a rambunctious 14-year old boy who while not related to Monica by blood, is still unquestionably her brother, and Sarah, Dominic's cheerful and eccentric 16-year-old girlfriend. The series is a gag strip involving all sorts of humorous happenings the trio find themselves in.

The comic is available to read on Tumblr as well as on SmackJeeves, on Tapas, and on ComicFury

While the comic isn't necessarily NSFW, it Does have a consistent air of lewdness throughout so be wary of that.


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