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"About as exciting as anything else"

Regular Guy is, despite its name, a not-so-regular webcomic chronicling the adventures of an Every Man hero, Reg, and his two friends: Anja Baker, a high school love interest with a hairtrigger temper, and Arik Nolan who seems more concerned about the status of the yogurt in his refrigerator than any of the weirdness that befalls his friends.


In the first chapter, the trio are kidnapped, along with American Actress and Spiritual Leader Tori Spelling, by an alien spacecraft. They hold an extraterrestrial gay wedding for the Earth's fate, and stop a weapon of interstellar destruction with The Power of Rock. Readers have yet to confirm whether It Makes Sense in Context or not. Then, in order to return to Earth, they jump through a "causality loop" in the spacetime continuum that de-ages Reg to a teenager.

The strip is written and drawn by Scott A. Williams. Though the writing engendered a certain amount of praise, the art itself is, by the author's own admission... not very good. But not terrible either.

The comic has been running since late 2007, but strips come out at a trickle and have never even professed to be on a real schedule. It has been on hiatus since September 2010, when Chapter 3 ended.


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