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"How it was, and how it is..."

Gender Swapped is a comedy-science-fantasy Slice of Life webcomic following two teens (Ellen and Jessy) who are accidentally hit by a magic beam and are changed into opposite gender versions of themselves (named Eddy and Jess). The comic is hosted by Drunk Duck [1], but the pages (colored and uncolored) as well as frequent script updates can be found on the author and artist's DeviantArt pages (rudedude55 and rabbityak90 respectively).


The story begins with Eddy discovering she's now a he. He is shortly visited by a scientist, Morgan, who brings him to the home of Jess, a girl who used to be a boy. Shortly afterwards, she explains that both of them got switched when a new medical device (who's ultimate purpose is not explained) went wrong and blasted the both of them (also, the device is powered by magic, adding the fantasy element). After discovering that the only person who could help (Peter) is out of town, Morgan informs the teens that they will have to live in these bodies until Peter returns. Fortunately, the ray is powered by magic and that changed the world so everybody just thinks they've always been this way. The following chapters then follow the two as they go to school together as well as introduce numerous secondary characters.


In later arcs Elise, a man-bashing Straw Feminist type, and Morgan go through unique changes themselves. Now the four of them try to get along and settle differences while they pass the days until they can fix everything.

In addition, the series also ties into a short story series called Mageworks, also on DeviantArt. Both authors (one for GS and one for MW) have also claimed to be working on a spin-off for character Michael, but it is unknown when or if it will be coming.

Gender Swapped is well-known for being a very word-heavy comic, this is unintentional and is due to the fact that around the 30th page the artwork for it simply stopped but the written format for the comic continued. Interesting to note is that, although there's no actual artwork for the comic you can still vaguely notice the Art Evolution taking place in the way that it's both written and panelled. This is most obvious here [2] when the Author rewrote the 4th page in a Follow the Leader moment just after the author of Questionable Content did the same thing.


Gender Swapped has been on an indefinite hiatus since January 2011, in the middle of writing a Gender Swapped novella called Blue Moon Gardens. There's no signs that the author will return, since he's in the middle of writing a Portal 2 Fan Fiction. Which is also on hiatus.

If you're looking for the trope about changing genders, it's called Gender Bender.

This webcomic provides examples of:

  • A-Cup Angst: Morgan does not like her small chest, it's a bit of a Berserk Button for her. And on occasion the other characters will mock her on it.
    • Around the end of Book 1 when she gets turned into a teenager by Sven she takes a moment to look down her shirt and comment on her A-cup bust.
  • Big Damn Movie: Or more accurately, Big Damn Book. Word of God states that Blue Moon Gardens was supposed to eventually be a story about Eddy saving the rest of the cast from being mind-wiped and and left as their opposite gender selves permanently.
  • Chekhov's Gun: Elise's man-hating is brought to a head when she becomes a man herself
  • Chekhov's Gunman: When we first meet Elise, she seems to just be a gag character with little to do with the story. She becomes one of the main characters at the end of Book One.
    • Another example is Maddie, introduced as the Only Sane Man in Vex's group of cronies, later becomes Elyps' love interest.
  • Crossover: While there has been some character spill over between this series and Mageworks, the first official crossover came out at the beginning of book 2, featuring all of the GS cast, and two characters from Mageworks, and was co-written by both creators.
  • Depending on the Artist: As of yet, GS has had two artists, each with breathtakingly different designs and styles
  • Different for Girls
  • First Law of Gender-Bending: The first attempt to change back Jess and Eddy ended off worse than before for Elise.
  • Fountain of Youth: Morgan and to a lesser extent, Sven
  • Gamer Chick: Morgan, Eddy, and more recently Maddie, not to mention every girl at the tournament
  • Gender Bender: See above ^^
  • Magitek: The ray gun, though designed by scientists, runs on dark magic.
  • Motor Mouth: Maddie, in the latter half of book 2 is shown in multiple scenes as being capable of this. Unlike other moter mouths though, it isn't a defining character trait. It seems to run in the family too, as Maddie was seen talking with her mom at hyperactive speeds.
  • No Time to Explain: In book 3, Blue Moon Gardens, chapter 1; Eddy, Elyps and Morgan are at a gas station running from a redneck with a shotgun. After they jump back into the van they rode up in, Jess tries to ask what`s going on, before being interrupted saying, "NO TIME, DRIVE!"
  • Parental Abandonment: although never officially discussed in the story, each of the 4 main characters suffers from this, Eddy's parents are often on tour as musicians, Jess and Elyps both deal with actually being abandoned by one of their parents, and Morgan is a fully grown woman even if she is in the body of her 17 year old self
  • Second Law of Gender Bending: Jess has shown signs of this
  • Shout-Out: The author is an avid fanboy, so Gender Swapped has lots of examples of this. Generally through different forms of media, like the character sitting down and watching shows/movies on tv, such as: Phineas and Ferb, Seinfeld, Back to the Future, and even anime like Haruhi Suzumiya. The radio in the characters cars is also a way the Auther Shouts, from songs like American Idiot by Green Day, to some obscure Japanese song he never said what it was.
  • Spin-Off: Mageworks, Carly's Day
  • Straw Feminist: Elise
  • Technicolor Eyes: Eddy, his eyes are pink, as are 6 other people on Earth
  • The Quiet One: Jim, Eddy's dad. When his parents stop in for the weekend one week it's established that Eddy has only heard his dad say a total of five things since months before the event took place.
  • Third Law of Gender Bending: Averted, for the most part, even with Elise who, although thinks kind of lowly of men, still defends womens rights AS A MAN. Confusing I know
  • Transformation Comic
  • The 'Verse: Shares the same Borderverse with Mageworks, and many other of the Authors previous works
  • Welcome to the Real World: The author occasionally writes side stories in which his characters go to his house and spend a portion of the day there.
  • You Are Number 6: In the Borderverse] the original 18 psychics are given the name "Psychic" and then the number they are in sequence. All of them have since adopted more common names (but only first names, no sir names) and only use their original title as a codename, for instance Michael is Psychic 13 and Gabriel is Psychic 7.
    • The last of the originals, Psychic 19, has no new name, and is only called by the name "19". Except for Michael, who continues to call her different names until he finds one she likes.
  • You Will Know What to Do: During the crossover, Mageworks character Aileen is given a seemingly useless ring before her event only for her to use it at the very end to completely obliterate Tim, leaving his Virtual Reality machine smoking and Tim himself in his underwear.


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