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AngriestPat is the streaming channel of former Two Best Friends Play member Patrick "Pat" Boivin, with playthroughs being archived on his Youtube channel Pat Stares At. On occasion, he also joins his girlfriend Paige's streams at her channel PeachSaliva (YouTube archives).

Pat Stares At: TV Tropes!

  • Driver Faces Passenger: Spells his doom while playing Outer Wilds. After setting his ship on autopilot to land on a planet, Pat takes some time to groom his cat Elmo with a brush, oblivious to the planet's volcanic, magma-covered satellite drifting into his flight-path.
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  • Instantly Proven Wrong: This Running Gag continues from Pat's Super Best Friends days. Whenever Pat declares his belief in anything (even something as simple as being good at snapping his fingers), there's a high chance that events will conspire to contradict him or make him suddenly fail at a task; though sometimes it can work to his benefit. The jinxing is so consistent that Pat and his fanbase anthropomorphized it into a Stand by the name of Crazy Talk.note 

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