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Ms. Frizzle: "Alright class, now wasn't that a fun way to get to school?"
Arnold: "No! I almost got lost in the stars and burned in some lava!"
Carlos: "This is a pretty heated debate about lava."

The Ultimate Test of Sanity is a YouTube channel that makes many different animated videos using a software called Plotagon. They make animated parodies of The Magic School Bus referred to on the channel as "The Magic Fucking School Bus". While this is the most prevalent video series on the channel they do make one-offs of other shows or some shorts.


The three types of videos on the channel as listed above can be divided into:

  • Movie Parody Synopsis: These videos are parodies of movies, so far only two of these exist with only one of them being a full movie.
  • The Magic Fucking School Bus Series: The series is a parody of the original source material of a similar name.
  • Shorts: While technically only one video really qualifies for this (Dorothy Ann gets a job) both it and Hello There are both shorts.

The channel uses many custom characters for it's videos but there are three characters who have appeared who are not custom characters. Santa however is the only non-custom character who is a recurring character. The only videos he does not appear in to date is Hello There and Dorothy Ann gets a Job.


Tropes on the channel include:

  • Acceptable Breaksfrom Reality: The Magic Fucking School Bus utilizes the same logic of Field Trips as the original source material.
  • Alonewiththe Psycho: Dorothy Ann is locked in Chang Tae-Wong's Pizza Emporium alone with one killer animatronic.
  • Big Bad: There are a few characters that fall under this trope.
  • Black Comedy: Ms. Frizzle makes a joke about Phoebe dying in Episode 3.
    • Shrek makes light of the fact that he just ate Farquaad's guards by saying "I'd do it again for free!"
  • Breakingthe Fourth Wall: This has so far only been done once in The Magic Fucking School Bus Episode 3, it references the shooting that happens in episode 2.
  • Butt-Monkey: Arnold Shitzenheimer.
  • Came Back Wrong: While no character has died and came back wrong at the same time, Dorothy Ann was replaced by Ming Jong after the events of "The Magic Fucking School Bus goes to the De Militarized Zone."
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  • Catchphrase:"You little shits", "pains in my ass" "According to my notes..." and "Carlos!" all said within "The Magic Fucking School Bus episodes" The first two are said by Ms. Frizzle when she becomes upset with her students, the third when Ming Jong buts in, and the fourth following whenever Carlos speaks.
  • Class Trip: Almost every episode of The Magic Fucking School Bus is exactly this.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: This is said several times in "The Magic Fucking School Bus" theme song alone. It is however also spoken aloud by almost every character on the channel at some point.
  • Cool Car: If the channel's primary series is anything like it's source material we'll see a lot more of this, so far though the bus has only turned into a US Military Drone
  • Creator Cameo: The Ultimate Testof Sanity is not shown but is referenced in Episode 3.
  • Dangerous Workplace: Much like the "inspiration" for Chang Tae-Wong's Pizza Emporium, the night shift is not safe.
  • Dayinthe Limelight: Arnold and Carlos in "Arnold Commits Atrocities. (Questionably Dorothy Ann in "Dorothy Ann gets a Job."
  • Death Is Cheap: In "Arnold Commits Atrocities" Arnold kills everyone in a school shooting, the entire class is brought back to life by "Legendary Necromancer: Saint Nicholas".
  • Differentin Every Episode: For a small frame at the beginning of each episode of the channel's main series a bus stop can be seen with the combination of characters sitting there being different every episode.
  • Downer Ending: Every episode ends with narration explaining events occurring after the episode, every one of them are negative and the spectrum of tragedy can vary from characters being upset to deaths of characters.
  • Ensemble Cast: While the characters are usually protrayed with no single protagonist, it does feel like Arnold in the channel's series gets the spotlight for most of the series' episodes.
  • Every Episode Ending: As said above, every episode ends this way.
  • Facepalm: This happens often across the channel's videos.
  • First Name Ultimatum: Carlos is every episode he appears in.
  • Five-Token Band: Given the characters are ripped directly from the source material this is kind of a given.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: Both Freddy Kreu-bear and Arnold are perfect examples of this (though Freddy is disliked in a slightly different way)
  • Friendto All Living Things: Much like the source material, Phoebe falls into this as well as debatably Alfred the Donkey from the shrek plot synopsis video.
  • Foreshadowing: Dorothy Ann does this in the Episode 3 when she says: "What if one of us gets taken by the government though?"
  • Gender-Equal Ensemble: Again much like the source material there are eight students, divided equally into boys and girls.
  • Great Big Bookof Everything: Ming Jong's notes which apparently contain any knowledge he may need to know.
  • Hair Decorations: Dorothy Ann and Ming Jong both wear these.
  • Hidden Depths: In Episode 2 of the channel's primary series it is revealed that Carlos can sing without making a pun.
  • Limited Wardrobe: Much like other series, every character only ever wears one outfit throughout. This goes for every video including characters that reappear as cameos.
  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: Most of the Magic Fucking School Bus episodes begin with the series title followed by "goes to..."
  • If My Calculations Are Correct: "According to my notes..."
  • Lame Pun Reaction: As previously stated this occurs every time Carlos speaks.
  • Limited Wardrobe: Every character on the channel follows this trope religiously.
  • Little "No": Freddy Kreu-bear does this in Dorothy Ann Gets a Job.
  • Magic Bus: Obviously.
  • Most Definitely Nota Villain: Ming Jong does this in Episode 3 while trying to convince Tim that he is Dorothy Ann
  • Phrase Catcher: Once more Carlos is the subject of this particular trope.
  • Pungeon Master: Much like the source material Carlos makes puns however everything he says is a pun. (Due to his punitis)
  • Ruleof Funny: This is essentially the only reason for The Ultimate Testof Sanity's videos.
  • Secret Keeper: The Bus' powers appear to be secret but it appears to be a school secret and not just a class secret.
  • Shout-Out: There are many that can be found including some songs.
  • Stock Foreign Name: The characters coming from the source material almost to a tee fall under this trope.
  • Tough Room: Carlos falls under this trope as well.

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