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  • The corruption and decay that happens to all living things when Zalgo is invoked is simply a side-effect of the Nightbringer consuming their souls and absorbing their bodies for sustenance.
    • "...In his right hand he holds a dead star and in his left the candle whose light is shadow."

Zalgo's M.O. sounds like something a servant of Nurgle would do.

Zalgo is Yawgmoth.

Zalgo is Amatsu-Mikabooshi of Japanese Mythology
  • Amatsu Mika Boshi is said to be the dark essence of chaos from before creation and when the heavens and earth were born, it was shattered and now exists as fragments within all life and is a corrupting force from within. It also explains the Body Horror aspect, and makes it even worse when you realize WE'RE ALL ASPECTS OF ZALGO!

Zalgo is the blurred person in the Smile Dog image.
  • The Smile Dog itself can cause depression and suicide, the whole image arguably causes instant death. It's Zalgo.

Zalgo got the Androsynth
...Orz admits that the corruption left a bit too much for that to be the likeliest case, but it is a possibility.

Zalgo is Giygas.
Think about it. Giygas makes people and animals act in an unnaturally violent manner. Plus, when you finally approach him, the player characters have all been ported into robot... suit... things. Robots can't bleed out of their faces! The bright side of this that this means Zalgo is dead. Thanks Ness!
  • Plus, both Zalgo and Giygas use black and red as their two main colors.

Zalgo is The Slender Man.
Exactly what it says on the tin.

Alternatively, The Slender Man is Zalgo's underling

Alernatively again, Zalgo is Slender Man's underling.
I like it better this way.
  • Yeah, if eldritch abominations were a company, Slender Man would probably be an executive (look at that sharp suit he wears!) and Zalgo would work in the IT department.

Zalgo is an Outer God.

Alternatively again again, Zalgo and Slender Man are bros.
This way is cuter.

Alernatively again again again Slender Man, the Rake, and Zalgo are all one big happy family.
This way it can be marketed as a terrible sitcom for Nick at Nite!

Zalgo inspired the KL-2 Entity from StarCraft: Frontline
  • Volume 4 of Starcraft: Frontline that features the KL-2 Entity was released in October 2009, half a tyear after the Zalgo meme was at the peek of it's popularity.
  • A dead star will sometimes be mentioned in Zalgo related text. KL-2 is a dead star.
  • Zalgo style corruption will usually target the eyes first. Victims possessed by the KL-2 Entity look like this.

Missigno is an incarnation of Zalgo
Does this even need to be explained?
  • human...
  • Missingno is a creature born of a mistake in the fabric of the Pokemon reality. A "glitch" if you will. For one brief moment of acceptance, perhaps even love, it will allow itself to be captured by a trainer and fight a true pokemon. The corruption Missingno inflicts is because it can't help itself, not because it's actively malevolent.

Zalgo is the source of Youngblood's Disease.
Zalgo's victims tend to lose their eyes, which is the result of Youngblood's Disease. Both affect comic characters.

Herobrine is a minion of Zalgo.
He has no eyes, and he is corrupting a seemingly-childish-and-innocent game.

Zalgo is a metaphor for modern era self-destructive behaviour, more specifically internet addiction.

Zalgo is Nightmare Moon
He/She/It just possessed Luna. Nightmare Moon's true form is Zalgo.

Zalgo is YOU
ḧ̛̯̗́̎͒̈́͆̃ę͔̳̺͈̋̒̓̾ͩ̀̐̒͛ ̮͖̟͌ͫ͛ͯͅi̠̲͖̗̭͖̿͋́͝s͍̭̖̿ͦ͛̈̐͡?!?!

The White Walkers are enemies of Zalgo
Cold preserves from rot and corruption, like with the White Walkers' wights. Zalgo, being a being of corruption and rot, is by nature antithetical to the M.O. of the White Walkers. If the White Walkers escape the universe that Game of Thrones is set in and attack the universe of Zalgo, Zalgo may end up becoming the Villain Protagonist.

Zalgo is a being of corruption, rot, and decay. Fire is associated with purity, as fire burns away corruption and burns up corrupted things. Thus, people with fire powers (such as the Firebenders of the Fire Nation) have a natural advantage against Zalgo.Additionally, it's fairly hard to corrupt a TV show about the sole survivor of a literal genocide standing up to the Colonial Power waging an Imperialist war of aggression that resulted in the extinction of his people, because Colonialism, Imperialism, Genocide, and related themes might be too dark for even Zalgo to handle or corrupt or might make a show too dark for Zalgo to go near.

Zalgo is the Top God of all Creepypasta.
  • Zalgo seems to be suggested to be the most powerful of all the abominations within the "Creepyverse". Others torment through video games or dvds, stalk, torture certain people in certain places etc. Zalgo's mere IMAGE and PRESENCE kills people. Two sects of creepypasta creatures exists: The Smilers(Jeff the Killer, BEN, Smile Dog, etc.) and The Indifferent (The Slender Man, The Rake, etc.), both sects are either survivors of Zalgo's abominable appearance and are left with hideous smiles or are utterly destroyed by it, but continue existing nonetheless.
(First section)

  • Uh, don't you know about the Archangel from Fear? He is what is beyond death, that particular unknown. Zlago is corruption. basically he is the fear manifested out of creepypastas. Death is a merciful release for zlalgoaz victims.
  • Word of God states he can only affect comics and cartoons, making him, arguably, the weakest creepypasta character.
Zalgo is trying to reproduce.
The mutations it inflicts on others? It's how Zalgo propagates its species. The reason why those possessed by Zalgo become violent is an attempt of preventing the universe from overwhelming with Zalgos. That, or Zalgo's species grows by devouring and assimilating proto-Zalgos. Perhaps that's where Zalgo got its start. Going by this, it's quite possible the reason we don't see other Zalgos is a)Zalgo refers to the species or b)Zalgo ate the rest of his brethren.

Zalgo is Sonic.exe
  • Let's see, they've both got black, bleeding eyes, Zalgo can Zalgofy others while Sonic.exe turns his victims into .exes, so there's that. As for Zalgo only being able to infect comics and cartoons, Sonic exists in both of those. Sonic.exe is his first foray into infecting video games.
    • Wait, so Zalgo's influence is growing?

Expanding on the above, all Haunted Games and Lost Episodes are manifestations of Zalgo
All of them. Sonic.exe, Suicide Mouse, Dead Bart, Pokémon Black, even Gorefield, are all the result of Zalgo corrupting different cartoons and video games.

Zalgo is ZeeTee.

Zalgo is the weakest our universe.
The only thing he/they can do in our universe is corrupt cartoons and comics. But its because the rules of our universe don't allow more damage beyond that. Maybe there is a corner on the multiverse where Zalgo is as powerful as other people believe him to be.

Zalgo is Nyarlathotep.
Nyarlathotep spreads madness and corruption, like Zalgo. It's often described as not having eyes, which could be represented by the Eye Scream. Zalgo is just the mask he made learning about comic books and the internet. Why does Zalgo do what he does? It's Nyarlathotep, it does stuff like this for a lark.

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