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The true villain in this series is...
Minowa Gin, one of the Power Trio from "Washio Sumi is a Hero". She back-stabbed the team, crippled on of them, made the other loose her legs and changed their memories, especially into them thinking that it was the Hero system that caused their disabilities. In addition to the latter, illusion is part of her powers.

The girls did not lose their senses in a physical sense
They are still functional, but there's something blocking their brain from processing that particular sense.
  • Apparently confirmed, seeing as how they gain their senses back in episode 12.

Togo's memory loss...
came from using her Mankai the second time. Using it twice was also how she has two more fairies than the rest.
  • Confirmed

Whoever texted the girls regarding the side effects...
was not lying. Originally, using Mankai caused the user to lose a part of her body, but Shinju will fix it back so fast, it's unnoticeable. Those who notice the temporal loss will assume it to be part of her imagination. Recently, however, Shinju starts to tire out and heal the girls' sacrificed body much slower, making it noticeable.
  • Jossed; the Shinju specifically takes a part of a Hero's body as a sacrifice every time she uses Mankai. The reason the Heroes recovered their disabilities in Episode 12 was because the Shinju decided to give their sacrifices back.

Those with higher aptitudes...
will lose fewer parts of their bodies after using Mankai, compared to those with lower levels of aptitudes.
  • Jossed; Yuna is stated to have the highest hero aptitude out of anybody and her second Mankai costs her both of her legs. Her third Mankai also may or may not be responsible for her coma, although it's implied to be something more.

The end (or near of it) of the series...
involves Itsuki successfully crying out someone's (like Fu) name.
  • Confirmed; Itsuki gets her voice back in episode 12, and her first word is "onee-chan.''

Karin can listen to the voice of her fairy.
He may also explain how the girls could have use their fairies to get by their disabilities caused by Sange.

Yuna retains her Hero powers at the end of the series and is fighting the Vertex alone.
When Yuna collapses during the Cultural Festival, she really was responding to a Forestize Warning.
  • Jossed, in a way: Yuna isn't a Hero anymore, but with the Hero System going into mass production she could become a Hero again at any point, making the theory meaningless.

Yuna has become a sort of guardian deity
Kind of follows on from the above one. In addition to this, the whole point of the Hero system is to
make new gods from humanity to reinfonce the barrier - and maybe, someday push back against the Vertexes. Even makes more sense if you think about just how often heroes ascend to divinity in myth, especially in Shinto mythology which the show draws heavily from.
  • While the other girls' Flower Motifs all use flowering plants, Yuna's flower (cherry blossom) is the only one that comes from a tree (Which is the form that the Shinju takes).
  • Moreover, Yuna's final Mankai in Episode 12 doesn't appear to take any power from the Shinju at all; rather, her own emblem appears behind her while a pink Battle Aura forms the shape of a cherry tree's branches, which then rapidly blossom.
  • Although Sonoko and Yuna instantly become friends, Sonoko says that something "doesn't feel right" when she looks at her. This, and the fact that her dizzy spell is apparently not an isolated incident seems to suggest the idea that Yuna may have become something more than human.

The effects of Sange remain...
As long as Shinju still needs the heroes. This means that they have not completely lost access to their powers yet.
  • Jossed; Shinju is stated to have taken back the girls' offerings after seeing the Heroes' courage. The new Hero System will also remove Sange altogether at the cost of the fairy barriers.

The hero system is unisex.
It's coincidental that the first 8 heroes (or 2 groups of them) are girls. There's a reason why they're called heroes and not heroines.
  • Jossed; It's explicitly mentioned in Episode 8 that only "pure girls" can become Heroes. Even when the Hero System goes into mass production, it's stated that the Gods only look to girls to fight.

There are multiple Shinjus scattered throughout the world.
If the world truly did end 300 years ago, the people in Shikoku probably wouldn't have any way of contacting the outside world anyway. Perhaps similar god-trees popped up in different locations around the world, each of them similarly cut off from each other.

You knew this was coming. The "arguing gods" mentioned in the epilogue might have been Godoka and Homucifer.

Karin's fairy, Yoshiteru, is really the soul of Gin Minowa
Karin's fairy is the only one who's known to talk, a fact that Karin loves to brag about. Karin's terminal is also the only one to be secondhand, originally having belonged to Gin before it was recovered and modified. It's not farfetched to wonder if Gin's spirit became a part of the Shinju-sama and was later deployed to watch over her successor.

The series truly ended at Episode 5, and everything that follows is Karin's fantasy, caused by her guilt from being the Sole Survivor.
As you all know, during Episode 5, all the heroes except Karin go Mankai while defeating the last seven Vertexes, and then pass out, with Karin believing them to be dead until the last few minutes, where it turns out that they were just pranking her. But in "reality", the other four actually died, and Karin has a grief hallucination that they are still alive, since she feels guilty that they died while she contributed almost nothing to their victory. There is no such thing as Sange, the Vertexes cannot regenerate, and the Shinju is no longer in danger, but none of that matters to her, and she imagines what it would have been like if the others have lived. She quickly falls even further into depression, resulting in the series' Cerebus Syndrome, reflected in her fantasy world. Eventually the Taisha force her to see a therapist, which is "reflected" in Episode 11, in which she says that she will fight for the Hero Club, and goes Mankai four times—once for each of them. The therapy sessions help her get over her Survivor's Guilt and accept her friends' deaths, allowing her to end the fantasy with Episode 12 and its Surprisingly Happy Ending, before finally accepting the real world.

In the second season someone will betray the hero club for real
Bonus points if its Togou again or Sonoko, or both

YYY occurs three hundred years after the events of One-Punch Man, and Yuna is a descendant of Saitama and Hibiki Tachibana
.Both universes revolving around heroes fighting monsters? Check. Yuna and Saitama (at first) both enjoy being heroes? Check. Yuna, Saitama, and Hibiki's Signature Moves being a Megaton Punch? Check.

The Inubozaki-sisters are the reincarnations of Anzu and Tamako
Because of their services, the Shinju granted the wishes of Anzu and Tamako. So in their next life, they will finally be reunited as sisters! (Plus, Tama would finally be free of the curse of being the shortest Yuusha)

Alternatively, since Shinju-sama isn't the most competent god around, Tama reincarnates as Gin instead of Fuu.

Takashima Yuuna and Nogi Wakaba will fight each other
In the mock combat, Takashima fought Wakaba, and was said to be holding back against her. After that, it has been quite obvious they will face each other again in a far more serious situation. Chikage's death might be the trigger that starts this.

Togo is a high functioning sociopath
Togo's obsession with patriotism, her constant yelling and hamminnes, yandere tendencies, EVERYTHING about Kokubou Kamen and tendency to go into crazed monologues. Clearly show that Togo has some sort of mental condition or indoctrination long before the events of Yuuki Yuna and that Yuna and Sonoko are Togo's Morality Chain and without them Togo would have destroyed the world long ago.

Togo is on medication in post Yuuki Yuuna anime media
A sub theory of the above based on the Hanayui no Kirameki characterization of Togo in which she is much more calm and allowing to counteract Washio's constant having of a tree stuffed up her ass. It would also explain why she was Easily Forgiven. She wasn't, she was simply declared temporarily insane thanks to Sonoko's influence and was simply given psychiatric counseling and medication to deal with her issues.

The Yu Yu Yu cast are reincarnations of the Wa No Yu cast
Basing this WMG on the one three WMG up from this, the incarnations are as follows:
  • Yuna = Yuna, natch
  • Wakaba = Sonoka or Karin. Sonoka because of their bloodline. Karin because they're both socially awkward and use swords.
  • Tama = Itsuki. Mostly for giggles, would be interesting to be reincarnated with your opposite personality. Both also use non-standard
  • Anzu = Fu. Both use offensive weapons opposed to the defensive weapons used by Tama and Itsuki. Plus see above comparison.
  • Chikage/ Hinata = Togo. Could explain why Togo is a Messiah as she'd be a fusion of a Hero and a Miko.
  • Alternately Chikage = Karin.
  • Hinata = Togo.
  • Utano = Gin. Due to them both being sacrificial lambs in their stories.

Togo and Sonoko are the Big Bads in Hanayui no Kirameki ...again
In order to revive Gin and change the past Togo and Sonoko will hijack the plot at the end of the game and become the main villains again. Trying to use the Shinju's power to rewrite history only to screw up when they realize that the Shinju's power doesn't work that way. And Gin is the one who has to stop them after coming to terms with her death.

Yuna is a direct product of the Shinju
Yuna Yuki has a lot of similarities with Yuna Takashima and she's also a perfect candidate for the Hero system. The last we heard of Takashima was that she was absorbed into the Shinju and became a deity. So what if the Shinju sent out Yuna Takashima's soul to become Yuna Yuki after what happened to Sumi Washio's group. We know nothing about Yuna's past prior to her meeting Mimori Togo and the two of them joining Fu's Hero Club.

The main characters of Kusunoki Mebuki is a Hero will be the antagonists of season two.
It's been announced that the LN is going to tie into season two starting at episode 7 and the focus of the character descriptions for Ku Me Yu's cast has been their major flaws. Mebuki has a one-track mind and is still furious that Karin beat her for the Hero Terminal, Yumiko is pompous but has no actual skill, Shizuku has her emotions locked up and only communicates by shaking her head, Suzume is pessimistic and loves to gossip, and Aya is the Token Good Teammate who is willing to do whatever she needs to in order to keep the group together. The majority of the team goes against three of the Hero Club's five tenets and could easily clash with the close-knit Hero club. And their motivation to go against the Heroes could possibly be the fact that they're Sentinels who are sent to the world outside the barrier, which is incredibly dangerous.

Sonoko's overuse of Mankai is the cause of her hair color change between Su Wa Yu and Yu Yu Yu.
She used Mankai so many times and so quickly that her hair remained in the Mankai color permanently and cannot be restored back to her original state.

The Taisha get turned into bread.
Now that the Taisha have been turned into a wheat field by the Shinju. Someone will find the field and decide to cultivate it finally giving the Taisha a worthwhile use as food for needy Japanese children.

Yuna Akamine will be a Psycho Lesbian to counter the other Yuna's Oblivious to Love mentality
Akamine already looks and acts like an evil version of Chloe Von Einzbeirn already. It wouldn't be a surprise that she wouldn't try to steal Togo's lips just for kicks just like Kuro did in her debut in Prisma Illya.

The reasons why the gods need humans to fight their battles is due to Creative Sterility
In the span of three chapters Akamine Yuuna proved to be a far more dangerous and competent villain than all of the gods, kaiju, and Taisha put together in the entire franchise's run and is arguably the first real equal the collective cast has ever faced. Which makes you wonder if the reason why humans are needed is because the gods are simply incompetent. If left to their own devices the best they can do is send waves of monsters day after day and hope one of them will kill something. The fact that the rebelling gods use vertex instead of original monsters. Use an evil version of Yuuna complete with Power Fist. Have an avatar whose attacks boil down to Beam Spam and is quickly flattened when Yuuna goes Super saiyan 2. Suggest that the gods lack the intelligence to use their incredible power and need human intellect to utilize it to its full potential. And that the rebelling gods are even incapable of creation and stole the technology and designs for all their armies.

Akamine is not an Evil Counterpart to the Yuuna's but to the Nogi's mainly Sonoko
A lot of the events in Hanayui are simply the results of the Sonoko's pranks. And in many ways the events of the second half of season 1 of Yuuki Yuuna were the result of Sonoko's massive Gambit Roullette spread over several supplemental material. And outside the punching stuff which even then is a massive Pile Bunker compared to the Power Fists of the other Yuuna's. Akamine is nothing like the other two possessing actual intelligence and strategic reasoning basically acting like a Nogi instead of a Yuuna. Which makes you wonder if she is even really is a Yuuna. The only person who could conceivably prove or disprove her claims is Miroku and she will likely never show up. So its possible that she could be lying that she is a Yuuna. That her fist is a imitation. And that she was recruited as a tactician instead of a secret weapon and that the rebelling gods have the true secret weapon lying in wait.

Yuuki Yuuna: Gin of the resurrection.
An event or something called Mankai Matsuri 3 is showing promos with the Sanshuu hero club. The weird part is that they show Gin not as a child but seemingly as a teenager. Suggesting that somehow Gin will be resurrected in some capacity. Probably by bumming a ride from Lelouch.

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