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As expected of the composers behind (the very depressing) Nier, the soundtrack is one of the best things about Yuki Yuna.

  • "Hoshi to Hana" ("Stars and Flowers"), the show's opening theme, is a beautiful, hopeful song sung by the main cast and sets the mood for the show.
  • "Jukai no Nakae" ("Into the Forest"), the ethereal song that plays when the girls enter the Jukai for the first time, perfectly capturing the strange beauty of the scene.
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  • "Ifuu Doudou" ("Pomp and Circumstance"), the main theme used for most of the show's transformation sequences.
  • "Fuuin no Gi" ("Sealing Ritual"), the backing music for scenes where the girls are performing the sealing ritual on a Vertex.
  • "Yuugao" ("Moonflower"), with vocals by Emi Evans, is the heartbreaking song that plays in Episode 8 when Sonoko talks about how she wishes she had spent more time with her friends before her circumstances happened.
  • The somber and majestic "Ariumu" ("Allium"). A portion of it plays in Episode 10 while Sonoko tells Togo about what her life has become since going Mankai, and another portion plays in Episode 11 when Fu watches Itsuki trying to fight off a large group of attacking Stardust all by herself.
  • "Mankai" ("Full Bloom"), a heroic remix of the opening theme that plays when Yuna activates Mankai for the first time in Episode 5.
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  • This ominous choral piece (☆* on the OST CD) makes a brief appearance at the beginning of Episode 2, then returns in full force when Togo attempts to kill herself in front of Yuna and Fu in Episode 9.
  • This fast, upbeat song (☆☆☆☆**** on the OST CD) has a prominent flamenco-style classical guitar theme. Different portions of it feature in several episodes.
  • The regal, riveting piece (☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆***** on the OST CD) that plays in Episode 5 when Fu, Togo and Itsuki activate their Mankai for the first time. It's also a Triumphant Reprise of Hinagiku ("Daisy"), which plays during some of the school scenes.
  • The battle music (☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆***** on the OST CD) first used when Yuna goes into battle for the first time, and accompanies Karin's awesome fight in Episode 11. An edited version also plays during Togo's first transformation sequence in Episode 2.
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  • "Kokon Musou" (The Unparalleled in History), Togo's Insert Song, is a rousing nationalist anthem that overflows with her at-times extreme love for her country (with such lines as "We shall conquer East Asia"). Fu, Itsuki and Yuna even salute whenever she sings it!
  • "Inori no Uta" (Song of Prayer), Itsuki's Insert Song, is a beautiful song about how grateful she is for everything her sister has done for her. It also doubles as a Tearjerker when it plays during Fu's breakdown.
  • "Shoujo no Negai" (A Girl's Wish), from Washio Sumi Chapter, is a beautifully tragic piece that plays during Sonoko's final battle as well as the aftermath of said battle.

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