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Finally, the original anime "Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de aru" has started airing.
Please pay attention to the characters' cuteness and their heroism.
I created this with the intention of not showing any male characters.
I think it's enjoying enough to see girls talking and doing things with each other."
Takahiro, describing his healing Slice of Life series.

"I don't like it when people get hurt, or when people suffer. If you have to go through that, I'd rather do everything I can... The Hero Club volunteers to do anything that helps people. I'm Yuki Yuna of the Sanshu Middle School Hero Club. I will be a Hero!"
Yuna Yuki, being a Hero

Sonoko: "Let's see... oh right, right. You went Mankai, right? Where you blossom, and you become really strong."
Yuna: "Yes, I did. I got really strong."
Togo: "I did, too."
Sonoko: "I see. What do you think happens to a flower after it blooms? There's a hidden feature called the Sange that comes after a Mankai."
Togo: "'Sange,' as in, a falling flower?"
Sonoko: "You should have lost function in your body somewhere after your Mankai."
Yuna: "That's-"
Sonoko: "That's the Sange. It's the price you pay for using the gods' powers. One flower blooms, and one falls. Two flowers bloom, and two fall. But in exchange, Heroes will never die."
— Episode 8

I'm glad that we met
In a forest bright with the sunlight that falls through the trees
The wind was always warm
And calmed my heart
I pray that days like these would go on forever
The wide sky is overflowing with love and hope
I will continue to sing until this voice reaches you
Always, always, thank you for everything.
Itsuki Inubozaki, Inori no Uta note 

Karin: "Friendship... friendship isn't something that you can pass or fail. Geez, only you would get upset about something like this. (beat) Listen, Yuna... what do you want to do? About Togo?
Yuna: "I want to stop her. I want to stop Togo-san. If this world ends, we won't be able to be together. But I can't do that right now...!"
Karin: "I see. Yuna... I'm going to stop fighting as a Taisha Hero."
Yuna: "!!"
Karin: "From now on, I'm going to fight as a member of the Hero Club. I won't let them destroy our Hero Club. I don't want to see you cry."
— Episode 11

     Washio Sumi Hero Diaries 
Chapter 1: Washio Sumi
When I heard that we were chosen by the Shinju-sama, I thought that was an amazing thing.
But exactly how amazing it was, I didn't fully realize.
Just that, once I heard that the enemies that were coming would destroy the world,
I thought that I must fight.
In the beginning, I lost myself in that feeling.
At that time, even in my dreams, it never even occurred to me that we would end up sacrificing our bodies in order to keep fighting on.
— Sonoko Nogi

Chapter 2: Minowa Gin

When I first met Minowa Gin,
I thought that she would be difficult to deal with.
Her voice was loud...
and she was so strong willed...
that it overwhelmed me.
But after we became closer, I realized that she was a really good girl.
However, that kindness was to be the cause of her death...
— Sonoko Nogi

Chapter 3: Nogi Sonoko

One plus one plus one would not equal three, but ten.
We three believed that we could do it.
We had to believe we could.
The enemy is called "Vertex."
Abominations born from the virus.
We have to repel them.
However, to call those beings "Vertex"...
Why call them a word which means "pinnacle"?
At that time, the fact that the Vertex were created by the gods was something we still did not know.
— Sonoko Nogi

Chapter 4: Battle

Hundreds of years ago, according to documents of the A.D. era,
friends that you want to stay with forever...
were called "BFFs".
It's a somewhat interesting word, and I liked it.
The three of us are best friends forever.
Even now,
I feel like they're right here beside me.
— Sonoko Nogi

Chapter 5: Goodbye

The Shinju-sama is God itself.
Therefore, I prayed.
To never be separated from my friends.
In a sense, that was something that would continue to be granted to me.
In exchange for the death of our comrade, we gained immortal bodies.
— Sonoko Nogi

Chapter 6: Fairies

I received a lot of gifts sent from the Taisha.
My family also gained more power in the Taisha it seems.
This special treatment surprised me then.
But, after looking into it, it wasn't anything special.
In every age, human sacrifices are shown kindness.
— Sonoko Nogi

Chapter 7: Promise

It was after a while that I had learned the truth.
In the past, it wasn't a virus that tormented humanity, but the Vertex.
And what started it all was humanity, too.
I thought it was a bit similar to story of the Tower of Babel
— Sonoko Nogi

Chapter 8: Friends

We were able to continue fighting by offering our bodies to Shinju-sama.
"That is a very commendable thing..."
My parents said as they cried.
No, you're Togo-san now.
I'm glad you got off better than I did.
— Sonoko Nogi

     Nogi Wakaba Hero Diaries 
Chapter 1: Origin
This afternoon,
I peered over the Seto Inland Sea from Marugame Castle.
Each time I stand here, I renew my vow.
I swear to take back the world stolen from us.
We as Heroes are the weapons to achieve that goal.
Small may our numbers be, but we must fulfill our duty.
Among our comrades,
A proactive stance like Yuna's is hard to find in this world.
I can see an unstable side to Chikage, but...
— Wakaba Nogi

Chapter 2: Flower Bud

The days of peace continue.
I used to think that training every day was hard, and being at school with just the six of us was kinda boring, but once you get used to it you realize that it's actually not that bad.
Still, we don't know how much longer we can enjoy this period of peace.
With things as they are, I'm kinda worried about Chikage
She's the most fragile of the Shikoku Heroes.
But Wakaba doesn't seem to notice it.
Wakaba is strong.
Because she's strong, she may not understand people's weaknesses.
It can't be helped.
I suppose I'll have to look after her.
Just leave it to Tama.
— Tamako Doi

Chapter 3: Blooming

I was shaking and couldn't move.
Perhaps somewhere in my mind, I thought that a battle couldn't happen.
But still, they came.
The battle has begun.
The Heroes were given weapons.
Exclusive weapons imbued with the power of the gods, the Heroes' battle outfits, and...
A "Trump Card" for fighting especially strong enemies.
But this technique would sacrifice our very bodies.
— Anzu Iyojima

Chapter 4: Shade Leaf

I felt really exhausted after using that technique.
It was pretty strong.
But I now understand,
It's not something you can use repeatedly in battle.
I knew about the risks beforehand...
We were told about the stamina depletion and extreme fatigue that come with,
But it's really something else when you experience it.
We had Ichimokuren help us out this time...
But I personally would like to get stronger.
One day, I'd love to try out Shuten-douji.
— Yuna Takashima

Chapter 5: Twin Leaf

Tama likes Anzu.
Anzu likes Tama back.
Why don't we go out?
That joke aside...
Why didn't those guys take the udon?
Even when their silhouettes were human-ish?
Judging how unyielding they were,
And how they were unwilling to accept udon,
There's only one answer... that Tama can think of.
They can't have been human or whatever all along!
That's impossible!
If I'm wrong, then just erase this entire diary!
— Tamako Doi

Chapter 6: Root of Evil

I'm happy that we got a vacation.
There are lots of books that I wanted to read.
The fact that from now on, there was a possibility for specific books to be destroyed,
It makes me a bit sad.
— Anzu Iyojima

Chapter 7: New Bud

It's my fault.
I hurt those who fight alongside me.
Did all of those victories lead to me becoming conceited?
I was convinced that I was fine the way I am now...
...Hinata has said,
That in the first place, the reason the world had fallen into this state
Was because of mankind's impudence.
That's what the Shinju-sama's been telling her.
Does that mean I'm also to blame?
— Wakaba Nogi

Chapter 8: Petals of Light

Maybe... no, it has to be!
...No, I'm sure of it!
There have to be other survivors besides us.
That just has to be the case.
For example, there seems to be high hopes for Hokkaido.
We've gotta keep working at it, for their sake too.
— Yuna Takashima

Chapter 9: Flowers of Light

I've noticed something.
The small fries have been quickly evolving.
But whatever, Tama's been doing some evolving of her own, so no biggie.
Heart. Technique. Physique. Tama's been growing in all three areas these past few years.
Let me just say that Tama's graceful movements are gonna blow everyone's minds ta-mashed bits!
But wasn't the reason the small fries came out in the first place because of some other god than Shinju-sama?
— Tamako Doi

Chapter 10: Lingering Snow

We're all going on a trip.
Basically like a school field trip for a "Hero Club" or something.
I pray this'll be a fun trip.
I pray nothing bad will happen.
I pray we'll find survivors.
It's been decided that our route will avoid the Kii Peninsula.
— Anzu Iyojima

Chapter 11: Seeds

All of them died miserably.
I... We don't want to turn into this.
As if I'd ever. I will live.
Chikage Koori

Chapter 12: Field Day

I know it's meant to encourage everyone,
But every day, when I see the stream of false information,
It sends shivers down my spine.
Isn't that a sign of desperation?
Isn't the world beyond recovery now?
...No, now's not the time to complain.
We are Heroes, after all.
— Wakaba Nogi

Chapter 13: Falling Petals

Great power comes at great cost.
As they use the power of the fairies,
Trump Cards could possibly cause a buildup of miasma in the Heroes' bodies.
— Anzu Iyojima

Chapter 14: Thorny Path

Why must we be blamed by the very people we're supposed to protect when we're doing the best we possibly can?
If the intention of the Vertex invasion was to pass judgment on humanity,
I think I'm beginning to understand why.
Chikage Koori

Chapter 15: Blighted Leaves

I am the Hero, Chikage Koori.
In kanji, that is 郡, not 群
People always mixed it up.
My blood type is A.
My favorite food is udon.
I like skipjack tuna too.
I'm good at games, like gun shooting.
I hope that I can be remembered by somebody. Anybody will do.
I am the Hero, Chikage Koori.
Chikage Koori

Chapter 16: Off-Season Flower

The land where I was born and raised
Is also known as "the Hometown of Legends".
That day, the power I received at the shrine
Was a curse to those who loomed upon us.
With this, I will protect everyone again like always.
I want to protect them.
I want to be cured soon.
— Yuna Takashima

Chapter 17: Funeral Flowers

Chikage Koori was a Hero,
And I'll never forget that.
In the end,
She surely overcame herself.
— Wakaba Nogi

Chapter 18: Uproot

The Shinju-sama is apparently a conglomeration of land gods.
But some gods who were exiled from heaven are mixed alongside them as well.
It's quite reassuring to think about.
— Yuna Takashima

Chapter 19: Uproot Pt.2

We have not yielded our country.
This is nothing more than a ceasefire.
We will take back our land.
And then we will revive it.
No matter how many generations it takes.
— Wakaba Nogi, first year of the Divine Era

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