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Yuki Yuna? More like Yuri Yuna.

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    Yuna and Togo 
  • Togo and Yuna have enough to make the likes of Fate and Nanoha blush; they're very touchy-feely and Yuna is rarely away from Togo's side. The writers also confirmed that Togo's feelings for Yuna are romantic in nature in a character booklet, and her VA claimed that Togo "overflows with love beyond friendship" for her.
  • If you look closely in the first episode, they have each other's birthdays as their phone passwords.
  • When Yuna thanks Togo for feeling indignant on her behalf in Episode 2, Togo calls her a "charmer" while blushing and covering her face.
  • When Yuna sees Togo's Hero form for the first time, the first thing she mentions is how pretty Togo looks.
  • After defeating a Vertex in space, Yuna and Togo hold hands when they're falling through the sky and Togo says that she isn't afraid of dying as long as they're together.
  • Episode 7 has them pretending to be Karin's parents, prompting Karin to accuse them of acting like a married couple.
  • The finale hugely focuses on their relationship, to the point where it can barely be called subtext anymore. It is Togo's voice that allows Yuna to break free from her coma, and Yuna promises to always be with Togo, giving the both of them the strength to go on.
  • The Vita game has Yuna and Togo acting really lovey-dovey even compared to the Visual Novel. One scene has the normally dense Yuna talk about how her and Togo are both Aries and thus have extremely high compatibility, and then says that they're connected by a 100% wool red string. Another scene has Togo tease Yuna by saying that she's confessing her love, causing Yuna to become flustered. When Yuna asks Togo to lay down so that they can stargaze together, Togo stammers that her heart isn't prepared for that yet. note 
  • The image used to advertise an official Yuki Yuna event features the girls hugging each other in a line with Togo holding onto Yuna in a very... interesting fashion.
  • When Yuna and Togo practice for a skit in the first Visual Novel, the script calls for a kiss. While Fu reminds them that they don't actually have to kiss, when Yuna leans in Togo closes her eyes as if preparing for a real one (Yuna attributes this to Togo really being into her acting). Togo then claims that the scene came naturally because it was with her. The scene can be found here, while a reaction video by Yuna's seiyuu can be found here.
  • Just in case they haven't hammered the point home yet, the second Visual Novel has a scene where the two dress up as a traditional Shinto bride and groom. Afterwards, Yuna jokes that she'll marry Togo in the future since she's hopeless when it comes to love, and Togo responds "But if it comes down to that, I'm prepared to be taken away by you," causing a bit of an awkward moment.
    • When Itsuki gives Yuna and Togo a love charm in the same VN, they end up stuck together in a classroom until well into the evening, and Yuna suggests that they keep warm by snuggling together and by holding hands inside of Yuna's pockets. Togo goes on to brag about the effectiveness of the love charm to Karin and Fu.
    • Togo also has a rather extreme reaction to Yuna receiving a love letter:
      To insult pure Yuna-chan... they deserve death. Let's search for the sender and tort- er, carry out an investigation.
  • In the first Visual Novel, Yuna mentions how she likes just being around Togo even if they don't talk about anything, and in the second one she mentions that she would like to marry somebody who she could have fun staying with.
  • In Gin's birthday scenario from Hanayui no Kirameki Sekka sugggests that the two Yunas should act as the "grooms" for the pseudo-wedding photoshoot they have in store for Gin because they're identical. While Yuuki and Takashima were perfectly willing to do it, Togo, together with Chikage, objects loudly to this proposal and refuses.


     Wakaba and Hinata 
  • Wakaba's best friend Hinata has a fairly unsubtle crush on her, which she makes no attempt to hide. From the get-go she boasts of having an extensive collection of Wakaba photos on her phone, which Wakaba vows to delete one day.
  • Chapter 2 begins with a rather lengthy description of Hinata cleaning Wakaba's ears, something which is implied to be a regular occurence. It's also the cover image of the chapter.
  • In the Chapter 7 4koma, featuring Togo and Sonoko interviewing the NoWaYu girls in pairs, Wakaba's and Hinata's team is called Team "Domineering Husband." It's then made clear that Wakaba is by no means the "husband" in this team.
    • The upcoming drama CD also has this exchange after Wakaba is lectured by Hinata:
      Chikage: The two of you are like a married couple.
      Wakaba: Well, (Hinata) sure is an overly strict wife.
      Everyone: YOU'RE the wife!
  • When the Heroes along with Hinata travel outside of Shikoku to search for survivors in Chapter 10, Wakaba's first instinct is to nonchalantly pick up Hinata in a Bridal Carry, causing everyone else to blush (while Wakaba doesn't understand what's so weird about it). It's also the cover image of the chapter.
  • The compilation volume of the first twelve chapters included a couple of new illustrations, one of them being Hinata biting an extremely embarrassed Wakaba's ear.

     Other Pairings 
  • Fu and Itsuki are very close, even for sisters, and are also quite touchy-feely at times. Itsuki is also known to be a bit jealous when she has to share her with the other Heroes. This could also be due to the fact that Fu is Itsuki's surrogate parent as well as her sister, though.
  • In one of the Light Novel chapters Sonoko describes the type of person that she likes... and basically describes Togo to a T. She seems to have settled for shipping her with Yuna, though.
  • In the third episode of Washio Sumi Sumi gets a massive nosebleed when she sees Gin in a dress and proceeds to very enthusiastically take as many photos of her as she can in various outfits.
  • Tamako and Anzu from the Nogi Wakaba LN are extremely close, to the point where people descibe them to be like sisters, and they're almost never apart. In their character bios, their "Most Important Thing" is stated to be each other. Tamako even lampshades this in Chapter 5's Hero Diary:
    Tama likes Anzu. Anzu likes Tama back. Why don't we go out? That was just a joke...
    • Their death scene in Chapter 13 has them holding hands as their consciousness fades and they each wish to be with each other again in the next life.
  • Chikage is clingy towards Yuna Takashima (though exactly how clingy she is varies in the spin-offs) and is only willing to smile and open up to her and only her.
    • Like with Togo above, Chikage was not happy with Sekka's suggestion of letting Takashima (and Yuuki) be the groom to Gin's bride even though it's all just pretend.
    • Later on, when Takashima verbally lists down the things she'd like to see in her ideal wedding and with her future spouse, Chikage loudly and excitedly lets out a "Leave it to me!!" in front of Tamako, Anzu, and of course, Yuna Takashima, much to the former two's surprise, and the latter's confusion and obliviousness.
  • Chikage's feelings toward Wakaba are... complicated. While she resents Wakaba for being Always Someone Better, she's also completely obsessed with her.

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