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Thunderbird 5 has a larger role in the missions.
International Rescue does not allow themselves to be filmed or recorded during a rescue. Well considering it is 2065, wouldn't there be livestreaming and uploading then? (Sure the series was made in the 60's but they never SAID there was no internet.) Thunderbird 5 probably has an AI or program that actually deals with this as a precaution. So perhaps Thunderbird 5 operates in cyberspace as well as outer space.
  • Lots of disasters happen all the time so maybe TB 5 uses an AI to handle most of them and dispatch agents from all over the world to them. After all, it is International Rescue and it is stated that there are agents all over the world with their own craft (as well as exploding beans) and the Thunderbirds are the elites in charge.

Brains is related to Maurice Moss.
Seriously, he could be Brain’s grandfather. There is a meme of it
  • Imagine Richard Ayoade voicing brains.

Black Phantom from Thunderbird 6 is a Mysteron agent
To be more precise: he is The Hood brought back to life by the Mysterons as one of their agents after Lady Penelope and Parker originally killed him and his accomplice in the previous movie by shooting down his helicopter.
  • I love this idea! Not least because it actually makes sense chronologically - Penny's paper says it's summer of 2068, which means Captain Scarlet is actually happening concurrently and the Mysteron war is ongoing. One wonders if Scarlet and co. were up on Cloudbase trying to decode some mysterious riddle while International Rescue saved the day.

Brains is a time traveler from an even more distant future.
It is known that International Rescue's technology is "years ahead of its time," far in advance of the state-of-the-art in both the military and private industry.

On-screen, the justification for International Rescue's secrecy is glossed-over.

Logical conclusion: Brains got his advanced technology from the future, and the secrecy is an attempt to avoid damaging the timeline too badly.

  • My guess is he's a Time Lord.

Jeff Tracy's sons were all made artificially.
Using state-of-the-art cloning technology and the finest genetic codes known to man (including his own), the brothers five were born. Each of them are at the peak of human physical and mental abilities.
  • Oh... So would that explain why their hair stays so perfect?
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  • Yep!
  • Speaking of hair, it would explain how the five sons of apparently the same mother and father are black-haired, brown, blonde and ginger...
  • According to the official canon, the Tracys did have a mother, but she died.
    • What's this "official canon" business?
    • The Complete Thunderbirds Story states that she died in an avalanche whilst on a ski trip, an accident that also claimed the life of Grant Tracy, Jeff's dad.
    • Hey, just because they had a mother doesn't mean she's the sole biological mother. Perhaps she was able to act as a mother before that accident. (it's an insult to consider adoptive mothers as less than real.) Or perhaps even state-of-the-art cloning tech hasn't come up with a better incubator than a living human female.

Thunderbirds occurs after a population-devastating disaster.
In wide shots of roads or cities, there are few cars in use, and no one is simply walking around. In interior shots, there are rarely more than a dozen or so people in a single room. Over the course of a full episode, we probably see only about 20 people.
  • As an extension of the above, the reduced population has resulted in a technologically advanced world with virtually no scarcity of fuel or resources.
    • Various Captain Scarlet material among Gerry Anderson material (mainly Century 21) state there was an Atomic War spanning 2028-2034 (which took the lives of Captain Black's parents) so that idea may not be that far off.
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  • and no one is simply walking around. Have you seen how hard it is to get a puppet to walk properly!? As we've seen in Thunderbirds and other Supermarionation shows, the people seem to rarely walk anywhere; the Tracey's get to their craft with barely a few steps, Captain Scarlet had spinning desks and travelators galore... people in the future are just lazy!

Thunderbirds is the prequel to the Fallout universe.
The show is set in 2065, one year before China invaded Alaska, tipping the precarious imbalance even further and leading to the Great War of 2077. Jeff Tracy left the US when it started becoming too militaristic and set up International Rescue as the last truly philanthropic work before the bombs fell, neutral to the on-going Resource Wars.

Jeff Tracy had a wife.
Her name was Lucinda/Lucille, and she endured the birth of the Tracy brothers until she died giving birth to Alan.
  • Or through a car crash.
  • Or in an avalanche during a ski trip.
  • Or through childbirth during an avalanche in a car!!! Hey, it could happen!
  • Or through childbirth during an avalanche in a car IN SPACE!!!

Thunderbirds are NOT go!
The whole thing was a mere super-dream of Jeff Tracy, thought of during a coma.

Fox Kids is right — the whole show does take place in the Thunder-World.
You remember, the goofy teenagers watching over the re-dubbed Thunderbirds guys? Turns out they weren't that far off the mark.
  • Oh God, not "The Hack Masters"... Anyone but those teenagers!
  • That's what they wanted you to think. Two uber-pesky "Turbo-Charged" teenagers are far more relatable than 40-year-old Government scientists.
    • You mean... it's real?!
    • When us normal folks go into outer space, I call dibs on the extraterrestrial puppet hunk!

Thunderbirds are real people, not just silly puppets!
The show was made as a secret tribute to these unsung heroes.

Thunderbirds are go!
What? Someone had to say it!

International Rescue's secret base is Tracy Island.
Think about it, guys. IR has to be based somewhere, and the Tracys are known for being secretive. They're rich ex-astronauts. Who better to go into the rescue business?

Jeff Tracy would mastermind the operation, while his sons operate the Thunderbirds.

Think about it. It makes perfect sense!

  • What, those rich layabouts with no day jobs? Get real.
  • Yeah, I mean have you seen Tracy island? There's no way for Thunderbird 2 to land, with all those palm trees in the way.
  • Next you'll be claiming that wealthy socialite and fashion icon Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward is, I don't know, a secret agent or something.

There was a sixth Tracy son, Walter.
  • He died during a training accident (but not a Training "Accident"), possibly being ridiculously irresponsible with the original Thunder Bird 6. After his death, Jeff decreed Walt never existed, and his sons complied. This also explains his reticence in creating a "new" TB 6.
  • Jeff was all for creating a Thunderbird 6, he said as much to Brains at the start of that film. His only problem was that Brains’ TB 6 designs were pretty much just specialist pod vehicles (hello, TB 4) not main TB craft.
    • walter? clever...

Alan Moore got the idea for Rorschach's costume from on Parker.
  • In The Man from MI-5, Parker is wearing an outfit just like Rorschach's, minus the mask. Look it up if you don't believe me.

The Hood is not alive
After watching the original 1960s series and even some of the newer episodes seen in Thunderbirds Are Go, There is no way a living human would be able to pull of what he does. This troper thinks The Hood is a ghost who for some reason has content for the living.
  • The Hood died many years ago, what you see of him is actually his vengeful spirit trying to ruin ruin the lives of innocent people.
  • His eyes glow yellow, he uses psychic powers and he hurts his half brother without being any where near him. Sounds like something a ghost would do.
  • International Rescue on most occasions seem to be unaware of him, despite causing the most problems. His Temple doesn't hasn't been discovered in a highly technologically advanced world.
    • You what else hasn’t been discovered in this highly technologically advanced world? Tracy Island. OMG International Rescue is run by zombies!!!!!
  • He can pull of disguises quite easily, without even trying.

The Benton Aircraft Espionage group were hired by The Hood

The Black Phantom is The Hood's brother seeking revenge for his death in The first movie.

International Rescue is an Open Secret.
Seriously, they try to keep everything hush-hush, yet they go around in labeled vehicles, are known to other organisations (case in point, Zero-X mention them by name in Thunderbirds Are Go), and even seem to take the time to introduce themselves by name. While they do wear disguises in public, it's likely that they're more because they're basically international celebrities at this point, and don't want to draw attention as a result. I would say that the existence of the organisation itself is relatively well-known, with the members being less identifiable, but the real secret is their machines. All of the secrecy is solely to keep the Thunderbirds themselves secret, and IR itself is only a secondary concern at best.

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