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Nightmare Fuel / Thunderbirds

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Thunderbirds may not be as dark as Captain Scarlet but there are still moments in this show that may frighten viewers.

  • The last ten minutes or so of "Danger at Ocean Deep". Scott and John are risking their lives on a ship that will blow up at any second, in the middle of ghastly, thick fog....and then the water around the vessel starts bubbling and heaving.
  • Some of the "laughing marionette heads" in the opening scene of Thunderbird 6 could also count...
  • The Hood's eyes glow yellow whenever he uses his psychic powers. It's more than just surreal, it's terrifying.
  • The rock snakes of Mars will give you nightmares, especially thanks to the music playing. Just listen.
  • A segment of the "Vault Of Death" score can pretty unsettling, going from quiet to loud and back again, before building up to a loud Last Note Nightmare. The contrast in volume especially dramatic when the score accompanies a scene where an explosive is about to blow open a bank door in said episode. This musical segment is also used in City Of Fire, The Mighty Atom, Brink Of Disaster, Cry Wolf, Danger At Ocean Deep and Path Of Destruction. Give Or Take A Million edits out the dramatic parts at least.
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  • The climax of "Sun Probe" could count due to how Thunderbird 3 is on a collision course with the sun and Alan, Scott and Tin-Tin slowly succumbing to the heat and being unable to do anything to stop Thunderbird 3.

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