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Amuro the Knight and Char the Knight are Amuro Ray and Char Aznable under different alias.
The Axis Drop opened the Aura Road and sent Amuro and Char to Byston Well to get reincarnated.

Char the Knight will somehow interact with Full Frontal in BX.
Full Frontal will think he's a disgrace to the Red Comet name.
  • Jossed. Char the Knight doesn't show up at all.

The Jovians will team up with the Vagans, or they belong to the same faction.
Makes sense, doesn't it?
  • Maybe not necessarily the same faction, since the Jovians came from the moon and the Vagans are descendants of Mars colonists, though in all likelihood, Enemy Mine will occur as their motives are the same in their respective series.
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  • Confirmed, the prologue has the Nadesico fleet fleeing from the combined forces of the Vagans and the Jovians.

Macross 30 will be used to bring in the other Macross characters.
  • That's assuming BX will even use the planet of Ouroboros from Macross 30, which is pivotal in explaining the Crisis Crossover. Additionally, it doesn't make sense to not list the other Macross series (original, Macross Plus, Macross 7, Macross Zero) as part of the lineup for BX, even if Macross 30 pulls almost everyone from the franchise in.
  • Jossed with the other Macross characters being brought in. The Original Generation and Macross Frontier characters were the only elements from Macross 30 that weren't cut.

The Macross 30 involvement will allow 1st Generation Flit Asuno and 2nd Generation Asemu Asuno to exist alongside Kio Asuno.
  • Seems pointless when an aged Flit and Asemu can still pilot their respective units from the third-generation: why "de-age" them in the form of their younger counterparts via Macross 30, provided Macross 30 will even use its space-time justification of a crossover?

The world of Arst will be merged with Byston Well to be one Alternate Dimension or vice versa.
Given Panzer World Galient and Aura Battler Dunbine uses the Medieval European Fantasy setting, it can also explain the differences between Armored Soldiers/Panzers and Aura Battlers, including the cultural differences between citizens from the Kingdom of Volder and Dunbine characters.

The ELS are running from the Zonders and the 31 Primevals.
As the ELS are sentient, techno-organic aliens, the Zonders will want to pull their Assimilation Plot by turning them into fellow Zonders.

Autographed Gekiganger 3 Discs will be part of the Laplace's Box.
Syam Vist, like George Glenn in Super Robot Wars W, will be the one who gave Gekiganger to the Jovians.

Macross 30 will be characters and units only.
With it being confirmed that only the Original Generation will be included, combined with how the promotional video shows Leon and Aisha fighting Vajra, it is likely that this debut entry will only serve as support for another renditon of the Macross Frontier plot, meaning no Final Battle against Toudou in the Yurva Arga, and maybe no Rod either.

How the various government conspiracies might play out in this game.
GAIL and the Vist Foundation are a part of the same group. Celestial Being predates both of them, but Ribbons either missed them or didn't feel the need to destroy them when he was in charge and now CB has much less power.

For BX, Gorg is sent to protect Earth from the Zonder.


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