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Space Dandy's full name is Everett Dandy.
Because the singer in the ED addresses somebody named "Everett."
  • Dandy could also have some sort of relation to Hugh Everett, proposer of the Many-Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics.
  • A promo art shows a tag around Dandy's neck with kanji written on it that could possibly be a Japanese name. It translates into Naritasan (a real Buddhist temple In Japan) and the tag is apparently a religious charm. Why someone like Dandy would be wearing a religious charm is anyone's guess.
The OP and ED's lyrics are significant to the plot.
It's obvious there's going to be a multidimensional-like plot.
  • Confirmed
The broken warp drive creates new timelines every time its used
Which would explain why everyone is fine and dandy after they all died in the first episode and why Meow comes back in the fourth episode after being eaten alive in the third episode. We are watching a new timeline where they all survived the first episode.
  • Confirmed, except that it's part of its normal operation not a malfunction.
It wasn't the warp drive, but pulling on the cosmic string that created the new timelines
There was a significant amount of attention paid to the cosmic string. There's a good chance that Dandy yanking on it was responsible for a new timeline to emerge where they are all alive.
Pulling the cosmic string creates alternate dimensions
There will be a literal multidimensional plot. The ending will be significant. If you don't look at the random word salad lyrics, there are some lines about alternate dimensions. With some of the above WMG's combined: When Dandy pulled the cosmic string in episode 1, alternate dimensions were created. Some (if not all) of the episodes take place in alternate dimensions. For example, after they all died in episode 1, they were alive in episode 2. This also explains why Meow is alive in the preview of episode 4, because those are alternate dimensions.
Dr. Gel chases Space Dandy because Dandy pulled/will pull the cosmic string
If pulling the cosmic string causes chaos and destruction, Dr. Gel will try to capture Space Dandy to prevent him pulling (another) cosmic string to stop the unravelling of the universe. If time travel/alternate dimensions/timelines are involved, a past version of Gel might even try to stop a future Dandy.
  • Jossed, he's after Dandy for the huge amount of Pyonium in him.
Dr. Gel chases Space Dandy to win that space war
He wants to use Space Dandy in order to pull the cosmic string and generate a dimension/timeline/world where Dr. Gel's boss won the war.
  • Confirmed
One episode will be played absolutely straight.
There will be one episode - perhaps the season finale - where the space opera tropes will be played straight. We'll learn about Dandy's mysterious past, Dandy and Dr. Gel will have their final (only?) battle, someone - or everyone - will die a dramatic death, and Dandy will use his nova bomb to destroy the Seventh Fleet.

Then everything will return to normal in the next episode.

  • The series finale confirmed this almost to the word
Space Dandy is some kind of Space Prince.
He's the crown heir to the Gogol Empire, which is why Dr. Gel can't just destroy whatever planet Dandy is on. When Dandy discovers his heritage, he will buy the Boobies franchise and eat there every day- up until the beginning of the next episode, when everything will be re-set.
  • He's the heir to the Jaicro Empire, and capturing him will enable the Gogol Empire to force them to surrender. He and Johnny are brothers, Separated at Birth, which is why they have tight/aggressive friendship.
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  • Both Jossed.

The lack of continuity is important
The fact the story kills off characters at the end of episodes is important to the plot. Someone off-screen is pushing the Reset Button because they need all three crew members as well as Dr. Gel alive for some purpose.
  • Sorta. Dandy himself is a universal constant, meaning there will always be a Dandy. Every Dandy is connected as a result of the Narrator being the God of the multiverse, and as such is able to remember doing things that particular iteration of himself didn't do. Every time Dandy seemingly "dies", we are witnessing a different version of him die, the Narrator then proceeding to shift focus to another reality. It helps that every time Dandy uses the Warp Drive, the current version of him ends and he becomes a different, but highly similar Dandy. It ultimately doesn't matter if Dandy ends up dying, since he's always going to exist as another Dandy.

The show isn't Negative Continuity. Space Dandy is an oblivious Reality Warper/ All space and time is focused on him. This is why he can die repeatedly throughout the series or have his friends killed and still be fine by next episode.

This is why the Google empire (and not "Gogol") wants to destroy/ capture him. They want his near infinite regression abilities as a method of mapping crawl space through the links and networks of the universe, granting them a rapidly expanding source of information databases throughout time and space. This would also explain why Dr. Gel uses Gogol Street View.

The Gogol Empire wants to capture Space Dandy for something completely trivial.
Perhaps, for instance, he beat that skull-head guy at a game of chess, or maybe Dandy beat him to the last hot dog at a convenience store. Considering he tried to destroy a planet because he didn't want to pay an overdue book fee, it's possible.
  • Jossed, they want him for the huge amount of Pyonium inside him.

Dandy is Adelie's father.
He just doesn't remember sleeping with a Gentooan. It would be extremely ironic considering their interactions.

Meow is Schrodinger's cat in space.
That's why he's dead and alive at the same time (in different episodes).

The ending of episode 7 is (somewhat) canon, or at the very least plot relevant.
The monument that Dandy sees is a tribute to him, implying that he is either some sort of god or the space messiah. This is why the Gogol empire wants him dead.
  • Just barely Jossed, he's offered godhood by the narrator, but turns it down.

The end of episode 7 explains the rest of the series.
We're going through Dandy!Buddha's memories and musings, as he ponders the different paths he could have taken instead of ascending to Space Nirvana.
  • Jossed

Laika isn't as the same dog as the one sent into space.
The only hint we have that she was the Laika we know is that she's the same kind of dog, and a WMG from the narrator.

When Dandy wears his space suit, someone in the crew will die.
He's only wore it in three episodes: 1,3 and 4... All the episodes where one, if not all,of the Aloha Oe crew have died. (Granted they were already dead when he wore it in 4.)
  • Averted in "There's Music in the Darkness, Baby," where Dandy puts on his space suit and successfully rescues QT and Meow. That being said, the two of them did die in the episode (for all intents and purposes), and Dandy had to send them back through time to revive them.

The Gogol empire wants Dandy because he's a reality warper.
Dandy has no idea he can do it.
  • Confirmed

Honey is a spy/agent for the Jaicro Empire.
She was given orders to protect Dandy from Dr Gel's antics.

Dandy will eventually travel back in time and cause major problems for the Gogol Empire
That's why Dandy seems to not even acknowledge the empire's existence while being at the top of their hit list. From Dandy's perspective, he hasn't yet done any of the stuff that makes them hate him so much.

The Gogol Empire would be a lot more competent if Dr. Gel and Bea changed jobs.
In the most recent episode, Bea proves to be a capable commander and comes far closer to killing Dandy then Dr. Gel ever has. In the same episode, Dr. Gel is shown to be a brilliant scientist, where as Bea simply buys his technology and tries to present it as his own.

The Jaicro Empire will be the true villains of the story.
We know next to nothing about them beyond the fact that they're at war with the Gogol Empire. We also don't know whether the Gogol Empire is evil or not, considering we're never told what the war is being fought over. In the sole battle we've seen between the two, the Jaicro Empire completely annihilates the Gogol Empire's strongest weapon with no effort at all. They're the ones we should worry about.

With the introduction of Johnny, the supreme commander of the Jaicro's military, the series could be approaching Cerebus Syndrome. What if Dandy has to fight his former bandmate?

  • Fortunately, Jossed.

The Series is a direct sequel to Cowboy Bebop, set centuries later, after humans have left their home solar system.
The presence of bounty hunters (alien hunters are much more peaceable than the "cowboys" of Bebop) are a thematic hint, but the use of the Woolong as currency plus the fact that Meow finds THE FRIDGE, complete with blue blob-alien that attacks, and is then eaten by, Meow, solidifies the idea.

Both Honey and Scarlet are spies/moles - one for the Gogol Empire, the other for the Jairo Empire - and this revelation will be confirmed in the last few episodes of the show.
Scarlet is skilled enough to be an A-Class Alien Hunter, or even a Spec Op, and is obviously extremely intelligent. Honey seems to be faking her ditziness, as apparent through subtle hints (such as her ability to remember orders perfectly even when distracted, and her ability to decipher ancient languages QT would need two updates to read), and is skilled enough to drive a race-ship to keep up with a veteran racer like Prince. It's likely they were both placed in their menial jobs, ones that Dandy was sure to frequent, by their respective empires in order to keep tabs on him.
  • Seeing as both Honey and Scarlet go after Dandy when he's captured by the Gogol Empire, it's safe to say this is Jossed.

The boobies are important to the plot
In episode 11, Dandy doodles some random breasts on a piece of paper which is an invite to the library planet. In the meanwhile, Dr. Gel has found the final piece of the mathematical formula he's working on, which looks the same like the doodle Dandy made. In the first seconds of the ending, before the girl starts singing, there is a mathematical formula in the background that also has a doodle of breasts in it. This could be foreshadowing something.
  • Breasts could be the Space Dandy equivalent to 42.

Dandy and crew will cross Birdy's path.
Birdy has boobies.

Dandy is in fact an unidentified alien that looks like a human.
Which is where he gets his rumored reality warper powers theorized above.

Dandy's forgetfulness is important.
If he is, say, a reality warper, his powers automatically activate when he's in distress, but the trade off is it takes chunks of his memory. This could explain the some ofthe Negative Continuity; he warps reality to basically hit a Reset Button, but it isn't shown because he doesn't remember doing it.
  • Confirmed

This show will eventually reveal itself to have a serious plot.
A serious plot, told in an episodic style where we only catch snippets of plot between more lighthearted fare.Once it fits together, we will understand everything. The continuity will make sense. And we will cry.

Honey is Boobies' mascot, and every restaurant has a clone of her.
That would explain why she's at every location Dandy ever visits. She always recognizes Dandy because he's really just that famous among the restaurant.

The series will have either a downer ending or a bittersweet ending
Just to mess with the fandom.
  • Jossed
  • The ending of Episode 24 (Dandy's date with Scarlet) was certainly Bitter Sweet

The series will end much like The Sopranos did.
Just cut to black, that is.
  • Jossed

Emo Dandy.
This Dandy was a decent hunter until he picked up Meow, under the reasoning that he looked pretty tough but all he ever does is glow and screech meow, and QT, who claims to be a robot but is just a silly old man in a pink space suit who makes robot noises, and botched hunts and gaining Dandy the title of "Worst Hunter" in history he became so depressed that he became suicidal, Also he can't get rid of these two for reason unexplained.

Honey actually has a PhD in astropsychology and/or linguistics.
It's part of the job requirements of being a waitress at Boobies so that they can play their clientele like drums regardless of species. The job also pays incredibly well. She has also definitely studied languages too, as is seen in her ability to read the letter in the library episode. Honey also looks rather young, so she would've been an early graduate or has absurdly advanced techniques to keep herself looking at her prime.
  • Turns out she's half-Cloudian, a race known for its ability to assimilate information readily.

Dr. Gel's and Bea's names are acronyms.
They are actually failed projects created by Commodore Perry or the Gogol R&D team. GEL stands for "Gorilla with Enhanced Larynx," and BEA stands for "Botanically Engineered Assistant." Not pleased with the results, Perry just lets them chase Space Dandy around so they don't interfere with more serious matters.
  • Probably Jossed, seeing as Dr. Gel talks about his mom in one episode, and Bea is a spy for the Jaicro Empire/himself, so it's unlikely either of them were genetically engineered.

The part that Meow's dad makes in his factory is important.
They spent some time dwelling on it, & when they asked Meow's dad what it was for, for a split second the screen shows the part with the outline of a Gundam-like head in the background, similar to the Jaicro weapon seen earlier in the episode. Either Meow's dad is secretly helping make weapons For Jaicro & doesn't want anyone to know, or he's really doesn't know he's helping fuel an intergalactic war thay his son has inadvertently become embroiled in.

Spike Spiegel will make an appearance
Not just as a blink-and-you'll-miss cameo or reference, but he'll appear in an episode and will be integral to the plot of that episode, possibly being to Dandy what Cowboy Andy was to him.

The Alien Registry's most wanted species are that of Dr. Gel and Bea.
The irony being that Dandy's biggest meal ticket of his life is chasing after HIM and he's unaware of it.

Dandy and crew will capture a Schrodingarian.
Wacky hijinks are inevitable when they bring a literal Schrödinger's Cat to the Registration Station.

Johnny is connected to Admiral Perry in some way.
If you compare the two side by side you can see that Johnny, in his formal attire, resembles a more humanoid Admiral Perry, with flaming red hair, extremely pale skin and a cape that contains what appear to be stars. This connection is likely the reason for the war between the two empires.

Scarlett is actually Jesse
From Pokemon. Seriously first even as anime goes the two have a fairly similar appearance and not entirely dissimilar attitudes. But the clencher is Scarlett's job. She sends people out looking for rare and undiscovered aliens for her currently unseen boss.

The last scene in the episode "A Place With No Sadness, Baby" is, chronologically, the last event in the whole show.
The adventures ends, the characters go about their days, Dandy dies, and eventually heads back to the Limbo planet where Poe is waiting to see him again for their date.

Dandy is an alien who hails from Elvis Presley's home planet.
Given one of the most common urban legends of the King of Rock & Roll himself, and the fact that Dandy has the looks and pilots a spaceship called the Aloha Oe, either it's part of his culture, or he admires Elvis in some way.

There is a planet of living cubes.
Episode 24 features a Love Triangle between Dandy, a rectangle and a tesseract. Since there are living rectangles in a 2-D universe and living tesseracts in a 4-D universe, it's logical that there should be living cubes in a 3-D universe.

Every alien Dandy catches is actually rare.
As we learned from "An Other-Dimensional Tale, Baby", whenever Dandy warps, he`s taken to another layer of reality. So whenever Dandy catches an alien on one world and he warps to the registration centre, he enters a universe where that alien is actually quite common and his rare alien becomes worthless.

Dandy will turn himself in to the Alien Registry at the end of the anime!
We have learned that Dandy is full of an element known as the God particle, and that a universe-wide government corporation desperately wants to capture him! Realizing what he is, he'll turn himself in to the Registry, earn tons of woolongs, and live happily ever after at Boobies!
  • Jossed

Dandy referring to legs rather than booty as the most important thing in the rebooted universe is because of the events in episode 23.
After all, Scarlet clearly has be best legs in the series.

Honey is in fact the owner (or a regional manager) of the Boobies restaurant chain.
Every Boobies franchise has it's own roster of girls, but Honey somehow shows up at all of them? It's possible she's there to personally evaluate how her restaurants are doing and dresses and acts like just another waitress to avoid drawing unwanted attention to herself while she does the Undercover Boss routine.
  • Maybe in each alternate universe, Honey works at a different restaurant.

The Narrator Isn't actually God.
He's just the Narrator.
  • At the end of the series, when all of the Multiverse is collapsing, the Narrator reveals himself to be God, and offers his job to Dandy. But the Narrator made a mistake: he's not actually God. He may be all-seeing, but he's as trapped by the story as any other character, and can't affect it anymore than Dandy or QT or Meow could. If Dandy had accepted the job, he'd simply be the new narrator for the series. Now, the real question is, was Dandy actually smart enough to understand the Narrator's true role, or was he just really lazy and didn't want the pressure of being God?

Code D is a Grigori
Code D is a piece of meteorite that looks like some kind of stone or crystal; while it isn't purple like a typical Grigori, it does cause a rapid, unnatural evolution among the plants on planet Planta. If Code D is a Grigori, then it is evidently a primitive model, since removing its influence causes the sentient plants to devolve back to their previous states (although a strange phenomenon did occur when Edge and his party destroyed the Grigori on planet Lemuris, so perhaps it took a while for all the bugs to be ironed out after Code D).

Adelie is a Child by Rape
Adelie has explained to Dandy that her mother never got married. She has also included that Gentooans are often hunted down so they have to travel alone. It could be possible that some female Gentooans were raped, and that includes Adelie's mother.

Pulling the space-time continuum thingy was what granted Dandy the large amount of Pyonium in the first place.
It is also the reason why he exist within all realities (and why he met the Messiah in one of the universes and survived the explosion.).

Every Power Trio in fiction is simply an alternate universe version of Space Dandy, QT and Meow.
Given the second season opener....

Dandy is descended from Johnny Bravo.

Just look at the two men. Both love their hair. Both love the ladies (though Dandy is allowed to elaborate more on the details due to a later timeslot). Neither is particularly successful with women (including prompting these women to hit them). Both are capable of amazingly quick movements and are as dumb as stumps.

The reason every universe has its own Narrator even though the Narrator is the god of every universe is because the Narrator is the previous Space Dandy.

Space Dandy was able to become God because he was the only person with a version of him in every universe. This happened to the Narrator, who was the previous sole common inhabitant. The Narrator instinctively behaves differently when dealing with each universe, assuming his old personalities, with the personality we know corresponding to our usual Dandy design. When multiple radically different Dandies meet, he begins to split into multiple personalities at once to continue to assume his role as the father of every Dandy present. He's their daddy... but you can call him Space Daddy.

The reason every Dandy has a Meow and QT isn't because they are present in every universe, because only Dandy is, but because Dandy inevitably CREATES a Meow and QT, making them out of whoever can assemble as his Freudian Trio.

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