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    Dandy and Gogol 

  • How exactly will capturing Space Dandy win the war for the Gogol Empire?
    • That is the driving question of the series. It's hard to tell if it will; considering the nature of the show, maybe they're just wrong. Or maybe it has something to do with his ability to ignore death and probability. There's just not enough information to know for sure yet.
      • It appears to have something to do with Pyonium.


    Episode 3: Occasionally Even the Deceiver is Deceived, Baby 
  • If the The Deathgerian was recorded in magazines, how did Dandy get paid for its discovery?
    • Just because people knew it existed doesn't mean it was properly scanned and cataloged. Considering how scared of it everyone is, it was probably never successfully captured.
    • The Gogol empire knows about it, but that doesn't mean that anyone else has the same information. As far as we know, Dandy only captures aliens for the human race, and all of the Gogol troops we've seen are non-human.
    • Also, the picture the Gogol Empire magazine has is of her human disguise. When Dandy presents Mamitas to the ARC, it's in her "true"(albeit shrunken/starved) state.

    Episode 8: The Lonely Pooch Planet, Baby 
  • So, if Laika is the same dog from real life, than how exactly did it survive on Planet Machinia for hundreds, if not thousands of years well beyond a dog's natural lifespan.
    • She could have gone through a wormhole on the way there which sent her forward in time. Alternatively, if Sputnik 2 was going fast enough, relativistic time dilation would have caused much less time to pass for her than for everyone else. Or it could be an unknown interaction between the planet's atmosphere and canine biology.
    • Keep in mind, it's also entirely possible that it's not the same Laika.
    • Wasn't it implied that when the alien fleas landed on her body it extended her life-span, but didn't make her immortal?
      • Possible, but never implied, especially considering they showed no special powers beyond machine manipulation.
      • They have the power to manipulate space-time, which is why Machina turns into a black hole when they die.

    Episode 13: Even Vacuum Cleaners Fall In Love, Baby 
  • What happened to Coffee Maker? She's left completely unscathed even after the Doomsday Device becomes active, and then QT just kind of leaves her at the scrap yard. Did he just decide to let her go?
    • QT doesn't just let her go, it's a case of I Want My Beloved to Be Happy. QT pretty much said so himself moments before leaving Maker: "It was always Register". Not to mention after the end of the the massive fight against the Doomsday Device, QT can be seen floating in the water next to Register.

    Episode 17: The New Transfer Student Is Dandy, Baby 
  • If the social hierarchy of Baberly Hills is based entirely on singing and dancing ability, why would it still end up looking like a traditional high school clique cliche with cheerleaders and jocks at the top and nerds at the bottom? Humor and parody aside, it should have little bearing on anyone's standing if all they need to do is be musically gifted; especially since we've seen Freckles has a great voice and dancing skills (that are honestly better than some of the jocks and queen bee groupies), she should land near the top automatically.
    • The people at the bottom of the ladder are the people who are too nervous to sing in public. They just needed a little push from Dandy to gain the courage to show off what they’ve got. (And I’m not talking about Freckle’s Booty!)

    Episode 21: A World Without Sadness, Baby 
  • Meow and QT, you just almost died, and your first assumption is that Dandy is taking a nap? Why wouldn't you check to see if he's still alive or needs medical attention?
    • They haven't been shown to be the most intelligent in literally anything, but injuries I'm sure are reserved for an even higher rung of incompetence. Remember when Meow was a Zombie (aka literally dead himself) and they assumed he had a cold?
  • What sets Dandy apart from the other ghosts, that he can cure Poe's loneliness?
    • Presumably the fact that he has the potential to be brought back to life (maybe something that relates to the cosmic string), or simply refuses to accept that he's dead.
    • He is the first new person to come to the planet since it's "death"; everyone else already there has been there since before the end, so Dandy is able to provide new experiences and view that Poe hasn't had in ages.

    Episode 23: Lovers Are Trendy, Baby 
  • Around the end, Dandy calls out to Scarlet, and as Scarlet turns around to look, a train passes by, preventing Scarlet from seeing Dandy. However, even after the train passes, Scarlet is still looking behind her, and Dandy has barely moved an inch. Yet for some reason, Scarlet is still unable to see Dandy. They try to hide this plot hole with clever camera angles, but once they're both turned around again the camera goes back to normal and we see that they weren't that far from each other, so Scarlet should have been able to clearly see Dandy.

    Episode 24: An Other-Dimensional Tale, Baby 
  • Dandy claims that warping doesn't actually exist. He explains that 'warping' is actually just another you in another universe now thinking that it's you, and apparently that you in another universe is just conveniently where you always want to be, and says that "that's all it is." This leads to some problems.
    • Taken at face-value this basically means it's just your mind that goes to another universe and there's no actual physical warping. But at beginning of the episode they were just talking about how they had to keep warping to chase down another alien who also kept warping. If warping doesn't actually exist and is actually just mind transference to another universe, why would they have to 'warp' after another warping alien? Wouldn't ANYONE watching someone else 'warp' notice that they're not warping? And where are the people warping IN from somewhere else coming from? So it just being universe mind-transferring with nothing physical involved doesn't make sense.
    • So if that's out, does that mean their whole bodies and vehicles are actually being sent to another universe? But then how is that not count as warping? Even if you didn't notice you're crossing to a different universe, you're still warping from one universe to another, which still counts as warping. And while the idea that when you warp you're warping to another universe in the place you want to be is feasible, the reverse (the idea that, say, when you warp to a restaurant another you from ANOTHER universe warps to the restaurant you wanted to go to right after you warp out, so nobody thinks you just disappeared from the universe) working out every single time is a bit contrived to say the least.
    • You're missing part of the explanation from the ep, that when someone wraps they wrap into another universe that is the most similar to their original universe. So all the warp jumps they did, would have been to universes where they were chasing after the alien.
    • There are also multiple instances where characters watch someone warp, and they physically disappear. Where do they go? Some people theorize that the outgoing warper's mass is used to power the warp to explain this, but if that's the case then where does the mind of the incoming warper go? You can't switch with what isn't there.
    • According to the explanation given, the warper switches minds with another version of themselves in another universe. Wouldn't that mean that every time they warped to escape the Gogol Empire or a certain death scenario, another Dandy and crew are warping into whatever situation the first Dandy and crew are warping out of?
    • The explanation indicates that there is no physical movement occurring. So, how does this technology continue to exist if, from the perspective of anyone watching, nothing happens? If someone goes to use the warp transit, do they just sit there for a second and then walk out acting like they just appeared from somewhere else? Shouldn't it have been scrapped after the first test run when nothing appeared to happen?

    Episode 25: Dandy's Day in Court, Baby 
  • How did the baseball get exposed to pyonium?
    • For that matter, they never explained why Dandy was at the victim's house.
      • For the first one, it's never stated, but it could easily be the same way the calendar in "There's Always Tomorrow, Baby" managed to get exposed (that is, by a blast not intentionally directed towards the object). As for the second, he was intending to capture the victim for a bounty, as stated multiple times.

    Season 2 
Because the finale opens up a whole can of Fridge Logic:
  • If the Narrator was God all along, how did alternate Narrators show up in "I Can't Be the Only One, Baby?"
    • They're presumably Gods of their own universes. That, or the universe was so screwed that there was more than one God.
  • If Bea was a Jaicro spy, how did Johnny not know who Dandy was or his significance?
    • Considering he was playing both sides and planning on taking the pyonium for himself, its likely he kept that information hidden from his superiors until the last minute.
  • Why did the Gogol Empire build a weapon that could destroy the multiverse?
    • That wasn't the purpose of the weapon, it's simply what happened when it was destroyed. As explained earlier in the episode, the purpose was to be able to manipulate probability.
  • If warping leads to alternate realities, how was the Jaicro Empire able to reach the Gogol Empire where Dandy was, and why does the Professor say that no one has ever seen these parallel universes?
    • Presumably the only people who know the secret of warping are Dandy, his ex, and the two dimensional guy.
  • What is going on in Honey's head?


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