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Johnny Bravo

Johnny is actually a great martial artist
He is just too much of a gentleman to ever hit a lady.
  • We know that from his dodging attacks while pretending to be an antenna and the mail sorting slap of doom
  • In the pilot episode, Johnny does state that he is the only man to master every form of martial art in the world (before promptly getting squashed by a sumo wrestler, as sumo is the only art that he is still studying).

Johhny is much smarter than he acts
His use of the
Fascinating Eyebrow and tendancies as a Deadpan Snarker suggests that he's actually quite intelligent. He simply acts dumb because life is a lot easier that way. He can live at home, rent-free, never have to pay for anything, never have to have a job, and the law of averages suggests that there is some woman out there who will actually like him as the slacker himbo he is. Basically he's looking for a woman to hold him to the same standards his Mother does, and the really sad (or awesome, depending on your point of view) thing is that he eventually will find one.
  • The one he found was a vampire I think
    • The lady in the Valentine's Day special genuinely liked him, too, but she turned out to be a spy and broke it off for Johnny's safety.
  • This may explain his Flanderization in later seasons.. He had to act even stupider to make sure his facade was never broken.

Aron City is a refuge to super-strong former models.

Think about it, every woman Johnny meets (also a lot of men that he meets) is incredibly strong and incredibly beautiful. Practically no one works in that town, probably because they already have plenty of money left over from their modeling days. The citizens who work were probably not so successful as the ones who don't need to work, or they may just enjoy keeping busy. Former supermodels probably take refuge there so the paparazzi don't bother them.

  • Considering his looks, Johnny could also be one of them.

Johnny Bravo is an alternate Jonny Quest that ended up with his mother instead of his father
Think about it
  • They do have the same standard outfit and blond hair.

Johnny is actually Aaron Presley.
The fact that he sounds like Elvis isn't a coincidence.

Johnny is Duke Nukem's Mirror Universe counterpart
Black shades, check.Blond , check.Big Muscles but a total wuss, check.Attempts to hook up with every hot chick ends up with heavy injuries whereas Duke Nukem has women making lines to have sex with him, yeah, I say he matches pretty well.

Duke Nukem is Johnny's father.
Duke passed on all the good looks genes but none of the badass or sex god genes.

Johnny is Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo's Mirror Universe counterpart
Black shades, check. Blond, check. Obsession with hair, check. Random stuff happening, check. Reversed outfit colors, check.

Johnny Bravo is the way he is because of his Disappeared Dad.
He's a Momma's Boy because his mother worked to the bone to raise him, and his overly macho-ness and desire to pick up girls is because he thinks that's what a real man should do.

Pops is Johnny's Pops (Dad)
  • This misght actually make some since seeing how much the two characters have in common.

Johnny is somehow related to Albert Wesker.
"Hey there baby, would you mind if I completely saturated your globe?"

Johnny's hair cream is like 90% bull semen
I saw There's Something About Mary and that got me thinking, how could all of Johnny's hair stick up that way. and alot of hair care products, and skin creams use a little bit of the stuff.

Johnny's real father is Joe Buck from Midnight Cowboy.
Johnny's mama is voiced by Brenda Vaccaro, who appeared in that movie and played a character who slept with Joe (after some difficulty). Also- blonde hair, southern accent, not too may be that Johnny takes after his dad.
Johnny's father is actually Greg from The Brady Bunch
Johnny Bravo was actually a name used by Greg at one point in the series (and the movie based on in). Assuming Johnny's in his early twenties in the nineties when the show aired, the timing works based on Greg's age when the Brady Bunch ended in 1974. If Greg got a girl (a young Bunny) pregnant while using the stage name, then either married her or she simply chose to adopt it because she wanted people to think they were married for her son’s sake, then Johnny could have been named after his father (and would actually be Johnny Bravo Junior).

Greg, naturally, having lived in a Brady-style world would be unprepared for the reality of young parenthood and the pressure led him to flee and abandon his family.


There’s more than just a coincidence of names though. Donny Osmond was actually introduced as Johnny’s nanny. An episode of Donny and Marie had featured a several of the Brady children (but not Greg) including a skit in which Donny was brought in as Greg’s replacement. Years later Donny Osmond would then seek to become Johnny’s nanny, serving to replace Johnny’s father.

If nothing else, the Brady family and the Osmond family had a lot in common (particularly if including “The Brady Bunch Hour” as a part of cannon) and it’s not inconceivable that Donny and Greg could have become friends and that the reason for a celebrity like Donny Osmond’s odd interest in Johnny was his desire to look in on a friend’s kid for him.

Also, while Johnny and Greg might not seem to have that much in common, they may be more alike than it first seems. Both were lady’s men (Johnny just not successfully so). Both were drawn to their family (Greg seemed to spend a lot of time home in a crowded house for a kid his age). Both were surprisingly patient with their respective cute child characters (though it’s not perfect, compare how he treats Suzy with how he treats other people who annoy him).

Also, even though Greg’s language and fashion sense was VERY-seventies in some ways, his behaviour could easily come across closer to a fifties character even then. Johnny of course is based on personalities from the fifties (Elvis and, though the show was made later, Fonzie).

Johnny’s father is actually the father from Little Elvis Jones And The Truckstoppers

For those who don’t know, Lil’ Elvis and the Truckstoppers was a short lived Australian series set in the outback. The premise was that a baby was thrown from a gold Cadillac in a guitar case and left at an outback truck stop. He grows to be a singer as a young boy. His adoptive parents are convinced that he is the son of Elvis.

Whether that’s true or not (being true would require one to assume Elvis didn’t die when history recorded it, as of course some people believe) Lil’ Elvis and Johnny display several common traits. Both favour having their hair up. Both have the ability to move rapidly and even change outfits by spinning (as seen in the opening credits to Lil’ Elvis and frequently used by Johnny). It’s possible that whoever Lil’ Elvis’ father was was also Johnny’s (maybe he travels the world abandoning kids).

"Get Stinky" was intended to be the last episode.
If you think about the plot it makes sense: Johnny finally meets a woman who's interested in him - but he isn't interested in her!

Johnny is a kid.
The way he looks and sounds is the way he sees himself. It's why he goes to school with Suzie, and why she always wants to hang out around him. It's why he never got the girl; at best they find him adorable but show no further interest and at worst ignore him outright. He's a little kid.
  • But Johnny doesn't go to school with Little Suzy. He's also shown to do stuff only adults get to do.
Johnny will one day not just get to have sex but have a kid as well. Eventually, one of his descendants will grow up to be Space Dandy.

Just look at the two men. Both love their hair. Both love the ladies (though Dandy is allowed to elaborate more on the details due to a later timeslot). Neither is particularly successful with women (including prompting these women to hit them). Both are capable of amazingly quick movements and are as dumb as stumps.


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