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This is a list of episodes from the series Johnny Bravo, which ran from July 14, 1997 and ended on August 27, 2004. It had a total of 4 seasons, and 67 episodes. In 2009, it received a one hour comeback series finale titled "Johnny Bravo Goes to Bollywood".

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    Season One 1997 
  1. Johnny Bravo / Jungle Boy in Mr. Monkeyman / Johnny Bravo and the Amazon Women: Johnny tries to impress a female zookeeper by locating and capturing an escaped gorilla; The evil King Raymond tries to frame Jungle Boy for crimes so the animals will abandon him and go back to worshiping Raymond; Johnny falls off a ship and winds up on an island inhabited by warrior women.
  2. Super Duped / Bungled in the Jungle / Bearly Enough Time: Johnny pretends to be a superhero in an attempt to impress Little Suzy's teacher, but must then back up his boasts when they encounter a criminal; Johnny is stranded in the jungle and meets Jungle Boy and friends, while King Raymond plots to do away with them both; Johnny thinks his mama is lost in the woods and tries to rescue her, only to encounter Chronos the Bear.
  3. The Sensitive Male / Bravo Dooby Doo: Johnny learns how to be sensitive in this parody of Schoolhouse Rock!; Johnny meets the Scooby-Doo gang and explores a haunted house with them.
  4. Date With an Antelope / Did You See a Bull Run by Here? / Cookie Crisis: Johnny finds that the woman he met over the Internet is actually an antelope; To impress a lady, Johnny volunteers to fight a bull in Spain; In this parody of Green Eggs and Ham, Johnny refuses to buy cookies from Little Suzy.
  5. I Used to be Funny / My Fair Dork / 'Twas the Night: Two quarreling clowns decide to settle it by seeing who can pull the biggest prank on Johnny; Johnny attempts to help the school geek ask Little Suzy to the dance; Johnny mistakes Santa Claus for a burglar and breaks his arm, forcing him to go Subbing for Santa.
  6. Blarney Buddies / Over the Hump! / Johnny Meets Farrah Fawcett: In Ireland, Johnny tries to kiss a leprechaun (named Barney Stone), thinking he's the legendary Blarney Stone; Johnny signs up for the French Foreign Legion and ends up stranded in the desert with a talking camel; After learning Farrah Fawcett is attending Little Suzy's birthday party, Johnny tries to meet her, but the guard won't let him in because he's Not on the List.
  7. Blanky Hanky Panky / Talk to Me, Baby / Hip-Hop Flop!: A cat-themed supervillain attempts to steal all the yarn in the city, and Johnny's blankie is the last of it; Johnny is the guest of a talk show hosted by the supermodel Vendela Kirsebom; Johnny asks a hip-hop group called the Round Pound to teach him their ways so he can impress a female hip-hop fan.
  8. Beach Blanket Bravo / The Day The Earth Didn't Move Around Very Much / The Aisle Of Mixed-Up Toys: At the beach, a girl latches onto Johnny to make her boyfriend jealous, so he angrily challenges Johnny to a surfing contest; Johnny is on trial for several petty crimes he committed during a period he believed time had been frozen; Johnny tries to impress a little girl's older sister by buying her new toys.
  9. Substitute Teacher / A Wolf In Chick's Clothing / Intensive Care: Johnny mistakes a criminal for his substitute martial arts teacher, so the criminal decides to use him as a patsy; Johnny's date turns out to be a werewolf; Johnny tries to woo an attractive nurse, but an overprotective coworker keeps getting in his way.
  10. Jumbo Johnny / The Perfect Gift / Bravo, James Bravo: Johnny orders a shake that is supposed to make one buff, but fails to follow the instructions and becomes morbidly obese; Johnny struggles to earn enough money to buy his mama a Mother's Day present; Johnny tries to woo a woman who turns out to be a secret agent, and ends up dragged into her mission.
  11. Going Batty / Berry The Butler / Red Faced In The White House: Johnny meets Lois, who's a vampire dating him to get back at her nerdy ex-boyfriend; Johnny's mama wins a contest to get a pop star to be her butler for the day, and Johnny takes it literally; Johnny goes to Washington D.C. and winds up dating the President's daughter.
  12. The Man Who Cried "Clown!" / Johnny, Real Good / Little Talky Tabitha: In this trio of The Twilight Zone (1959) spoofs, Johnny comes across a clown on the wing of a plane, a boy with strange powers, and a doll that wants to do away with him, respectively.
  13. Johnny Bravo Meets Adam West! / Under The Big Flop / Johnny Meets Donny Osmond: Johnny's mama goes missing, so he enlists Adam West to help; Johnny and Little Suzy discover the circus ringmaster has brainwashed her performers, including Jungle Boy; In this spoof of Mary Poppins, Donny Osmond becomes Johnny's new nanny.

     Season Two 1999- 2000 
  1. Bikini Space Planet / Moby Jerk / A Gel For Johnny: Johnny is abducted by beautiful space aliens who treat him like a god; Johnny gets shanghaied into helping a Captain Ahab-esque sailor capture his arch-enemy, a rude merman; Johnny runs out of his favorite hair gel and tries everything he can to find some.
  2. Johnny, Get Your Tutu / Johnny's Inferno / Forest Chump: Johnny's aptitude test is accidentally switched with Suzy's drawing, and the results tell him he ought to become a dancer; Johnny meets a demon who tries to get him to do evil things - like bring 11 items to the 10-items-or-less line; After being swept over a waterfall, Johnny and Carl come across hot native chicks.
  3. Karma Krisis / A Star Is Bruised / The Prince And The Pinhead: A skeptical Johnny rips up a chain letter and suffers a streak of bad luck; Johnny is asked to be a stunt double for his favorite action star; In this take on Mark Twain's story, Johnny and a foreign prince switch places when the prince is bored of his royal life.
  4. Claws! / Cover Boy / To Helga And Back: Johnny tries to cook a lobster who keeps fighting back at him; Johnny gets a job as a fashion model in an attempt to meet the female models; Johnny orders a Mail-Order Bride and is annoyed when the woman who comes is a heavyset woman named Helga.
  5. Endless Bummer / Jailbird Johnny / Bravo 13: Johnny becomes the lifeguard at the beach and hinders more than he helps; Johnny is arrested and mistakenly put in a woman's prison - and he doesn't want to leave; Johnny is mistaken for an astronaut and launched into space.
  6. Doommates / Johnny's Telethon / Johnny's Guardian Angel: Johnny decides to move out and gets Carl to move in with him - to their detriment; Johnny holds a telethon to try and save the $1.03 store; A guardian angel tries to show Johnny how awful the world would be if he was never born, but keeps failing at it.
  7. I, Fly / Schnook Of The North / Charm School Johnny: In this parody of a classic horror film, Johnny gets stuck in Carl's transporter and winds up with his head on a fly's body; Johnny gets lost at the mall and winds up with a foster family in the Arctic; Pops bets Carl that he could change Johnny into a gentleman.
  8. Johnny And The Beanstalk / A Boy And His Bird / Ape Is Enough: In this take on Jack and the Beanstalk, Johnny climbs a beanstalk to find a dumb giant who wants to play with him; When Johnny finds that pets can attract women, he decides to get one - and it's an emu; Johnny explores the South Seas and runs into a female gorilla who falls in love with him.
  9. Panic In Jerky Town! / Alien Confidential / Mama's New Boyfriend: Johnny wins a contest and goes to Jerky Jake's jerky factory in this cross between Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Soylent Green; Johnny meets and hampers a visiting alien who wants to share the secret to everlasting peace; Johnny gets upset when Mama comes home with a new boyfriend and tries to get rid of him.
  10. The Man With The Golden Gut / Welcome Back, Bravo / Aunt Katie's Farm: Johnny's new exercise equipment somehow winds up leaving an image of Mount Rushmore on his stomach; Johnny has to repeat elementary school and is put into Little Suzy's class; Johnny is forced to go to Little Suzy's favorite TV show with her and winds up playing a part in it.
  11. Johnny Goes To Camp / A League Of His Own / Buffoon Lagoon: Johnny goes on the wrong bus and winds up stuck in Computer Camp; Johnny pretends to be a girl to help out Little Suzy's softball team; Johnny and a lady get stranded on an island together, and he drives her crazy by endlessly trying to woo her while she desperately tries to survive and signal for help.
  12. Brave New Johnny / Witless / Carl Be Not Proud: Johnny is frozen in hair gel and arrives in a Bad Future; Johnny winds up in an Amish village and has a tough time fitting in; Johnny thinks Carl is dying (in reality, it's his plant), and promises to do anything Carl wants.
  13. El Bravo Magnifico / Johnny-O And Juliet / Clan Of The Cave Boob: The cowardly inhabitants of a Mexican village ask Johnny - who they think is a karate master - to help defend them; Johnny falls in love with the new neighbor's daughter, and when Mama starts a feud with her, he tries to end it; An archeological discovery leads Carl to tell the story of a caveman who acts - and looks - like Johnny.
  14. Galaxy Boy / Damien's Day Out / Noir Johnny: Johnny accidentally takes the place of a Starfleet captain; A demonic baby is left on Johnny's doorstep; Johnny tries to find Little Suzy's missing toy à la Film Noir.
  15. Hail To The Chump / A Fool For Sister Sara / Days Of Blunder: When the city council all gets sick from Pops' tuna, the town charter orders that the village idiot become mayor in their stead - that is, Johnny; Johnny meets a woman who's dedicated to helping nice people, and tries to help nice people as well; Johnny becomes a race car driver, but cheats by having Carl operate the car via remote.
  16. Pop Art Johnny / Dude Ranch Doofus / A Cake Too Far: When Johnny accidentally leaves an image of his butt on an art gallery's wall, he becomes a pop art sensation; Johnny tries to impress a woman at a ranch by taming a horse; When Mama Bravo breaks her arm, Johnny has to help her make her entry for the bakeoff.
  17. Look Who's Drooling / Law And Disorder / Tooth Or Consequences: Carl's new formula turns Johnny into a baby; Johnny gets a job as a mall security guard; When Johnny destroys Little Suzy's faith in the Tooth Fairy, he has to restore it by dressing up as the Tooth Fairy.
  18. The Unsinkable Johnny Bravo / Rashomoron / Free Pookey: Aboard a cruise ship, Johnny falls in love with a rich woman in this parody of Titanic (1997); Johnny, Carl and Little Suzy all have very different stories about what happened at the park; To get an animal rights activist to go on a date with him, Johnny liberates Little Suzy's birthday party piñata.
  19. Good Knight Johnny / Balloon Platoon / The Clueless Kid: Johnny stumbles upon a Renaissance carnival and mistakenly believes he's actually gone back in time; Johnny tries to help Little Suzy get back at a boy who throws water balloons at her, and takes it too far; Johnny is trained by Master Hama to compete against Hama's archenemy, the Pantene Claw, and his dojo.
  20. Yukon Yutz / Prep School Johnny / Send In The Clones: Johnny and Mama visit Canada, where he tries to score with a Canadian girl and tangles with a criminal; Johnny goes to a prep school, and three students named Nigel, Todd and Piggy attempt to get him in trouble; Johnny is cloned by a mad scientist and must prove to his friends his identity.
  21. Loch Ness Johnny / Den Mother Johnny / Quo Doofus: Johnny has to evade the Loch Ness Monster to get the chance to eat his haggis; When Mama is laid up in bed with an allergy, Johnny must take over her scout troop; Carl shoves Johnny through a time portal and he arrives in Ancient Rome.
  22. As I Lay Hiccupping / Marine Maroon / Thunder God Johnny: Johnny has the hiccups and tries everything to get rid of them; Johnny is caught in a fishing net and dumped into Sea World, but he thinks he's in the lost city of Atlantis; Johnny manages to pull Mjölnir out of the ice and gain the power of Thor, and regrets it when he is expected to battle the Frost Giants.
  23. Luke Perry's Guide To Love / In The Line Of Johnny / Fugitive Johnny: After Johnny saves Luke Perry's life, Luke decides to repay him by coaching him through getting girls; Johnny becomes a bodyguard for the Soy's Harvest Parade when Master Hama (the intended bodyguard) is injured; Johnny goes on the run when he steals from a police bake sale.
  24. Virtual Johnny / Hold That Schmoe / Hunted: Johnny tries out a virtual reality machine and soon has trouble differentiating fantasy from reality; Johnny finds ghosts in his attic and tries to defeat them to reach a valuable comic book he wants to sell; In a parody of The Most Dangerous Game, a hunter decides to use Johnny as his prey, but gives up when he proves to be terrible at it.
  25. Candidate Johnny / Johnny B. Badd / Air Bravo: Johnny and Carl both run for Litter Commissioner - in Johnny's case, to pick up girls; When Little Suzy decides to form a band, Johnny wants to sing, but is so bad at it that Pops has to cut his mike every time they perform; Johnny becomes the assistant to a basketball team.
  26. Scoop Bravo / The Incredible Shrinking Johnny / Backdaft: Johnny tries to impress a female newspaper editor by getting a big story; Someone casts a spell on Johnny and he starts to shrink; Johnny tries to be a firefighter to impress girls.
  27. The Johnny Bravo Affair / Biosphere Johnny / Spa Spaz: Johnny is kidnapped by a Classy Catburglar after he accidentally swallows the item she wanted to steal; Johnny goes into a secluded biosphere and ruins the ecosystem; Johnny goes to the spa, and the manager sees detoxifying his body as her chance at fame.

    Season Three 2000- 2003 
  1. Fool For A Day / In Your Dreams / Some Like It Stupid: Johnny is tired of being the butt of everyone's jokes on April Fool's Day and decides to get even; Johnny is stuck in a dream that Carl is trying to get him out of; In this parody of a certain film, Johnny and Carl dress up as beauty pageant contestants to hide from a gangster.
  2. Dental Hijinks / Little Red Riding Johnny / Pouch Potato: Johnny, who's deathly afraid of the dentist, is taken there under the belief it's the amusement park; In an attempt to win a prize, Johnny tries to steal Little Suzy's food that she's taking to her grandma; Johnny gets lost in an Australian wildlife sanctuary and forms a bond with a mother kangaroo.
  3. Jurassic Dork / Mascot Academy / Full Metal Johnny: Johnny gets a dinosaur egg that hatches; Johnny becomes a football team mascot hoping to score with cheerleaders; Johnny tries to apply for dodgeball camp but signs up for the army instead.
  4. Johnny On Ice! / Robo-Mama! / 20,000 Leagues Over My Head: Johnny is frozen during a hiking trip and is thawed out by a scientist who mistakes him for a caveman; Mama must go on a trip, so she has a robot look after Johnny; Johnny tries to impress an environmentalist by helping her save aquatic life from fishing boats and other threats.
  5. I Dream Of Johnny / One Angry Bravo / Carnival Of The Darned: At an Arab bazaar, Johnny finds a genie; Johnny gets jury duty and stalls the trial because the defendant is an attractive female; Johnny runs away from home after accidentally blowing up the microwave oven and joins a freak show carnival.
  6. A Walk On The Stupid Side / Lone Star Bravo / Toy Boy Johnny: Johnny enters a walk for charity, and gets misled down a route that might cost his friends millions of dollars; Mama tells Johnny the tale of his ancestor, who became a sheriff in the Wild West to impress women; Johnny becomes the new CEO of a toy company and creates action figures of himself.
  7. The Great Bunny Book Ban / Enter The Chipmunk / Frankenbravo: In this A Day in the Limelight episode, Little Suzy fights to get her favorite book unbanned; The Pantene Claw returns and forces Johnny to teach him the fighting style he developed (when a chipmunk fell into his pants); Johnny meets Dr. Frankenstein and falls in love with the woman he built.
  8. Lord of the Links / Bootman / Freudian Dip: Johnny becomes a golfer and plays in a tournament; Johnny steals the boots of a superhero called the Green Swoosh and gains his powers; Little Suzy tries to get to the root of Johnny's recurring nightmares.
  9. Lodge Brother Johnny / Chain Gang Johnny / Lumberjack Johnny: Johnny finds out about the Brotherhood of the Gnu and is put through the tests to become a member; Johnny and Carl are arrested and attempt to escape from prison while chained together; Johnny becomes a lumberjack and competes to win the hand of the Lumberjack Queen.
  10. Auteur, Auteur / Runaway Train / A Reject Runs Through It: Johnny mistakenly receives a grant to direct a film; At the train station, Johnny accidentally boards an experimental bullet train; Carl and Pops dare Johnny to travel to Alaska and catch a rare fish, the "sassy-mouth salmon".
  11. A Johnny Bravo Christmas: When Johnny forgets to mail a letter to Santa Claus, he decides to journey to the North Pole to tell him what he wants in person.
  12. The Island Of Mrs. Morceau / The Colour Of Mustard / Third Dork From the Sun: Johnny is taken to an island where humans are turned into animals; Johnny is challenged to a game of badminton by a girl who promises to go out with him if he wins; Johnny is made to compete on an alien game show where the losers get their planets blown up.
  13. The Hansel and Gretel Witch Project / I.Q. Johnny / Get Stinky: This homage to a certain horror film features Johnny, Carl and Suzy searching for the witch from Hansel and Gretel; Johnny is fed a potion that turns him smart; In the Series Fauxnale, Johnny finally meets a woman who's interested in him - but he despises her.
  14. It's Valentine's Day, Johnny Bravo: Valentine's Day is also Johnny's birthday, and he's depressed because no girl will go out with him.

    Season Four 2004 
  1. Johnny Bravo Goes To Hollywood: Johnny is offered a part in a movie, but when his part is cut, he desperately tries to get it back.
  2. Traffic Troubles / My Funny Looking Friend: Johnny has to attend "Musical Comedy Traffic School", but he can't sing; Johnny sees a macho man with a funny looking friend who helps him get girls by making the man look good in comparison, so Johnny decides to copy him and get a funny looking friend of his own.
  3. Win An El Toro Guapo / Witch-ay Woman: Johnny enters a bull-riding contest in hopes of winning a truck; Johnny angers a Gypsy woman who turns him into a girl (Jenny Bravo).
  4. Home Alone: Johnny convinces Mama she can leave him home alone for a week while she goes on vacation, but things go horribly wrong.
  5. Mini JB / Back From The Future: Johnny cares for a baby and is pleasantly surprised when girls find this attractive; After Johnny is knocked out by a woman he was flirting with, a band of sci-fi geeks find a dazed Johnny and become convinced he is a time traveler from 1963.
  6. Non, Oui, Oui Pour Johnny / That's Entertainment!: Johnny takes up French class with Mama for their upcoming trip to Paris, France, but Johnny is a slow learner; When the Bravos' TV breaks on movie night, Donny Osmond shows up and suggests that he, Mama Bravo, Johnny, and Little Suzy take turns telling stories to keep themselves entertained.
  7. Get Shovelized / T Is For Trouble: Johnny orders an exercise machine but gets a rusty, old shovel; Mr. T gives Johnny self-defense lessons so he can face down his bully - Richard Simmons.
  8. Gray Matters / Double Vision: Johnny freaks out when he gets a gray hair; Johnny meets a lookalike of his mother and goes home with her.
  9. It's A Magical Life / The Hunk At The End of This Cartoon: Johnny believes a magician made him invisible; In this parody of The Monster at the End of This Book, Johnny fears the new hunk in town who's going to appear at the end of the cartoon.
  10. The Time of My Life / Run Johnny Run: Johnny tells Suzy a story about his first crush; Johnny uses a remote to reset the day each time he fails to make it to his blind date.
  11. Wilderness Protection Program / A Page Right Out of History: A moose and Johnny pretend to be a married couple to elude mobsters; Johnny's caveman ancestor is in debt to Fred Flintstone and starts doing his chores.
  12. Some Walk By Night / Adam West's Date-O-Rama: Johnny ends up on a reality TV show as a detective; Johnny goes on a dating show hosted by Adam West - and his date is Black Widow.
  13. Johnny Makeover / Back On Shaq: Johnny joins a reality TV show, but is displeased at how they want him to revamp his image for the younger generation; Shaquille O'Neal thinks Johnny is his new good luck charm and makes him attend all his games.


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