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  • The episode "T is for Trouble" ends with Johnny and the old school bully finally becoming friends through the power of a "healthy snack alternative."
  • The episode "The Perfect Gift" has Johnny trying to raise money to buy his mom a pair of bunny slippers. He fails but Susie tells him to tell his mom he loves her. He then admits just that and what a great mom she is with his mom unknowingly right behind him as he does so.
  • "Date with an Antelope": Even if she is well, an antelope, Johnny was still gentlemanly enough to treat Carol with kindness by taking her out on a date.
    • Same thing with the episode where he dates a werewolf, even consoling her when she cries over scaring people with her frightening appearance. Of course, even Johnny has his limits when it turns out her secondary curse means she turns into a George Constanza-esque man who collects stamps on Wednesdays.
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  • Johnny might be a ego-centric womanizer who thinks all he has to do to impress a woman is flex his muscles, but the moment the sensitive guy tells his he'd been lying about being nice and caring to all those girls in order to date them, Johnny immediately tells them all about the guy and calls him a jerk. Johnny may not be a sensitive guy, but he's not gonna let women be toyed with by a lying scumbag.
  • The episode where Johnny is lost in an Australian wildlife park, he's adopted by female kangaroo, and initially isn't accepted by the rest of the flock, until a kangaroo hunter named Boomerang Jack tries to catch his adoptive mother. Johnny beats the crap out of him, because "nobody, and I mean nobody hurts Johnny's mama!"
  • The entire plot for "A Johnny Bravo Christmas" has Johnny traveling to the North Pole to deliver his letter for his Christmas presents and his mother's to Santa. When he finally meets Santa, Johnny discovers that his mother's letter has a list of presents for him. He proceeds to grab his own letter, crumples it up, swallows it and asks Santa to give the remaining presents to his mother.
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  • The last third of "It's Valentine's Day, Johnny Bravo!" Johnny gets setup on a blind date with a girl named Heather, who turns out to be his absolute perfect match, complete with love of random posing and checking herself out in the mirror. Their date is a Falling-in-Love Montage set to really catchy music written for the episode, and while Johnny does suffer from a few amusing injuries, he doesn't care because he's having such a good time. After seeing him rejected throughout the entire series, it's surprisingly adorable to just see Johnny having fun with someone who loves him for him. It does end on a bit of a downer with Johnny having to forget the entire date because Heather's a spy, but he ends the special encouraged after she sends him a secret admirer card and a gift she won for him on their date.
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  • In "Did You See a Bull Run By Here?", Johnny helping save the bull after learning the locals intend to kill and eat him for losing the bullfight.
  • In his own weird way, the episode where Johnny tells Suzy how and why he got so buffed up: he was originally a scrawny teen who somehow managed to land a prom date with the prettiest girl in school and didn't want to embarrass her with his toothpick-like figure.

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