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Dr. Zin's first name is Isaiah or Daniel.

Jeremiah Surd and Ezekiel Rage are both named after Major Prophets of the Old Testament. Since Dr. Zin is the third major villain, he should fit the Theme Naming.

Jessie is the ancestor of Commander Jane Shepard
Okay, admittedly, all I have backing this up is the hair, the voice, and the asskicking...but wouldn't it be awesome if it were true?!

Ezekiel Rage is actually perfectly sane.
In one of the episodes featuring the villain, the Book of Rage he keeps rambling about is revealed to be his family photo album. He is not invoking some holy scripture when yelling about what "is written in the Book of Rage" but reminding himself of his loss. Drowning in his sorrow and hate, Ezekiel Rage finds the motivation to continue his Nihilistic/Misanthropic schemes. He started a cult because people with faith are capable of committing mass atrocities without hesitation, and are perfect for plans that call for the annihilation of the human race.

Jessie's new look in season two was an In-Universe decision on her part to make herself more feminine.

Most likely due to her growing attraction to Hadji and to try to break out from being One of the Boys, Jessie rethought her look by exchanging the green for pink (even on her Quest World avatar), paying more attention to her hair and wearing make-up. It may have been prompted by Jonny making an off-handed comment like, "Jess doesn't need to be pretty, she's way too smart for that!" when he and Race were discussing the latter's taste in women and how Jessie took after her mother, both unaware that Jessie overheard them. Jessie knows that her intelligence is her true asset, but she's not immune to insecurity when comparing herself to older women (see "Eclipse" and "The Bangalore Falcon", arguably meeting Race's many ex-girlfriends didn't help) so she may be trying to compensate by "growing out" of her Tomboy phase as she sees it. If there had been a season three she would have toned down her attempt and started presenting herself the way she preferred to be; ironically, this more balanced look and attitude is what finally gets Jonny and Hadji's attention...


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