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Headscratchers / Johnny Bravo

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  • If the demon needed to make Johnny Bravo sin that bad, why didn't it just help him out in his dating life? "Hitting on chicks" seems far easier for Johnny to focus on than petty crimes. He gets girls and the demon in turn gets to mentor him the incubus way. He could even be a foil to the sensitive male.
    • Is he even an incubus?
      • Even if he isn't, lust is probably the only of the 7 sins Johnny will get right.
  • How was Johnny a Casanova Wannabe and not The Casanova? Regardless of how dumb he is, his fantastic body should've ensured he had at least a few women surrounding him.
    • When asked, the creators have said that Johnny's continued on-screen failure (aside from Velma) is purely for the sake of comedy, and that in reality picking up girls isn't such an issue for him when the camera isn't in focus. After all, the botched volcano sacrifice kinda proved he wasn't a virgin.
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    • He may have the looks, but he has all the charisma and intelligence of a brick and is notoriously shallow, only hitting on women for their looks. His looks may get their attention, but unless the woman is equally shallow, he's going to fail once he starts talking.
    • Going by the pilot episode, Johnny does have the skills to draw a beautiful woman's interest (the beautiful woman being the zookeeper Mary). Right after he changes into his karate gi and speaks of his "special powers", Mary looks like she's interested in him. Mary lets Johnny hunt for the zoo's escaped gorilla instead of telling him to keep out, suggesting he impressed her enough to think he was capable of catching the gorilla (turns out he wasn't). When put with the rest of the Van Partible episodes it's easy to say that Johnny isn't lacking in strength and charisma but his Jerkass behavior and buffoonery repeatedly ruins his shots with the ladies

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