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We won't know where this takes place in the timeline until the end of the series
While it's stated to be a sequel (set 25 years after the series) some things don't seem to match up or make too much sense yet. Perhaps this is because it's not a sequel at all.

It might take place:

  • After the first series, which is the truth as far as we know right now.
  • Before the original. Certain things like Noah's name due to what we learn of Earth in the original series and Identical Grandson looking characters, plus the mysterious nature of Nirvash and the Scub Coral can lead to this.
  • In the Alternate Universe from the movie. As explained in the recap/prologue, Eureka apparently has to gather seven fragments scattered in another universe to prevent the end of the world. Unfortunately, she has to leave Renton behind...
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  • Some combination of time travel and alternate universes makes it 25 years after for some characters, but another time for others.

Something terrible happened to Renton

Renton wouldn't abandon Eureka and Ao over anything. We know this. However, he has yet to be mentioned and he hasn't even been seen in flashbacks. The only explanation is that he was kidnapped for some reason by something, or killed. Or perhaps it's a problem with the scub. In any case, there's something stopping him from getting back to his family, something even he can't overcome (at least without Eureka and/or Ao's help).

  • Jossed. He's alive and well, but was kept busy by the other, presumably more important things. Eureka said that he was fighting something or someone, and episode 22 implies that it was some type of scub coral misuse.

The Scub has invaded an already existing alternate universe (or something to that effect)

  • This one's a stretch, so stay with me here. Secrets claim to be the anti-bodies of the universe: they hunt for things that don't belong (Scub Coral and the Mark I's) The Scub Coral is shown to appear randomly and has existed since the early 1700's (as far as we know); this clashes with established history in that the Scub Coral was born from the wreckage of a space shuttle and some kind of extraterrestrial life in the original universe (established in the original Eureka Seven and further proven by the events of episode 14.) We know, or can assume, that before this point in the original history, Scub Coral does not exist in the original universe and thus conclude that the universe in E7 is not the same as the universe in E7: AO.
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  • We know from episode 13 that Renton is investigating the disappearance of the Scub Coral and used the decommissioned Gekko as part of the research, leading up to the events of the end of episode 12. With this, we can say that the Scub from E7 is disappearing into the universe of E7: AO.
  • There is at least inconsistency with this theory, however. Nirvash spec2 should not exist after the events of E7. Which is really confusing since we can assume that all the events in E7 have transpired. Perhaps Renton built a new version of it.
  • Confirmed by Renton in episodes 23 and 24. The Scubs from the original universe fled to many different alternate universes, including Ao's.

Only children can pilot IFO's because the IFO's themselves want it that way.

IFO's are said to have been reverse engineered from the original Nirvash, which was the only somewhat-sentient/intelligent LFO in the original series (barring theEND due to it's origins). Because of this, they can choose who they will start up for. With AO's message of not allowing the youth to follow in the footsteps and mistakes of the previous generation, they don't allow any "adults" to pilot them - only children are ideallic and fair enough for the IFO's to want to work.

Another point to their intelligence was revealed in a flashback in episode 3. Eureka is shown familiarizing the neo-Nirvash's key/bracelet so that it remembers Ao and allows him to pilot. It works.

  • Slightly Jossed. Adults are shown to be able to pilot IFOs as well. However, children born in areas with high trapar concentration end up having better control over them. The main barrier seems to be getting the mysterious Third Engine to work, which so far only Ao has been able to do reliably.

The series takes place after Instrumentality
This is why there are so many differences from the original series (no graffiti on the moon, no Renton, etc.) - after Instrumentality the Eureka Seven world rebuilt itself by "rebooting" to a different point in time based on Eureka's (or the Scub's) memory. Also, this WMG was bound to happen eventually.

Fleur's mother is Maeter from the first series
We know who her dad is, but not her mother. The only problem with this is if AO actually does take place in the alternate universe/dimension that the Nirvash created at the end of the original series as many fans suspect.

Elena is Moondoggie's and Gidget's daughter
She looks a lot like Gidget, and this would explain her Mukokuseki status. As with the above WMG on Maeter and Fleur, the biggest problem for this WMG would be if the series takes place in the alternate universe/dimension that the Nirvash created at the end of the original series like many fans are suspecting.
  • With what is now known about Elena, it could be possible something happened to Moondoggie and Gidget in Eureka's original timeline that forced Eureka to take Elena to this series's timeline for safety purposes.
  • Jossed.

Elena is Anemone's descendant
Mostly going with her hair colour and affinity for massive firepower on this one.
  • Given the Mind Screw scenes in Episode 11, either this theory or the one above it is entirely possible.
  • Jossed.

Generation Bleu will end up as antagonists
While the Pied Piper crew seem benign, the President clearly has some kind of an agenda from his meeting with Gazelle and company. Not much to go on besides that right now, but I am highly suspicious.
  • Mostly Jossed. Generation Bleu and Christophe's intentions are genuinely sincere. However, it's their parent corporation that's a bit more unscrupulous.

The item buried under Generation Bleu's base somehow regenerated itself when it entered AO's timeline/time period/universe.
That or it's an Alternate Universe version of type TheEND that wasn't destroyed.

Truth is Renton
This is mostly just a joke and probably wrong, but he refers to The Nirvash as his, which partially was Renton's in the previous series.
  • Jossed. Episode 20 pretty much confirmed that Truth is a Secret.
    • Episode 22 jossed it completely, by showing us real Renton.

Elena is from the Neon Genesis Evangelion universe
You know you were thinking it when she climbed out of the red sea.
  • Jossed.

The end of Episode 12 is the beginning of a Stable Time Loop
Episode 12 Eureka is pregnant with Ao. After Episode 13 she'll travel back into the past and give birth to Ao, then vanish in the Scub Burst because you can't change the past. It's unclear what will happen then, though it's possible that if older!Eureka is alive she'll try to contact Ao after the Stable Time Loop is completed. (Why couldn't she contact him before? Again, Stable Time Loop.)

Truth is a reincarnation of Dewey Novak.
  • Or possibly the father of the Novak line...
  • Seriously, though, let's look at the facts. Just before Dewey killed himself at the end of the last series, he revealed that he had a Compact Drive buried in his chest thereby implying that he had attempted to "merge" with the Scub Coral in the past. Considering that this enabled him to force Eureka to merge with the Scub Coral's Command Cluster and nearly bring about its destruction, there's a distinct possibility that traces of himself were able to live on within the Scub Coral even after his death. Now, let's switch to Eureka Seven AO where we have Truth: an Ax-Crazy White Hairlack Heart guy with an affinity for underage girls (i.e.:Naru) who is all but confirmed to be a "Secret": creatures revealed in Episode 15 to be hell-bent on ridding the world of the Scub Coral. Sound familiar?
  • Maybe Jossed. Truth is confirmed to be a Secret.
    • OTOH he fused with Scub, which kinda makes the above possible.
Elena is Ao's sister
This is... mostly just a gut feeling and I will admit it doesn't explain her being Ambiguously Brown. But her and Ao do have purple eyes, she's from THE FUTURE, and she feels like Eureka left her, maybe the way a daughter would feel if her mother left her...
  • Two things that indicate Elena might have Coralian heritage: When Generation Bleu talks about Ao's eyes in episode 5 the camera lingers on Elena for a moment. And in Episode 12, when Fleur asks Elena if she can see trapar, Elena does not say yes or no.
  • It is interesting she quotes Rei Ayanami and Mikuru Asahina.
  • She states pretty clearly to Ao in episode 17 that "she's the only one who understands Ao." Which if it doesn't mean she's his sister at least means she's connected to him in a significant way.
    • Given her tone, It may have been an anime reference of some kind. It's just too vague to pin down.
      • There's a chance it could be both a reference and foreshadowing at the same time. See above.
  • Jossed All hints are Red Herrings.
    • Definitely Jossed. Ao's sister died during childbirth.

The identity of Eureka's female child. PLACE YOUR BETS!
Before we begin, we should clarify something: It's clear Ao has a sister in some capacity, given Dr. Fukai's reaction when he asks if he has a sister. The catch is that Maeter and her siblings are presumably still existing (even if you wish they weren't) and it's entirely possible Eureka told Fukai about them. So with that, we have the following options:
  • It's Ao: Gender Bender ahoy! But it's possible the doctors were wrong, or it could be a changed caused by Eureka's time/dimension travel.
  • She was miscarried: Eureka did say in Episode 13 the Scub could be dangerous for the baby.
    • Given Episode 16, it's possible she was Ret Goned.
  • This Eureka was from an Alternate Universe: Complicated, but possible if the Eureka that gave birth to Ao met an Alternate Universe Ivica.
  • It's Elena: Thus embracing her destiny as a Rei Ayanami Expynote . The odd hair and skin-color can be explained by hair dye and tanning. Or alien genetics.
  • It's Naru: Rather unlikely perhaps, but she does have strange abilities and an affinity for the Coral. Plus she is the only other person besides Ao that we've seen phantom Eureka appear to.
  • It's Maggie: The Trolling Creator answer. Note that she looks a lot like Eureka with hair dye.
  • It's a Last Episode, New Character: The other Trolling Creator answer. Bonus points if she pilots the spec V in the opening, which practically looks like it's waving a Magic Wand around.
    • Jossed in regard of spec V. Renton pilots it.
  • It's Truth. Yes, incredibly far out there, but just for the lulz:
    • He keeps denying vehemently that he's a secret; he claims he's from an entirely different world.
    • The little truth-child (who we only see from behind) in the flashbacks would be around the right age for an older sibling of Ao's.
    • Truth can transform into whatever, and so would be perfectly capable of making "herself" look like a boy.
    • The secretly-a-girl, ax crazy villain has been done in other animes.
    • Naru tells Ao in 22 that he and Truth are basically the same... foreshadowing perhaps?
  • And the winner is miscarried! Well almost; she died shortly after she was born. But you know what, we'll take it.

Elena will make a Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann reference before the series is over
It's actually more surprising she hasn't done one already.
  • It'll be Simon's "I'm me" speech, said when she finally learns who she really is.

The Secrets will eventually become LF Os
They've become almost universally humanoid. Perhaps when they cause Scub Bursts, parts of them that are left behind become the LFO archetypes used in Eureka Seven.
  • Confirmed in a way. When Truth is erased from existence he reappears as an Archetype, possibly due to his being Half-Scub.

The series will have a Mind Screw and/or Bittersweet Ending
It's pretty much par for the course for a Bones series. Possible endings include:
  • Ao manages to fix the timeline but has to leave his friends behind to be in his correct timeframe.
  • Eureka is still lost in the Time Space slip, so Ao leaves the universe to find her in Eureka Seven AO: The Movie.
  • Naru has to die and 'become one with the Scub' or something along those lines to fix everything.
  • There will be some kind of The Stinger at the end of the final episode that shows something still isn't quite right, or that someone lost is still out there.
  • Confirmed. Lots of time travel shenanigans for the Mind Screw, and Ao returning his parents to their home universe while he's transported to a universe that may not even remember he existed for the Bittersweet Ending.

There will be a connection to the Eureka Seven movie-verse
Cause why not? It could explain where the Quartz came from. And it looks like Nirvash Spec V is in the second opening.
  • Jossed. It's apparently called the Spec V3, combining elements of the movie's Spec V, and series Spec 3. Renton's dialogue hints that it may be the original Nirvash.

Fleur will end up piloting the TheEND hidden under Generation Bleu HQ.
Think about it. As of episode 19, Alleleuiah is currently offline and an LFO would not need Georg to operate. Plus, it flies using trapar skis, which is the exact same way Alleluiah flies.
  • Alternately, Elena will pilot theEND. We know that she comes from Eureka's 'verse, and we don't know who her parents are - as far we we know, it's Anemone and Dominick. Perhaps she uses it to help Ao out, while Fleur pilots with him (the way Eureka and Renton used to pilot, if the series' Second Love and/or Last Girl Wins direction is going to be true).
    • This one is Jossed hard. Elena does not come from the E7 world, so there's no precedent to her being able to pilot TheEND.

There will be a second season.
I pray this is true.
  • The series is certainly paced as if this is true. The action was kind of leisurely drawn-out and started picking up speed only by the end of the season.
    • As of June 4, 2018, it's been roughly 6 years since the finale aired, and no such announcement has been made. Considering that the creators have moved on to making the Hi-Evolution movies, I think we can joss this one.

Noah (the sloth) is Renton
From executive perspective, his presence in human form wouldn't be likely to appear at all until some truly critical plot event, in order to maintain audience curiosity. And then BONES can pull a It Was with You All Along and showcase him having been enjoying the entire journey, maybe while watching over his son.
  • Jossed considering the real Renton shows up.

The Kanon isn't actually The END, The END was just hidden in the basement and destroyed.
Instead... The Kanon is Renton's Nirvash Spec V (the movie's final form Nirvash). The main body of both Kanon and the Spec V are both quite large, and look a bit similar.

There was Executive Meddling or a Writer Revolt during the show's production
That would explain some of the plot points that went nowhere.
  • There are rumors that the show's original writer was fired or left the show early in development, meaning most of the story had to be written on the fly.

The members of the Gekkostate died one by one battling the Scub Corals.
They thought they had made peace, but they were wrong. Even though the Scub Corals are not malicious, their very existence is incompatible with humanity. Upon realizing this, they return to the war. Holland was the first to die, attempting to leave his child a world to grow up in, because the toll he had taken from his previous battles caught up to him. Maurice joined the battle after the death of Renton and Eureka's firstborn because he wanted his family to be happy again, but he had no talent for flying LFO's and died soon after. Talho and Moondoggie died when the Gekko was shot down and damaged beyond repair. After that, the others joined the army, which wasn't having any more success. Anemone was devastated to learn that the affliction of Human-Coranian hybrids applied equally to the children of Artificial Coralians. She was so saddened and enraged by the death of her child and the knowledge that she and Dominic would never be able to have a child that lived beyond infancy drove her to banzai charge the Scub Corals, destroying many of them but perishing in the explosion herself. As the war dragged on, the number of pilots dwindled, until only Renton and Eureka remained. Civilians fared no better; the Earth's population was reduced to a few thousand at most, and no cities remain.
  • Jossed. This is only the fate of an alternate Earth, not the original one.

In the timeline formed after firing the Quartz Gun the second time, Ao is dating Fleur.
Naru said, "Who's Truth? Another new girlfriend?" The fact that she said "another" implies that she at least reasonably suspected that Ao was involved with someone else. Fleur's third engine also readily activates based on the Power of Love. Problem is, Ao doesn't remember any of this.

Fleur and/or Naru will remember Ao even if nobody else does.
Because Power of Love.
  • Confirmed. ONE MORE TIME shows Naru recognizing Ao and Fleur clearly identifying him.

The Secrets are actually beings from an antithetical reality that cannot exist as long as Scubs do.
It's possible that Secrets come from beyond the void of time and space, inhabiting a negative zone of existence. Scubs are used to impact reality in various ways, and each change engorges the space reality takes up... but as they make reality grow, they rob Secrets of their domain as it slowly shrinks in on itself, forcing them to retaliate by destroying Scubs to force back the tide and keep the negative zone from disappearing. It's quite possible that someone or something inhabits the center of this space of entropy and directs the Secrets to destroy Scubs, and the reason they appear in only Ao's universe is because it is closest to the perimeter of the dark dimension. If given time and provocation, Secrets will start permeating into the other neighboring universes to hunt out Scubs.

Secrets get their name because they embody all the unused potential of creation.
Going off the above WMG, what if Secrets are called such because they exist when timelines don't happen? And what if they draw their existence and power from erasing reality and destroying possibilities? A "secret" in definition is the act of keeping something from being known, and thus deliberately preventing something from coming to pass. Secrets could very well be the embodiment of what happens when creation in its form we know it as doesn't get to be, and a sort of anti-reality instead takes shape... the ashes of all the lost and unrealized potential that never was... a sort of "neververse" that lies in the shadow of the "universe". Somehow, something exists at the heart of that dead zone that sculpts this place of oblivion into creatures that take forms based on its desires and thoughts, and these so-called Secrets are dispatched to repeatedly push back the advance of Scub in the hope that no one ever finds out the ultimate truth that all the universes tie back to this neververse, and it will ultimately be a final showdown to see which side of reality gets to prevail.

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