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Video Game / 7554: Glorious Memories Revived

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In 1863, France gained soverignty over Cambodia
In roughly 30 years, from 1858n to 1886, French troops expanded their control over the entire kingdom of VIET NAM
Completely divided VIET NAM into 3 realms; Annam, Tonkin and Cochin China.
In 1893, France gained control over Laos. Formed the French Indochina to completely control the three country...
The revolts against the French lasts from 1883 to 1930...

7554: Glorious Memories Revived (Sống lại những ký ức hào hùng, or just 7554) is a Vietnamese First-Person Shooter developed by Emobi Games, where it's reputedly the "first FPS" made entirely in Vietnam, during the "FPS-in-WWII-era" craze made popular by the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchise.

Set during the Franco-Vietnamese War (1946 - 1954), you're a Việt Minh soldier caught in the Battle of Hanoi, where after fending off a siege from French and North Vietnamese forces you then venture across several stages recreated from Vietnamese history, including the Battle of Route Coloniale 4, Operation Castor, Operation Condor, and a lengthy climatic finale in the Battle of Dien Bien Phu.

Gameplay-wise, besides the change in setting, 7554 is just another Call of Duty clone with assorted gameplay modes from jungle warfare to sniping, as well as familiar elements like controlling heavy-machine guns and manning armored vehicles. Due to being lost in a crowded FPS market 7554 is more or less discontinued, but can be downloaded free-of-charge online in either Vietnamese or (badly-translated) English.


  • Anti-Air: "The Scorched Sky", a mission where you take control of a 37mm AA -gun to blow away incoming French bombers.
  • "Blind Idiot" Translation: The English dub. Some translators probably lose their jobs over these...
    Do not let them (the paratroopers) landing!
    Sharp shooting to kill enemy!
  • Died in Your Arms Tonight: One of your fellow Việt Minh comrade, Binh, who was seemingly killed by a French artillery strike. He comes back later near the end, alive.
    Binh: [hands you a letter] I'm... ok. Tell my family... I'm... I... [passes out]
  • Exclusive Enemy Equipment: Firearms like the Tokarev rifle, PPSh-41 and M1 Carbine can only be scavenged off dead French troops.
  • Hold the Line: Several of the missions sees you and your fellow Việt Minh trying to hold back enemy reinforcements... while awaiting backup of your own.
    [from Hill of Medals] Defend the First Strike, waiting for reinforcements!
  • It's Raining Men: Co My Village have the French forces launching a massive paradrop assault on your territory, and you're tasked with fending off all attackers. Parachuting enemies are completely defenseless during the drop, and you can snipe them before they hit the ground (with a handy visual indicator where slain enemies will instantly drop all the way down).
  • Insert Grenade Here: When facing enemy tanks without rockets, the player can sneak from behind, latch on the vehicle's back while carrying a grenade, and lob it into it's hatch.
  • Jungle Warfare: Half of the stages are set in jungles, given the rural Indochina setting. With stages featuring Việt Minh soldiers (and sometimes, you) clad in camouflage uniforms made of leaves in battle.
  • Machete Mayhem: While your backup weapon is usually your dagger, a few levels grants you a machete which has far better range.
  • Notice This: The game likes handing you directional pointers so you don't lose your way during stages. Key units will have glowing yellow circles above their heads, for instance.
  • Redshirt Army: Your fellow Việt Minh soldiers who shows up alongside you during large-scale battles. When enemy forces start pouring in, don't expect them to last too long.
  • The Siege: The game begins it's first stage with the Battle of Hanoi, where the player defends Metropole Hanoi from French forces in a fierce engagement.
  • Sniping Mission: Shows up more than once, for instance when you're tasked with taking down French patrols before an infiltration mission or swapping lead with enemy snipers on an adjacent rooftop while defending Metropole Hanoi.
  • Sniping the Cockpit: One of the levels begins with a cutscene depicting an ambush on a French convoy, where a Việt Minh sniper managed a successful shot on the temple of the first truck's driver causing it to career off the road. Then all remaining French troops disembarks, cue the shootout.
  • Title by Year: 7554 is a reference to May 7th, 1954, during the Việt Minh's victory over France at the Battle of Dien Bien Phu which the game is attempting to re-create.
  • Tunnel Network: Being a game set in Vietnam during it's war era, one stage inevitably features the Cu Chi Tunnel system, which a secret Vietnamese base is located. You'll need to locate and gun down French infiltrators along the way.