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Video Game / Serious Sam: The Random Encounter

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Serious Sam: The Random Encounter is a spin-off of the Serious Sam series, reimagined in the style of a dungeon-crawler RPG with retro-style graphics.

Gameplay revolves around turn-based random battles against large hordes of enemies, in which you select and aim your weapons or items and let loose until the timer runs down and the next turn starts.

The official website is here.

Serious Sam: The Random Encounter contains examples of:

  • Gatling Good: The minigun can chainsaw down large groups of enemies pretty effectively.
  • Item Get!: When Sam gets an item, he lifts it above his head.
  • Locked Door: Parodied. Sam sees a locked door. "Damn. I hate puzzles." (The key is on the ground a little ways away.)
    "I must say that was a thoroughly enjoyable puzzle."
  • Nested Mouths: Tentaculus has three sets of mouths.
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  • One-Man Army: Milked for all it's worth. Gameplay consists of your three Sams running backwards while firing heavy artillery at ludicrously massive hordes of baddies.
    Disco Dan: Need a hand kicking ass?
    Serious Sam: No. But feel free to join.
  • Random Encounters: The premise of the game, basically.
  • Smart Bomb: The Serious Bomb, which deals massive damage to all enemies onscreen.
  • Underwater Boss Battle: Tentaculus. The game mechanics are exactly the same as anywhere else, except the fact that you're underwater gives you different enemies.
  • World of Badass: Triple the Sams. Triple the badass.