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Potion Craft is an alchemy simulator made by niceplay games and published by tinyBuild. You play as an alchemist in a fantasy setting, solving clients' problems with all sorts of magical elixirs; lightning potions to throw on monsters, sleeping potions to treat insomnia, and growth potions to heal blighted fields. Along the way, you can learn new recipes and renovate your apothecary, turning it from an abandoned house to a renowned workshop...perhaps one capable of synthesizing the Philosopher's Stone itself.

Just be careful who you sell poisons to...

Potion Craft entered Early Access on Steam in September 2021. A full release is still pending.

This game includes the following tropes:

  • Bad Powers, Good People: Even players trying for 100% reputation will find it useful to keep destructive potions around. Aphrodisiacs can be used to spice up marriages and Unproblematic Prostitution, hallucination-inducing potions inspire the local Mad Artist, and poisons serve as excellent fumigation tools.
  • Bragging Rights Reward: The Philosopher's Stone does nothing more than act as a pretty paperweight, likely because the game hasn't been finished yet.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: Many of the shadier clients will openly declare their intent to kill their spouses, steal things, etc. Justified, in that NPC conversations are such a brief part of the game that it wouldn't really be fair to the player otherwise.
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  • Dungeon Bypass: Minerals/crystals bought from the Miner will teleport your potion on the Alchemy map, letting you bypass bones easily. Especially useful for getting Necromancy
  • Flower Motifs: As you might expect, the herb-gatherer is a lovely young maiden, and the mushroom-seller a quirky old hermit.
  • Four-Element Ensemble: The most basic ingredients are themed around fire, air, water, and earth. On the recipe map, fire takes you left, air takes you up, water takes you right, and earth takes you down. In the early game, the only way to move diagonally is by using two elements in sequence.
  • Love Potion: NPCs may request these. You can oblige them, but your reputation will take a hit.
  • Magic Map: The recipe map shows where recipes are, but not what a recipe is for until the player has crafted it for the first time. Much of the gameplay involves charting optimal 'routes' across the map based on the ingredients you have available.
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  • Potion-Brewing Mechanic: The game's primary mechanic. Each ingredient moves the marker on the diagram in a specific relative direction, heating the water at certain spots turns the bottle into the corresponding potion.
  • Reed Richards Is Useless: Averted. Magic potions are both cool and used for cool purposes, like supercharging weapons, rejuvenating crops, and healing injuries. The townsfolk recognise this and will pay you a fair price for your wares.
  • Shout-Out: One of the clients is a monster hunter strongly resembling Geralt, who says he will "toss a coin" to you if you sell him the potion he's looking for.
  • Worth It: Crystallization mistakes result in a useless but iridescently-colored spiral. The item description declares it worth it.