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Democracy: the worst political game... except for all the others that have been tried.
Democracy is a Political Strategy Game series for PCs by the independent developer Positech games. The original game was released in 2005, and Democracy 2 followed in 2007. Democracy 3 was eventually released in 2013, and released a standalone expansion named Democracy: Africa in 2016. The fourth game was released late 2020.

In all the games, you take on the role of a President/Prime Minister of a democratic country, and must manage it through introducing or modifying policies in the seven areas of tax, economy, welfare, foreign policy, transport, law and order and public services. Each turn also randomly introduces dilemmas to be resolved.

Both your policies and the way you resolve dilemmas affects your standing with the varying factions of the electorate, allowing you to win re-elections if it is high enough with the majority. You'll also make two promises before each election for what you intend to achieve in your next term - flagging numbers can be boosted through bold visions, but failing to live up to them in turn raises voters' cynicism, so popular leaders are wise not to promise too much. The game's difficulty level is customizable; the higher it is set, the more difficult it is to maintain your popularity through major policy reforms and elections.


See NationStates and Cyber Nations for Web Games that also attempt to simulate modern politics.

This game provides examples of:

  • All Nations Are Superpowers: Mid-sized nations such as Australia and Canada, are just as able as the United States to equip an "overwhelming force" military, or to build a space station.
  • Anarchy Is Chaos: Without police, the country is overrun by gangs and vigilante mobs.
  • Corrupt Politician: In Africa, you can enact policies that subvert democracy. Mechanically, this doesn't directly affect elections (there's no "stuffing ballot boxes" policy), though you can extend term lengths and eliminate term limits. Instead, reducing the Democracy value means taking measures that eliminate checks and balances on your regime, allowing you more political capital (to force through more law changes) per turn.
  • Fake Balance: In a debt crisis, the game is unwinnable. When the economy is strong and debt is low, the game is ridiculously easy.
  • Nintendo Hard: While by no means impossible, the game more or less accurately reflects just how difficult it is to manage a democratic nation in most cases. Don't feel bad if your first few playthroughs end in defeat or assassination.
  • No Poverty: Poverty can be eliminated.
  • Patriotic Fervor: The Patriots, who actively support policies in favor of your nation's military and acts directed against immigrants even if it harms foreign relations.
  • Permanent Elected Official: Zig-zagged. While the game has no midterm discharge procedures (such as impeachment or vote of no confidence) the player needs to win elections, and some countries have a definite term limit.