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Describe Brazil Nut Disorder Here.

I'll try, Tv Tropes.

I'll try.

It's kinda complicated, and filled to the brim with satire.

To start: SOMEONE made a stupid mistake. Or maybe they just were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Really, who cares?

Unfortunately, the guv'mit, or the guv'mit's superior, gets involved. And, well, SOMEONES not happy at/scared of SOMEONE about the SOMETHING that SOMEONE did even though it's SOMEONE ELSE'S SOMETHING SOMETHING SOMETHING.

Well, this can pretty much go three ways:

Eventually (usually), the fact that It Was All A Misunderstanding comes to light. The government/whatever is approached with the evidence.

Guess how they react (usually).

There's just so much bureaucracy, too much stupidity to get around.

The dysfunctional Sister Trope to Chance the Gardener, this is a complex and unusual disorder. It may lead to total, utter, hilarious chaos if left unchecked for too long. Related to Chance the Gardener.

This disease can come in three different forms of severity:

Class I (Horatial BND):

Minor mistake, usu. on the part of the victim, usu. leads to imprisonment, often in The Asylum. Not much damage is done, but it's still screwed up.

Class II (Juvenalial BND):

The victim actually may be somewhat responsible here. There's reasonable suspicion. But through red tape, Hobbesian human nature and such, they won't listen to the truth. This may actually do damage, and is where a Gardener Contract may come in in more severe cases.

Class III (Apocalyptial BND):

This usually applies to Planets Eris and Crapsack Worlds Everything comes down at once, repeatedly. Chaos, horrible, hilarious chaos, uncovering the distrubing flaws, Blah Blah Blah, You Get The Idea.

Actually, no. You don't. I'm making it sound simpler than it is. I'll try to use some more applicable or related terms:

So, with that vague, incomplete, nigh incomprehesible description, I hope you'll understand how it works and will be able to help once I list the


Class I or Horatial:

  • The "Stark Raving Dad" episode of The Simpsons.

Class II or Juvenalial:

Class III or Apocalyptial:

Alternative Title(s): Redhead Forgot His Password


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