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  • Cash-Cow Franchise: Many believe that everything was better back in the days where you only had to have a Webkinz, and you could do anything on the site, as opposed to paying extra just to get everything.
    • A lot have also protested "e-points", the main complaint being that, again, you're just paying more for unnecessary things.
  • Fandom Life Cycle: In the Turn of the Millennium, the fandom reached Stage 4, popular on par with Club Penguin, and had lots of schoolchildren buying plushies just to keep playing the game. By the start of The New '10s, it began slowing slipping back to Stage 2, and by the mid-10s, Stage 1, where only a few people were still enjoying Webkinz. Nowadays, many people today treat Webkinz as a 2000s fad.
  • Follow the Leader: Webkinz has a bunch of arcade games that are nearly 1 to 1 clones of existing games.
    • Hatch the Dragon is based on 2048
    • Hoppy Little Rocketship is based on Doodle Jump
    • Cash Cow is based on Collapse
    • Zingoz Bounce N' Burst is based on Buster Brothers
    • Candy Bash is based on Break Out
    • Eager Beaver Adventure Park is based on Book Worm
    • Whimsy Skies is based on Mr. Do!
    • Hungry Hog and Hungry Hog 2 are based on Pac-Man
    • Zingoz Pop is based on Bubble Bobble
    • Zacky's Quest is based on Frogger
    • Picnic is based on Snake
    • Goober's Lab and Goober's Atomic Adventure are based on Bejeweled
    • Jumbleberry Fields is based on Yahtzee
    • Smoothie Moves is based on Luxor
    • Tile Towers is based on Mahjong
    • Get Eleven Solitaire, Triple Strike Solitaire, and Stack 'Em up Solitaire are based on, well, Solitaire
    • Polarberry Jam is loosely based on BurgerTime.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda: The infamous Webkinz Killer/Murderer rumor, in which the game goes rogue and nightmarish things happen to you, such as infecting your computer with a virus and killing your pet bloodily. It often involved either a black box appearing in your room or an existing NPC getting mad at the player and killing their pet.