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  • Creator's Favorite Episode: Rata says his favorite episode of Archetype Archive is the one on Morphtronics as he got to cover many fun and quirky cards. The Frog video is another favorite of his due to being fun to work on.
  • Missing Episode: The Pathetic Aesthetic stream for D/D/D has been stated by Rata to be 'Unsalvageable' which is why it has yet to be uploaded to Youtube like the other streams have.
  • Old Shame: Rata felt that Pot of Greed EXPLAINED! is an unfunny slog that beats a dead joke into the ground. He also took a potshot at his first video when following up on it for his anniversary.
    • The Critical Research Failure with Worms also led him to disqualify the deck from War of the Worthless entirely. It also seems to have disqualified itself from Legacy of the Worthless as well; for the video is nowhere in the playlist at all!
    • Rata dislikes a lot of his older Legacy of the Worthless videos for being, in his words, "Simple, uninformed banter at best." In particular, he commented on his Neos video, saying it's "old and not very good" and telling viewers to just watch Archetype Archive instead, and disabled further comments on the video.
  • The Other Darrin: The One switches voices in the Ice Barriers video from a computerized one to a deep, thickly-accented one, courtesy of Jimblus.
  • Schedule Slip: Rata is known to take his time with uploading, due to equipment issues, personal troubles, or putting a lot of work into editing. He's joked on this a few times.
    "Well, it might not be profitable, but I think not making YouTube videos is the future of YouTube videos."
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  • The Wiki Rule: Here. Atypically, very little of it actually deals with the videos, and it's primarily composed of shitposting, non sequiturs, and trying to puzzle out what The One is.


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