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Legacy of the Worthless

  • Rata insisting on pronouncing Gotterdammerung in "the most American way possible".

     Ally of Justice 
  • His confusion at the existence of Flamvell Magician supporting this Archetype. Oh, sorry. I mean Flamvell LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOREman.
  • The Flat "What" reaction to Ally of Justice Reverse Break's effect, and his deduction that it's named "Reverse Break" because it's "the reverse of all other Ally of Justice monsters... and it breaks."
  • Upon revealing the Japanese name of Ally of Justice Nullifier as being "Ally of Justice Blind Sucker", he pulls up an image of Lilly Satou.

  • Rata's continued exasperation about the amount of spellcasters in a machine-themed deck.

  • The summary of Neo-Spacian Flare Scarab is simply a zoom-in on the card artwork with not-so-ominous Latin chanting in the background, a flame effect edited into the foreground, and the caption "TRULY THE BRINGER OF END TIMES".
  • Rata attempting to read off Chaos Neos' coin flip effect as various Arcana Force monsters flash on screen.
    "Once per turn during your Main Phase 1, you can... toss a coin? Oh no, no, God, no, please no, anything but that, no! I don't want to suffer again, I don't want to be in pain anymore!"
  • Rata reading the effect of Neos Force, and giving up at the end from how abysmal he finds the card.
    "During the End Phase, shuffle this card into the oh, Jesus Christ - alright alright, this card is proof: they were taking the piss. They played us like a piano and we didn't even realize it. "During the End Phase, shuffle the shitty Equip card into the deck"... just forget about it!"

  • Rata introduces Syrus Truesdale as "PUSSY DESTROYER". This gets followed up later with Zane Truesdale sliding across the screen as Crawling starts playing, while he is given the name "Dick Destroyer".
  • When discussing Patroid's reveal effect: "Say goodbye to the days of blind MSTing, Artifact format! Now I know exactly where to aim... and they're all Moralltach. I mean, why wouldn't it be?"
  • He introduces Steam Gyroid as a Fusion monster with effects (having a Quick Effect that allowed it to send a -roid monster to the Graveyard to take control of one of the opponent's monsters, and a floating effect that added a -roid monster back to the hand from the Graveyard) that were far ahead of its time and milks the joke for as long as possible before revealing (while barely holding back laughter) that it's actually a forgettable vanilla monster. And judging by the comment section, it actually got a few people.

  • His reaction to Amazoness Fighter's artwork:
    "Next up is Amazoness Figh— oh my god, lady, your anatomy, what did they do to you?! You look like a genderbent Pillar Man from JoJo, it's... everything I never knew I wanted!"
  • Rata cements his qualification as an Amazon Chaser.
    "(after going on at length at Amazoness Queen's underwhelming effect for an archetypal boss monster) Still though, PLEASE STEP ON ME"(one quick segue later) "ANYWAY, that degeneracy aside..."

     Dark Scorpions, Venoms, and B.E.S. 
  • Rata's summary of the Dark Scorpions' "Super Sentai" Stance in Mustering of the Dark Scorpions:
    "I mean, look at it: Don Zaloog seems to be the only one enjoying himself here, being the leader and all. But Gorg is having trouble hearing so he put his hands behind his ears, Cliff is trying to unjam his hand from somewhere (possibly a trap he fucked up removing), Meanae literally can't even right now, and Chick stepped on a Lego."
  • The Muppets joke with Vennominon's name. "Do doooo do do do..."
  • Rata's rapid-fire grading scheme for B.E.S.
    "No, no, no, plenty but in a completely irrelevant place, and no."

     Reptiliannes, Reactors, and Phantom Beasts 
  • Rata focusing on Scylla's artwork and asking "Which one of these mouths leads to the anus?"

  • His description of Rekindling: "At first glance, a mediocre comeback enabler. At second glance, WILL THE FIRE FIST PLAYER PLEASE BE SO KIND AS TO FINISH THEIR FUCKING TURN ALREADY"
  • Flamvell Loreman makes his triumphant return!

  • The introduction of "The One Whose Shape Was Snatched" following Rata's failure to think of an archetype to close off the series.
    • Rata's first reaction is to blink, then wonder "what the shit am I drinking?"
    • After Shape rattles off a few suggestions, Rata fires a well-aimed, tired shot at his viewers:
    Rata: Are you my comment section?
    • Shape eventually demonstrates one of his many rods, covering Rata's eyes so he receives "the answer you seek" in a horrific otherworldly epiphany.
    Shape: This one opened up the hearts of even the worst of men, like Kevin Tewart.
    • After Shape vanishes by suggesting he's not actually real, Rata begins the video proper... and glances at his bottle of alcohol.
    Rata: I'm gonna need a whoooole lot of this to get through this one. (lifts bottle to lips as gulping sound effects play)
  • The following line about why Butterfly Dagger - Elma was banned, the goofy music change with announcing that it's banned just further sells it:
    Rata: (After explaining the effect) Guess which part of the effect got it banned! Obviously it was the downright insane 300 attack boost which power creeped the poor Vile Germs out of existence.
  • Rata is so amazed that Guardian Grarl has an inherent Special Summoning condition he heralds it with Overwatch music. Immediately after? He points out the uselessness of Gravity Axe - Grarl, which is needed to even run the monster the first place.
    Rata: Run only if you want to beat people over with a poop-faced bara dinosaur.

     War of the Worthless 
  • The very first duel has one when the Meklord player destroyed Flamvell's Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon by attacking it with Silver Gadget, of all things.
    Rata: Yes, what you just witnessed was a 3100 ATK Silver Gadget boosted by double Solidarity punching the shit out of Crystal Wing. Only in War of the Worthless, people.
  • His declaration before Vehicroids vs. Dark Scorpion:
    • One notable thing that does happen is the Vehicroid player bricking hard by turn 5, allowing the Dark Scorpion player to completely walk all over him with a pair of Xyz cards. Cue Rata slowly fading in an image of a child looking concerned.
  • Every time the Nordic player summons Tanngjostr or it is sent to the graveyard, Rata added a goat bleat.
  • The infamous Neos vs B.E.S. duel in the War of the Worthless. Up to that point, all seven duels had fierce background songs, a fiery VS card to present the duel and overall good duels. When it comes down to the last one, the VS card is replaced by an MS Paint-drawn version, with the archtypes' names being replaced by mocking nicknames written in Comic Sans note , and Rata himself does sound effects with the mouth before announcing with complete disdain:
    • Then, the first duel ends with Neos absolutely thrashing the B.E.S. player, who bricked heavily. The second duel goes back and forth a bit, until it reaches a ridiculous point where the low-life Neos player has a Neo-Spacian Grand Mole equipped with Moon Mirror Shieldnote  and uses it to keep attacking his opponent... except that B.E.S. monsters protect themselves from battle destruction, leading to various turns of nothing happening but Grand Mole dishing 100 damage. Rata's rant caps it off:
    Rata: And now, with the assistance of the insurmountable Moon Mirror Shield, the duel turns into Grand Mole Beatdown. The B.E.S. player without an Extra Deck, for some reason, is... completely unable to get over this... somehow. You may be asking, "why he's not using an Extra Deck? Maybe he's using a Monarch engine to place his B.E.S. monsters on the field?" Well, no. He's not. So, the lack of an Extra Deck is merely a gigantic oversight. Don't worry, it's just an oversight. Admittedly a gigantic one. He also happens to not have any Spell or Trap removal whatsoever beyond Crystal Corenote , which he's... completely unable to summon now. I think it's safe to say that the things aren't looking the brightest for the B.E.S. player... or the Neos player as a matter of fact, because he's BORING THE AUDIENCE TO DEATH with his combination of arguably the two most annoying cards in this tournament! What message is there to be taken from all of this? What can be learnt from our hubris of letting Neos vs B.E.S. happen? How do we conclude this matchup made in hell? I guess I could share a few thoughts on the matter: Neos was a mistake and B.E.S. has no reason to exist. Farewell, until next time. Give me Patreon money.
  • Rata didn't believe Genex would be able to do anything of note to the extent that he bet if they won the whole thing, he'd pour hot glue all over a limited edition copy of Blue Eyes White Dragon. Cue the Genex player figuring out a surprisingly effective way to actually use Genexnote , and Rata's increased concern that he might actually have to do that, leading to an image of Genex Controller riding Trishula.
    Rata: (after Genex defeats Reactor, showing a screencap of his betnote ) You know, I'm still not doing this. They had a favorable matchup, it doesn't count, okay? I don't actually have to do this yet.
  • Round 2 has some great laughs from him as well; just from the sheer absurdity of the strategies in play.
    Rata: Wait, y-you just gave a Synchro player Ojama Trio while he had a Tuner on the field. Now there's a Trishula on the field because you gave him Ojama Trio. You know what Ojama Trio does? Why did you activate that? You had him. You gave him three Ojamas. Three free Level 2s for a Synchro Summon. Are you high?! Is this some kind of four dimensional chess you have going on? Now there's a Trishula and a Gear Gigant X. AND YOU SURRENDER?!
    • The duel between Dark Scorpions and Allies of Justice has Rata in disbelief over Soul Strike being a thing.
    Rata: Hey yo, hold up Wh-what the fuck is that? S..s...soul, SOUL STRIKE?!?! (While Jeopardy's think music plays) If your Life Points are 4000 or less, when an attack is declared involving a monster you control and an opponent's monster: pay half your LP, then target one monster you control; It gains attack points equal to the deficit between your LP and 4000 until the end of your opponent's turn. What fucking part of the Mariana's Trench did you dig up this shit from!?!?!"
    • After the Allies dropped Soul Strike, Rata sped up the next several turns due to nothing of interest happening, until the Duel hit an anticlimactic end when the Dark Scorpions player dropped a desperation Allure of Darkness, got no DARK monsters and was forced to discard his hand as a result, and thus opted to crash a D.D. Crow into his opponent's monster before conceding.
    Rata: MLG Allure into minus 3! Suicide with bird for game! A p— A pro strat!
    Rata: ...How did it come to this? Does this mean that humanity has failed as a species?
    • Genex's victory subsequently sends Rata spiraling into despair.
    Rata: Huh. Um, it seems that by some devilish circumstance, Genex has won... the final match in the primary bracket. And now I think I need to go into hiding, before the angry mob comes for my head with torches and pitchforks. (the screenshot of his bet comes up again) T-this image is not real. G-genex can still lose, depending on who wins the loser's bracket! (whimpering) They're going to win the tournament aren't they?
  • The finale of War of the Worthless is largely notable for Meklord's triumphant come-from-behind win over Genex, but still has its moments.
    • "Neos wins by burn damage! ...It's 2017, anything can happen."
    • There's something hilarious about Rata going from dismissive of Meklords in their video as "an archetype that couldn't fight a Synchro deck if their life depended on it" now desperately begging the Meklords to save him from having to hot-glue a Blue-Eyes White Dragon.
    Rata: Keep it going Meklords, SAVE US FROM THE SYNCHRO MENACE

Archetype Archive

  • The Archetype Archive on Aliens is probably one of the most hilarious pieces of content of the channel. It starts with Rata describing why aliens are definitively good as a source for a card game archetype... and asking "how did Konami fuck it up".
  • After complaining about reviewing five Aliens with 1600 ATK, Rata ends up claiming that the city of Zgorzelec is secretly an alien hivemind.
    Rata: Fucking "Zgorzelec", are you kidding me? At least try being subtle about it you... you Alpha Centauri motherfuckers! Oh my god, their buildings are green, the infestation has begun!
  • The entire rant about the constantly mocked Alien Infiltrator.
  • Toadally Awesome appearing as soon as a Level 4 WATER monster is mentioned. He's later seen in his dungeon cell.
    Rata: Alien Hypno is a Level 4 WATER- NO! NO, BAD! BAD FROG! BACK, B-BACK TO THE DUNGEON!
  • Besides throwing more burns at Neos even after the end of the Legacy of the Worthless series, his analysis of Otherworld - The "A" Zone has him describing the uselessness of a small ATK-reduction in a perfect way.
    Rata: What kind of game state is this supposed to induce? "Welcome to the Otherworld! Prepare to be slightly discomforted..."
  • He has a seizure after reading the bizarre conditions for Crop Circles' negative effect to be triggered.
  • At the end, he dances with an alien to Selfish High Heels.

  • The running gag through the first parts of the video about how easily they can summon Toadally Awesome.
    Rata: (grumpily, after unlocking Toadally Awesome's cell) Come on, let's go. ...It looks like you're toadally necessary right now.
  • Rata visualizes the effect of Poison Cloud using Obelisk the Tormentor, sarcastically pointing out how such a strategy involving the user taking huge amounts of damage just to destroy an opposing monster was okay "because you burned them for 800, too".

  • The initial skit has an unhinged Rata attempt a Batteryman AA beatdown on Shape, who calmly finishes Rata off with a Blue-Eyes White Dragon starter deck.
    • Shape admits that this was accomplished via the influence of one of his many rods "with a funny nose". When Rata calls Shape out on this, Shape dismisses him saying "it's not cheating, it's just me".
    Shape: (rapping, as he starts to fade away) I am the One Whose Shape Was Snatched, don't need a shape to get respect up in the snatch.
  • Instead of an ending skit, Shape explains that the original footage for it was lost, and describes the skit as Rata mimicking Batteryman Industrial Strength by madly flailing jumper cables before triggering Shape's Sakuretsu Armor. "So really, you aren't missing much."

     Gimmick Puppet 
  • The opening skit has Rata brightly announcing the advent of Link Monsters in the game while Shape has breakfast. Shape's idea of "trying to consume my delicious omelette" turns out to be pressing a raw egg to his face while making crunching noises. His concept of "having a cup of water" isn't any better as he simply pours the glass' contents onto his lap.
  • Rata gets the idea for the video when a baby doll falls from the ceiling and must be pacified with one of Shape's many rods, prompting Rata to rant about the "puppet, with a dumb gimmick?! A gimmick... puppet...?"
  • Rata finally decides that the baby doll isn't so bad, up until Shape suggests that the baby be named "Heavy Armored Train Ironwolf", causing the Montenegrin to remove the baby's pacifier and bludgeon Shape in the face with the baby.
  • In 2019, Ironwolf gets referenced again when Konami releases a similarly themed card in Gimmick Puppet Terror Baby.
  • Gimmick Puppet Dreary Doll is introduced as carrying the aesthetics of "waking up after a Friday night city crematorium house greet-and-beat mangalosmackdown with 8 Ball in the backyard of a- I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK I JUST SAID".

  • The intro skit has this gem:
    Shape: Make a Cyberdark video.
    Rata: Oh, really? And how are you going to make me? With one of your "many rods"?
    Shape: (silently pulls out a gun)
    Rata: (panicked) OKAY!
  • Cyberdark Dragon is introduced with its three fusion material cards coming together to Transformers sound effects... only for the fusion itself to be heralded with a fart sound effect.
  • The way Rata differentiates "Cyberdark Impact" the set and "Cyberdark Impact!" the card pronunciation-wise — he puts a lot of emphasis on the last syllable for the card, making it sound like "Cyberdark Impac-TUH!" Rata then insists that you have to pronounce it this way, otherwise you'll be kicked out of any tournament you go to.
  • Rata likes to point out how the text specifies Cyberdark Effect Monsters when Cyberdark Normal Monsters don't exist, prompting Cyberdark Sprongy to show up twice throughout the video.
    Card Text: He's a very stingy boy
  • "For the love of rods. First you throw Ironwolf off a bridge. Then you steal buckets of paint from the kindergarten in order to eat it. And now you're talking to yourself. Those Genex victories have really gone to your head."

  • Rata's critique on Morphtronic Vacuumen ends with a jab at its artwork until he realizes that the card was a fan submission, leading him to reference the events of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX's third season.
    Rata: Who lets children make cards? Last time that happened people died...
  • This remark on Morphtronic Datatron:
    Rata: You know how they say, no Morphtronic burn is complete without a good 300 effect damage to cap it off! ... (through laughter) What the fuck is this?
  • Rata cannot believe how underwhelming Gadget Hauler is, which doesn't get better when he learns what the spinoff games did.
    Rata: (facepalm) Yes, I know, this is exactly what the archetype needed. Through this entire review I was just thinking, "But what if they had a Tribute Summoned monster that swallowed all of your resources just to become a shitty beatstick?" And dally ho, they did it. They wasted their whole resources and gave it a Summon and Attack animation in Tag Force, are you ACTUALLY KIDDING ME -

     Ice Barriers 
  • The intro skit has Shape badger Rata for a new video, after making disparaging remarks about Rata's widening waistline. To Rata's understandable confusion, Shape's idea for a video in time for October is going to be about Ice Barriers instead of Vampires or Ghostricks.
    Rata: I'm sorry, I just don't see what Ice Barriers have to do with anything.
    Shape: No back talk, or you get the rod! Off you go!
  • As is the case with archetypes focused on WATER monsters, Rata is forced to acknowledge Toadally Awesome.
    Rata: Well, it's that time of the year again. Time for the cursed boy to make his appearance... (unlocks door, shines a torch into the "dungeon") Come on, get out! If you don't get out there's no more back row for you to eat.
    Subtitles: (cursed croak.sfx)
    Rata: Oh, PETA can't save you now.
  • Upon Rata's fawning over Dance Princess of the Ice Barrier, the subtitle writer admits he's given up, addressing Rata as a madman.
  • Rata's Rant-Inducing Slight upon discussing Royal Knight of the Ice Barrier in the Ice Barrier Archetype Archive.
    Rata: (inhales and takes a deep breath) Okay! So this entire effect would have been perfectly acceptable if the card was Level 4, but not only does this 2000 ATK Level 5 specifically have to be Tribute Summoned to make a Token (which is not optional by the way, this is your life now!) but the card was made during the Synchro era so if you didn't destroy the Token during the turn you Summoned it, you gave your opponent a free level for a Synchro. I would also say you gave him a free Link Material but I'm gonna be level-headed and assume nobody has attempted to Summon this in the last five years. The single solitary upside of this card is that in case your opponent has a monster you can't run over, you can Summon Royal Knight and ram into the Coffin for 1000 damage but ironically you just put yourself into a coffin because you wasted resources on summoning ROYAL KNIGHT OF THE FUCKING ICE BAR-

  • Rata commenting on how Vampire Lord used to kick ass back in the day... emphasizing "back in the day", which prompts a picture of Vampire Lord in a wheelchair with Vampire Lady pushing him.
    Lord: i used to be meta you know
    Lady: okay grandpa
  • After The Reveal regarding Shape's backstory, Rata reaches into his pocket and looks at some cards he had there... to find they're all copies of Abaki. Cue Rata's horrified expression.

     Crystal Beasts 
  • "Fellas, is it gay if you're being mind controlled by an alien hermaphrodite?"
  • When Google Translating the text for Over the Rainbow to verify that it only works for Rainbow Dragon and Rainbow Dark Dragon (rather than any "Ultimate Crystal" monster), it somehow managed to turn "Gem Beast" into "Big Bears".

  • In the Ojama video, he repeatedly notes that Ojama Blue can search for Ojamuscle, and also states that higher minds know that the card is the linchpin in the Ojama mirror match.
  • This quick comment about Ojama Red:
    Rata:"...And somewhere between the bloodshot eyes and look of barely restrained violence, you will find a fairly useful card."
    Rata, later:"Fitting effect for a dude that looks like he swallows marbles."
  • Rata discussing the lore in Ojama Country, and the debut of Ojama Lime:
    (camera zooms in on Ojama Lime) "I wanted Ojama Orange, but they gave me Ojama Lime? (camera pans to an Ojama-like creature with wings) Is that thing in the air an Ojama? (the camera pans to Ojama Green before snapping somewhere else) SNAKES?! (the camera zooms in on another Ojama before fading out) Ojama Indigo..."
  • Rata reading off the "handy" OTK strategy centered around Ojama King.
    Rata: (deep breath) "Use Ojama Trio, then summon all five Ojama cards to the field and fuse Ojama Yellow, Green, and Black" — by the way, you need to use Polymerization — "and then use (ahem) Unstable Evolution (sounds of screaming) to make the original ATK of Ojama King 2400, and then use Ojamuscle to destroy Ojama Red and Ojama Blue, along with the Ojama Tokens. This makes the ATK of King 7400, and then equip MEGAMORPH to Ojama King to double its ATK to 14800." (in the distance) THAT'S A TEN-CARD OTK, HOW IS IT NOT TEARING UP NATIONALS?!
  • When he's about to discuss Armed Dragons, and how they actually connect to Ojamas, the first thing he does is open a can of beer.
  • When discussing LV (Level) monsters, he presumes that LV stands for "Legendary Vagina".
  • At the end of the discussion for Armed Dragon Catapult Cannon, Rata threatens to quit the game forever over the card not being named Ojamegazord.

  • Malefic Rata. ALL OF IT. The best part is that with the exception of the mask and the Malefic House prop, that entire skit was improvised.

  • Shape informs Rata that he's having a bake sale, and asks Rata to review Madolches to fit the theme. And just for good measure, one of his many rods puts Rata in crossdress.
    Rata: W-what just happened?
    Shape: (flatly) Madolches.
    Rata: (looks down, seeing what he's wearing) What the fuck?!
  • Madolche Chickolates' segment ends with a narration of the "Chocolate Bird" meme.
  • After the ending skit, Rata asks how long he has to keep wearing his skirt before admitting that it's actually pretty good.

     Ancient Gear 
  • The introduction has Rata plagued not only by dreams of ancient gears, he ends up finding copies of Ancient Gear Golem in the most inconvenient of locations, due to The One insisting that he profile the card on orders from Konami.
    Rata: Okay, what is it with you and Ancient Gear Golems lately?! I wanted not to say anything and I tolerated having thirty of them in my bathtub, but I do draw the line at having them in my food!
  • Ancient Gear Hunting Hound's review starts with Rata making another Take That! at Arc-V, where Hunting Hound's usage mostly revolved around its burn damage instead of its Fusion synergy with the archetype.
    Rata: Someone was paid to write this...
  • This is the first of Rata's videos to use a five-point rating scale as opposed to a three-point scale, as he says a three-point scale should be reserved for "how many factual errors [he]'s allowed to make before you turn the video off". Made even better by the fact that he admits he would have given Ancient Gear a 10 in terms of sheer power later on.
  • The Stinger has Ojama Lime profiling Geartown as a tourist attraction, and it getting blown up by Ancient Gear Catapult.
    Ojama Lime: Here's Ancient Gear Golem! ...That, that's all there is. Why do you think this place keeps getting blown up? Nobody likes it here. Oh, and here comes the catapult...

     Magnet Warrior 

  • The archive opens with a parody of "Trainers hate him" memes, profiling Volcanic Scattershot for "nuking fields, and burning fifteen hundred, and basically you're stupid".
  • The Stinger has Rata describe Montenegrin Christmas: it's the only holiday they celebrate, their tree decorations feature 1st Edition Dark Artists, and their presents include a "single square of chocolate placed evenly on the table".
    Rata: H-how was that? Am I going to get the upvotes, and the likes?
    Shape: (offscreen) I'm stuck in your fucking chimney!
    Rata: (thinking) We have a chimney?

  • The Archive begins with a parody of the "Are you upset?" skit from Pop Team Epic, except with Popuko and Pipimi being replaced with Rata and Shape respectively.
  • Toon Table of Contents being used in Royal Magical Library decks has Rata wondering if all of the books in Royal Magical Library's artwork are just copies of Toon World, which he concludes to be horrifying.
  • The artwork for Mimicat is initially the Smug Tom AKA "That fucking cat" face before Rata changes it out for the correct artwork.
    Rata: If I see that goddamn cat one more FUCKING TIME -
  • When going over Toon Mask, Rata ends up reciting "All Star".
  • The Stinger has Ojama Lime, still trapped in Dark Sanctuary, prank calling a clone of himself. Afterwards, he's approached by a Dark Jeroid as a Scare Chord plays. It then cuts to the Dark Jeroid giving Ojama Lime a ride across a grassy field.
    Ojama Lime: This guy's a handful, isn't he?

  • Rata ends up going on a mad rant at the beginning of the Red-Eyes Archetype Archive, which results in him spilling the soda he was holding, which doesn't impress Shape.
    Shape: You know what? Good for you, I'll leave you to it. (slams the door)
  • Rata gets increasingly exasperated at the amount of Red-Eyes monsters that are nothing more than re-trains of various monsters Joey used.
    Rata: Get it? It's a thing that Joey used.
    • He particularly loses it when he gets to Red-Eyes Fang with Chain.
    Mike: OH MY GOOOD!
  • On this video's installment of Ojama Lime's continuing adventures, he ends up doing a review of the first 46 episodes of Yu Gi Oh Vrains while his vehicle, Dark Jeroid, is searched by Tour Guide From the Underworld. Ojama Lime's "Review" is actually just him stammering about the ending to the first season of the show. After this, he's approached by Tour Guide, who tells Lime that Jeroid isn't a vehicle, but rather a sextuple abomination.
    Ojama Lime: I-I don't know those words.
  • Not even two days after the upload of the Red-Eyes Archetype Archive, Konami reveals a link monster which looks like a new Red-Eyes monster which Rata lampshaded on his Twitter account.
    Rata: Okay. It's been TWO DAYS. It's been TWO. FUCKING. DAYS.

  • The opening to the Vylon video has Rata go over various infamous shapes (Including the Squircle) before being chewed out by Shape for not talking about Vylons.
  • Rata alludes to another Tetra when talking about Vylon Tetra.
  • Konami banning Ancient Fairy Dragon while Rata was talking about how it can be summoned by Vylon Stella results in Rata's lifespan being cut by at least 5 seconds, all the while Central City's theme plays in the background.
  • Vylon Charger is apparently performing a T-Pose according to Rata.
  • His succinct analysis of Vylon Ohm:
    Rata: It's a card included in the first set ever released in Duel Links, I think that says more about its utility than I ever could. Use it to recover your Arfuedutyr! (as a GIF of Italian Spiderman plays) Have I fixed Noble Knights?!
  • After bringing up Rod of Silence - Kay'Est's ridiculous synergy with Vylon Element, he makes this little comment at the Guardian's expense:
    Rata: You hear that? For once in your life, you're not a dumpster fire.
  • This time in The Stinger, Ojama Lime is seemingly getting recognition for his deeds at long last by God, who takes the form of the bearded man on the Solemn series of cards (Who's referred to as Solemn Johnson by Lime). He quickly ejects Lime from Ancient Sanctuary for not being Airknight Parshath, resulting in the latter being reunited with Dark Jeroid.

     Support Report 
  • Rata in the first Support Report dubs the Dark Saviors set (includes Sky Striker/Brandish Maiden, Fur Hire/Skyfang Brigade, and Vampires) as a triple fetish pack of Mecha Musume, furries, and goths.
  • From the Support Report covering Ojamas/Malefic/Blue-Eyes among others:
    • Rata can't bring himself to make a Christmas Cake joke about Madolche Teacher Glassouffle, preferring to call her a really sweet old lady.
    • Ojama Emperor's segment starts with some words from the card himself (With his voice being provided by Jimbles, Ojama Lime's voice actor, spoken in a breathless wheeze) with Rata struggling to hide his laughter the whole time.
    Ojama Emperor: I need help. If you can lift me from this throne, you can become the new Ojama Emperor.
    Rata: But, it's not good!
    Ojama Emperor: It's not a good idea. So if you want to leave me here, I respect that.
    • Additionally, Ojama Lime makes a cameo at the end of the above segment, quietly asking if he can be in the video.
    • After talking about Red-Eyes Alternative Black Dragon, Rata remarks that Konami should've injected some more potential into it.
    • Rata makes fun of Mecha-Thunder-King's Overly Long Name by adding In-Birth Exe:Late[st] to the end of it.

  • The opening to the Blue-Eyes video has Rata elbow-slamming a Yuya Sakaki beach towel, which in his own words is the meaning of catharsis. The best part is that you can even hear some loose change dropping on his floor after the impact.
    Rata: [Wheezes] Egao now, bitch!
    "Oregon Spirit" plays as "We'll Be Right Back" appears on the screen
  • Rata explains that Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon will get a full in-depth dive later in the video, cuing it to fade in while it yells like it just declared it was wednesday, my dudes
  • Rata can't hold back his laughter as he explains how Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon's effect was first revealed on the bottom of a ferris wheel passenger seat in Japan.
    Rata: Make sure to check under your neighbor's truck for some unreleased Exodia support.

  • Following Rata's vitriolic reaction to how "Fur Hire" was localized, the opening skit manages to top it off with this gem: Rata fusing his pets "Tired Cat" and "Vanilla Rabbit" to become "Lunalight Rat Dancer": Rata as a dancing fursona.
  • Lunalight Tiger is introduced with the misheard lyrics of "BANANA TIGER".
  • Rata initially remarks that Lunalight Wolf should be called "Lunalight Oof!" before hastily asking that his comment be cut from the script.
    • Later, when profiling Lunalight Panther Dancer:
    Rata: This design is targeting me as a person, specifically.

  • The opening skit for the Kaiju video has Rata initially talking via inaccurate subtitles with an old movie filter until Shape tells him to take it off.
  • Rata's ending narration is accompanied by a 3D model of Godzilla dancing.
  • There's technically no Ojama Lime skit this time. Instead, we're treated to a game on YGOPRO with every single one of the normal sound effects replaced by Ojama Lime voice clips, resulting in some huge Lull Destruction.
    • Even better: The sound clips are available for download.
    Ojama Lime: I just wanted to know where did you... netdeck this from. Now I know, Ojama Lime has no space to be critical... and it's your right to think that and it's your right to say that. But at the same time, I mean - come on, you didn't make this deck.

  • The opening for the Ghostrick video has Shape (Who not only has a new Scottish voice but is also taking the form of a pumpkin) wishing Rata a happy Halloween only for the latter to point out that Halloween was 10 days ago.
  • After Ghostrick Mansion's effect is explained, we're treated to a quick skit between Armageddon Knight and Ghostrick Lantern where the latter sadly explains how his game plan is just him getting attacked a lot and hoping that everything works out from there.
    Ghostrick Lantern: [Sniff] Hard knock life!
  • Rata's attempt to introduce Ghostrick Specter starts with him corpsing at the ghost's appearance, zooming in on its appearance while a caption "I will eat your dog" appears underneath.
    Rata: Next up is Ghostrick Specter oh my god, look at him! (laughs) I can't keep going, he's - he's too scary, ha...
  • Ghostrick Nekomusume's name is introduced as Japanese as possible, with Rata mimicking a stereotypical accent and matching sound clip. The sound clip is reused every time the card is mentioned.
    Rata: Because the name "Catgirl" wasn't scary enough for the USA, or something?
  • Rata noticing the creature Ghostrick Yeti is holding in the midst of his closing thoughts on the card.
    Rata: "Yeti, my man, I appreciate that you care about your friends, but I think you should just stay home and take care of.. whatever these things are, w-why aren't these things real monsters? I love them. C'mon, let's get some of that Ghostrick Medjed.
  • Ghostrick Skeleton is initially introduced as Ghostrick Sans complete with it brandishing Sans's glowing blue eye from his boss fight along with the first few notes of Megalovania playing.
    Ghostrick Skeleton: my wife left me
  • Rata can barely hold back his laughter after profiling Ghostrick Warwolf, observing that with the right setup Warwolf's burn damage can "reach the sacred heights of ABAKI".
    Rata: (through laughter) Do I have to point it out, it's been a while?
  • The ending skit has a girl narrate the spooky phenomenon of "the photos with a scary man in them", which feature Ojama Lime Photoshopped into various pictures. Her dry, sardonic delivery is quickly interrupted after Ojama Lime enters her recording room, looking for the toilet, much to her chagrin.
    Narrator: That's it! You're going back in the septic tank!
    Ojama Lime: (as various cartoon sound effects play in the background) Ow. Stop that. Stop pulling that. That goes straight to my skull. Ow. (sound of a toilet flushing) Thanks for letting me hang ooooooooouuuut...

     Six Samurai 

  • The entire opening skit between Emilia, Vision, and Zielgigas.
  • Flamvell Loreman makes a third appearance as "Ally of Justice Spellcaster".
  • Rata suddenly breaking out into a limerick when talking about Gishki Beast's effect.
    Rata: In addition to this,
    it re-triggers Abyss,
    so if you run one,
    or absolutely none,
    it's certainly better than piss.
    (laughs) Why did I do that?
  • Rata getting tripped up when referring to the deck's final non-Ritual, non-Xyz monster, and proposing that everyone call main deck Effect monsters "Pringles".
  • After negatively comparing Gishki Psychelone's effect to that of Mind Crush, Rata admits even Mind Crush is not what it used to be after recent ruling changes.
    Lightning: Search Judgement Arrows.
    Varis: Mind Crush, Judgement Arrows.
    Lightning (angry): I don't have Judgement Arrows.
    Varis (dejectedly): Oh, OK...
  • Rata explaining how Gishki Chain becomes Lavalval Chain in the Duel Terminal lore, "for the sick and twisted Sharkboy and Lavagirl sequel you never knew you needed."
  • Upon finding that Gishki's last Trap card isn't terrible enough to rip into, Rata rants about the archetype not giving him material to work with, getting in a final jab at Elemental HERO Divine Neos for good measure.
  • Ojama Lime seems to have found a desk job at some kind of tech support center... much to his surprise.
    Ojama Lime: Chess Archfiends? I think you've got the wrong game.

  • It starts with a Steven Universe title card simply saying "God damn it", setting the tone for the rest of the video.
  • Rata makes good on his suggestion from the previous video of calling main deck Effect monsters "Pringles".
  • Rata makes yet another dig at Arc V's second half by saying that it was hijacked by humanoid iguanas from the underworld.
  • While he feels that Gem-Turtle is outdated, he does give it points for being a turtle due to his love for them while showing off his own fun sized turtle resting in the palm of his hand.
  • Rata calls Gem-Knight Topaz and Flame Wingman's partially shared effects burst damage simply because it sounds cool.
  • After pointing out that Gem-Knight Zirconia is a Fusion monster with no effect, he focuses in on its stats, saying "DAMN BOI, HE THICC!"
  • The ending skit where Downerd Magician acts as the DM for a round of Dungeons & Dragons with Jester Confit and Embryonic Beast, with her not so subtly showing her contempt for the former. Where does Ojama Lime fit into all of this? He ends up burping up their dice. And he somehow snuck in undetected despite sitting at the same table as them.
    Ojama Lime: How's that for initiative?

    Signer Dragons 
  • Befitting Rata's disdain for how the 5Ds anime progressed, it's no surprise that a video discussing the 5Ds protagonists' ace monsters is filled with Rata dumping on cards he dislikes with acerbic wit.
    Rata: If I by any chance heavily insult your favorite Signer Dragon, keep in mind it was probably my full intention to do so.
  • Due to Shooting Star Dragon's first summoning in the anime being accompanied by a Masaki Endoh insert song, it gets a rating of 10 D's by default while chicken tenders rapidly spin onscreen.
  • When talking about Red Dragon Archfiend, Rata posits that someone in charge of the 5Ds manga localization was really horny for its RDA retrain, hence why it's named Hot Red Dragon Archfiend.
  • Rata hastily appending Black Rose Dragon's infamous nuke effect to the end of its description, as if he almost forgot it existed.
    Rata: Did you know that in addition to its handy battle position changing effect, Black Rose Dragon can also nuke the field?
  • Every Signer Dragon's section kicks off with a heavily pixelated clip of said Dragon, a caption and Rata narrating the name in a clumsy groan. When he gets to Power Tool Dragon, he instead interrupts the clip, pointing out that he's already said everything he wanted to in the Morphtronic Archetype Archive.
  • After going over Ancient Fairy Dragon which was banned for enabling first turn kills, Rata is at a loss on how to grade her, and concludes by giving her a score of "Banned out of 5 D's".

  • Rata's conclusion that "T.A.D.P.O.L.E." stands for "Terror, Agony, Death, Pain, Oppression, Loss, Evil".
  • Rata describing what sets Des Frog apart from a normal frog. Complete with a close up, creepy music, and menacing kanji.
    Rata: He looks like a normal frog but his vibes are truly rancid.
  • Rata using the audio of the "it is wednesday my dudes" meme to cap off the segment on Des Croaking.
  • Rounding up the original set of Frog monsters, Rata absolutely loses it at the sight of their Fusion monster, dubbing it "Thanksgiving-aftermath-dry-land-Godzilla-looking-ass-Perfectly-Ultimate-Great-Overtoad-Goddamn-Froggy-Football-Dad D.3.S. Frog".
  • Rata's increasingly desperate attempts to not mention the infamous Frog the Jamnote , to the point the final card in the archetype triggers a national emergency message when its name comes up.
  • After Toadally Awesome escapes its prison, Rata journeys out into the night in order to find it. What follows is a good few minutes of Rata walking around Montenegro at night before he finally finds it at the Abyssal Pond (Which has a Dark Souls inspired logo pop up when he arrives). And then he gets its name wrong.
    Rata: Well, if it isn't Frogally Amazing.
    Toadally Awesome disappears, and the camera suddenly turns to the side
  • We're finally shown the reason why Ojama Lime was banished from Ojama Country by Ojama Emperor: Sand just kept pouring out of every hole in his body. All two of them.


     The 60k Life Point Duel with HardLeg and DuelLogs 
  • The mere concept of a duel with more life points than several games put together and drawing five cards each turn is insane on its own, but add Rata and the voice of Ojama Lime to the mix? Utter chaos.
  • His first hand:
    Rata: Oh god this is already terrible.
  • Ojama Lime wasn't supposed to be there, but due to weather, time differences... and the fact he stole a car. Rata states he doesn't have one:
    Ojama Lime: Not anymore you don't. That's what happens when you fuck with me.
    • Made better when Rata points out that was the first time he said fuck, Ojama Lime panics because the kids can't hear him like this.
    Ojama Lime: I'm fucked up! I'm drunk!
  • Rata's first turn ends with him summoning Garbage Lord. AKA himself... and then created LANphorynchus because he didn't trust a 0/0 monster being on the field, which causes the entire group to lose it because of the sheer randomness of it, creating a Running Gag of nearly every monster they pick up or summon possibly being used for it.
    Jimbles, later: Here's LANphorynchus everybody, I hope you're happy to see him, because I sure am.
    Jimbles, even later: LANphorynchus! LANphorynchus! MCDONALDS! MCDONALDS!
  • Rata's continued insistence on yelling "SICKO MODE", to the point that Jimbles is struggling to keep it together.
  • When the board gets wiped thanks to HardLeg, Jimbles lightly panics, and Hardleg just tells him all he needs is the heart of the cards. Jimbles proclaims that he banished it.
  • The story of Ancient Leaf's price spike that was based on a format changing rumor, which immediately involves asking how much Ojama Lime invested in Ancient Leaf.
    Ojama Lime: All the money I had... twelve cents.
    • HardLeg makes a "she took the kids" joke that Jimbles immediately capitalizes.
  • During yet another boardwipe, Jimbles decides to take off the kid gloves and special summons Meklord Emperor Granel, which thanks to its effect gives it almost 26000 ATK and DEF.
    Ojama Lime: It's-a time for Ojama Lime to do Ojama Crime!
  • HardLeg and DuelLogs assumed that Granel's effect only applied when it was face up and lost it when it was changed... and then attacked into it, revealing it still very much had it, causing them to lose over 20000 LP.
  • Jimbles regails the group with how he OTK'd Rata with Meklord Astro Mekanikle with Limiter Removal on Turn 2.
  • When Rata summons Thousand-Eyes Restrict, he spends a couple seconds thinking of what card he's more worried about that he'd like Restrict to take: Chimeratech Megafleet Dragon... or Fairy Tail - Snow.
    HardLeg: What are you more worried about? One is a fucking dragon, and the other is the Furry Agenda.
    • Made even better by Rata stating that he decided on Overdragon because Yu-Gi-Oh taught him that fat number big.
  • Rata asks Jimbles blessing to do something stupid. Jimbles personally doesn't approve of it, but Ojama Lime does. Rata ends up taking Lime's blessing to summon Winged Dragon of Ra, paying all but 100 of his 48000 life points, and attacking for game.
  • HardLeg wonders what losing to Lime makes him, and Ojama Lime explains that's how you become an Ojama: You lose faith in your own humanity.
  • When Rata says Jimbles shouldn't disappoint the people who clicked on the video because they saw the little green gremlin:
  • When HardLeg plays Extinction on Schedule:
    Jimbles: During your main phase, Destroy Namek.
  • When Rata has three cards on the field, everyone assumes he's going to Summon Ra again. They're technically right... he summons Sphere Mode.
    Rata: It's a baaaaaall!
  • During the 2nd Duel, HardLeg gets rid of a trap card that he's sure is Magic Cylinder, only to reveal Wall of Revealing Light. HardLeg postulates that the plan was to pay 50,000 life points and then dare them to attack.
  • Rata asks Ojama Lime why his deck is so similar to his. Ojama Lime noted that he broke into his house, sleeping on his couch, and eating his cat litter. Rata says he doesn't have a cat.
    Ojama Lime: What have I been eating then? I don't wanna think about it.
    • The difference the deck has, according to Lime, is that he put birds in it. Rata counters by stating he put bigger birds in his.
  • DuelLogs, the guy whose decks are usually overly creative and ridiculous, ends up having the most competent and together strategy for this insane format.
  • After a pretty vicious turn in which Rata/Jimbles are able to do what amounts to Scratch Damage, they realize it's been three turns since Extinction On Schedule was played, and watch in horror as their well-built field is completely wiped.
  • HardLeg after he picks up a terrible draw:
    HardLeg, confused: How did I draw five cards and brick!?
    • Rata states that's him playing Destiny HEROs. Jimbles suggests putting that on his gravestone.
    • Immediately afterwards, HardLeg is staring at his hand trying to think of something to play... while the only card on Rata/Jimbles side of the field is Jester Confit. They laugh at the absurdity.
    Rata: Ominous clown music intensifies!
    • As their turn ends, Jimbles states he set the field up well by giving Rata a whole clown.
    • HardLeg postulates that clowns are the bottom of the social totem pole in Ojama Society, and that's saying something.
  • Rata attempts to activate Endless Decay's effect, he realizes too late that Doomking Balerdroch's effect goes off when another zombie's effect goes off.
    • Made slightly better by Jester Confit returning, and by doing so, re-activating the card ZeroZerock. Jimbles is impressed.
    Jimbles: You just did a very big brain play by complete accident!
  • Rata summons Number 61: Volcasaurus, which can destroy a monster and do battle damage. Of course...since everything's a Zombie, Balerdroch's effect goes off. Jimbles pleads Rata to not do this.
  • Halfway through the second duel, Jimbles commends DuelLogs for expecting anything by that point.
    HardLeg: I can't predict his movements, they're too erratic!
  • HardLeg finally finds a way around Jester Confit using Interrupted Kaiju Slumber, Rata quips that this is how the IT sequel ends — Godzilla just shows up and destroys the town.
  • HardLeg postulates that the amount of thinking they've had to do amounted to them underestimating their opponents, and then Rata/Jimbles dropping their weighted armor. Made worse by the fact that their decks basically work against each other instead of with each other.
  • Jimbles did not expect his opponents to have to play around ZeroZerock.
  • The group marvels at Big One Warrior having what looks like Pistachios on his shoulders, leading to Rata to point out Metalfoes have spoons all over them, while also calling back to his Did you Know video.
    Rata: Subscribe to Rank10YGO for more Metalfoes facts.
  • Jimbles summoning Recital Starling, boosting one of DuelLogs' monsters to 4800 ATK... and then immediately crashing into it with Recital Starling so they both take 4800 damage, leaving Jimbles with an empty field. Jimbles seems confused that he took damage.
    Jimbles: Wait, why didn't it work?
    HardLeg: (laughs)
    Rata: It did! You just kind of ignored that that was the entirety of the effect.
    Jimbles: Welp! Here we go, boys! We're going in raw!
    Rata: We did the best we could!
  • Immediately after that, HardLeg seems to brick for the second turn in a row, but he then plays Boogie Trap, to Jimbles' confusion. He uses it to get back Extinction on Schedule, and Jimbles begs him to reconsider.
  • Rata states that this series of games was the only time he's had fun playing Yu-Gi-Oh in six months. Lime chimes in that this is the first time he's ever had fun at all.
  • Jimbles's description of the Ojama Lime voice:
    Jimbles: You wanna be somewhere between Kermit and Jordan Peterson, that's called the lime zone.
    Rata: Don't go there.
    Jimbles: Don't... do not go there at all costs.
  • Jimbles has to make a 250 life point comeback. His opening play combined with his declaration of Let's Get Dangerous! makes the call crack up, especially Rata.
    Rata: Alright motherfucker, time to die! I summon Turquoise Warbler.
    HardLeg: I summon my warbler, and my prank-kid, and my Maldoche Cruffsant!
    Rata: Aren't they adorable?
  • Throughout the duels, Jimbles and Rata spend whole turns assuming they have Magic Cylinder waiting to happen... only for it to not show up once.
    DuelLogs: I thought that was a meme!
    • The one time it does show up in HardLeg's hand, Ojama Lime spins it back into the deck with Knightmare Unicorn. Lime thinks he's joking for a second when he says it actually was Magic Cylinder.
  • At the beginning of their final duel, HardLeg is trying to find a Patron to shoutout, and DuelLogs suggests the only patron he has who's also a yugituber (him). HardLeg chooses to shoutout the guy he did earlier.
  • Rata's first hand isn't very good, to which DuelLogs points out his whole deck special summons from the hand.
    Ojama Lime: Not the whole deck, you just summoned all the cards that don't!
  • DuelLogs notes that he's never seen Watch Cat in another person's deck prior to Ojama Lime's. HardLeg postulates they're of the same soul and wants to see the DuelLogs/Ojama Lime fan-fictions.
    • HardLeg's idea of how their first meeting would go.
    HardLeg: You have the same cards, wanna fuck?
    Ojama Lime, trying really hard not to laugh: NO! The answer is NO! I repudiate this!
  • While Ojama Lime is trying to come up with a decent plan, almost everyone calls him making an Extra Link, which of course in-character Lime has no clue what he's doing, and HardLeg suggests he somehow Extra Links to the other side of the field.
    Ojama Lime: Oh man! Oh this sucks! Why do people do this!?

     Pathetic Aesthetic 
The Pathetic Aesthetic streams, consisting of Rata and Jimbles riffing on card artwork, are full of hilarity. Highlights include:
  • Dimension Dragons:
    • The Running Gag of Rata playing the first few notes of Megalovania whenever one of them points out a dragon with a blue eye (or one with a skeletal motif).
    • The two of them completely lose it over Odd-Eyes Lancer Dragon's crotch spike.
    • Supreme King Odd-Eyes starts off with pointing out its Christmas color scheme, which ends up being the saving grace of the card as the "Konami orbs" finally make sense as Christmas ornaments.
    Jimbles: This is a 5 outta 5, Merry Christmas!
    • On White Wing Magician:
    Rata: This is a Twitch girl who some dumb fuck donates to in hopes of getting to date her, while she goes out and has sex with her boyfriend Black Fang [Magician].
    Jimbles: Pretty much! She doesn't tell you that her boyfriend is Black Fang, so you go to all her streams and donate, and then eventually you have a falling out because Black Fang comes in, like, drunk with no pants on her stream.
    • Jimbles starts the Purple Poison Magician art off right.
    Jimbles: Now this is a gamer.
    • Rata goes into hysterics realizing that Supreme King Dragon Starving Venom has the same color scheme as The Joker, and then later losing it even harder over the voice Jimbles gives to Purple Poison Magician.
    Purple Poison Magician!Jimbles: Can I get your Discord now?...And now that we're talking...I NEED TO SEE YOUR FEET! Many nights have I dreamed of your toes! If you don't, I shall use my position as moderator to say the "N" word in your chat!
    • Rata's... admiration for Astrograph Sorcerer's artwork.
    Rata: I think the first time I saw this art, I became pregnant.
  • The video on Assault Mode has what is possibly the worst yet best criticism of card artwork yet.
    Jimbles (on Doomkaiser Dragon/Assault Mode): The original design looked like some kind of monster. This just looks like a fucking Yugioh card.
  • Koa'ki Meiru:
    • Every second of the part with Koa'ki Meiru wall, from them realizing he's doing the "Well! What is it!" pose to them theorizing what the chains on him are for.
    • The duo riffing on Koa'ki Meiru Ice in a Mr. Freeze voice.
    • Jimbles immediately starts losing it over Koa'ki Meiru Crusader, who fittingly enough is used for the thumbnail of the video.
    Jimbles: He's got so much poise!
    • Using a model from a DS game, they discover Koa'ki Meiru Rooklord is actually a goofy-looking Chicken Walker. They already have a much harder time taking it seriously, and then all charisma the design might have left is annihilated once the words "Kentucky Meiru" send them both into a laughing fit.
  • Ojamas and Stuff
    • Ojama Lime's tour of Ojama Country.
    Rata: I never knew I could feel so insulted by a field spell. Then again, I played against Chicken Game once.
    • Rata starts off the "Stuff" portion of the stream by showing off Kattapillar, before using it as a segue to showcase the grotesque art of Parasite Discharge.
    Rata: I love Yu-Gi-Oh. It's fun for the whole family.
    Jimbles: Well, not fun for him!

  • A Duel. In which Shapesnatch Turbo becomes the new meta.
    • Made even funnier in the comment section, where Rata admits that he threw this deck together at 2 in the morning and won with it on his first duel.
  • The Cubics Hallowe'en Special
    • The video starts with a skit where Rata ends up surprised by Skull Servant, much to his chagrin.
    • Rata expresses confusion at the archetype's dub name of "Cubics" when only two of the ten monsters have cubes in their design.
    • Rata concludes that the archetype's biggest strength comes from opponents failing to read the Cubic monsters' effect text due to the sheer length, then wondering why their own monster's effects failed to trigger after being negated by the Cubics.
  • The Malicevorous episode, if you can call it that, can only be described as Rata throwing around silverware and losing his sanity.
    Subtitles: [Rata loses his will to live (if he hadn't already)]
    Subtitles: [Rata attempts to free himself from our reality]
    Subtitles: AAAGGGHHH
  • Effects Fur Hire, where Rata goes "all the way".
    Rata: Oh, fucking with PSCT for the memes! That is, that is a new one, Tewart... How long did it take for you to come up with this one, five minutes on a crack bender?
    Subtitles: Wiz, Sage Fuw Hiwe (kill me)
  • At the end of his video announcing a slight delay in his upcoming Kaiju video, he adapts a Tumblr post in which Aleister the Invoker opens up heaven and isn't responsible for what happens next. What ensues is Invoked Elysium floating above the earth while Smooth plays, along with the sound of people panicking and running for their lives.
  • The opening to his updated train video has plenty of great material:
    • The opening has Rata, barely hinged, walking outside to show an absolutely dreary day:
    Rata: North Korea ain't got nothin' on Montenegro, baby.
    • Every time his cats show up, a Cathy Katherine line plays.
    • When Rata "digs up" his framed copy of Super Dora and holds it up, he immediately lampshades how clean it stayed unlike his conscience.
    • Finally, he shows the copy of Super Dora the card art of Juggernaut Liebe.
    Rata: Come on, baby Jesus! You gotta see this! It's your dad! Back after five years!
    • Rata dubs Double Header Anger Knuckle "Choo Choo McFuckhands".
  • His Firewall Dragon video in its entirety, in three acts:
    • His Punctuated! For! Emphasis! way of showing that Firewall Dragon's been banned.
    • Him pointing to a google image search of Firewall, declaring no more of it or the protagonist will be part of the game anymore. Instead? They will be playing Mistar Boy. Cue Ocean Man.
    • Him finally capping it off with a succinct, but clear message, over weight gain art image of Firewall Dragon with DOOM music playing in the background:
  • "Archetype" Archive - Sparrow Family
    • Beast-Warrior Puma sums up Rata's This Is Gonna Suck sentiment on the series, noting that Puma is the "archetype"'s only search option, tutors out a specific card which is immensely difficult to summon, and actively works against the effects of other members.
    Rata: We're off to a great start.
    • No sooner than he's finished naming Phoenix Beast Gairuda:
    Rata: Listen I know it feels like I'm bringing up random monsters but I swear all of these are related.
    • After going over Phoenix Beast Gairuda's effect (Level 6, 2500 ATK monster that has 2800 ATK during your Damage Step), he has this to say.
    Rata: Uh-oh. This one's dangerous. It can crash into your Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon with extreme prejudice! That is, unless you stock up on Dragon's Treasure, the world renowned counter to Phoenix Beast Gairuda.
    • Rata initially laughs at Ironhammer the Giant for having so much poise, then saying that with his very specific Summoning Condition, he should be Summoned from the other side of the planet.
    • Upon reading D.D. Jet Iron's effect (can be Tributed to Special Summon the monsters that were used for it's Special Summon (D.D. Esper Star Sparrow, Beast-Warrior Puma, Phoenix Beast Gairuda, and Ironhammer the Giant) from the Graveyard), he makes a realization and promptly rips into the card.
    Rata: It's... Valkyrion. It's the literal exact same effect as Valkyrion except released 12 years later and attached to a group of cards somehow equally as unimpressive as Magnet Warriors. How... who let this happen? It doesn't even look cool, it's like an anorexic Dark Destroyer. They didn't even give it a removal effect or anything, this i- this is sad! Oh, it's gone.
  • A stream of Rata and Jimbles playing against each other on YGOPro culminated in an Ojama mirror match that must be seen (and heard!) to be believed. Highlights include:
    • The very beginning of the video has Rata surrendering on the first turn of a different duel because Jimbles played Ash Blossom, and then immediately realizing he could have stopped it with Called by the Grave.
    • Every instance of Angry Lime.
    • This exchange:
    Jimbles: I thought Ojama mirror matches were a tragedy, but now I see, they're a documentary.
    Rata: Now I see, they're a horror movie.
    Rata: (trying his hardest not to lose it) You know what happens to Ojama Country when it's matched up with another Ojama Country? It fucking sucks.
    Jimbles: (breaking character) OH, NO! OH(wheeze laughing) What the fuck? What the fuck? What the fuck?
    Rata: Two minuses make a plus!
    Jimbles: I'm McFUCKING losing it!
  • Immediately after that, Rata makes a fuck-up of his own by using his Ojama Knight and Ojama Red — the only two Ojama monsters he has on his side of the field — to Link Summon another monster. However, because he just linked away his only Ojama monsters, Rata's Ojama Country no longer took effect, so Rata effectively gave Jimbles exactly what he wanted2 Ojama Kings with 3000 ATK each.
    Jimbles: (through laughter) You absolute fucking fool!

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