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  • Acceptable Targets: Duel Links players, which includes Rata himself.
    Rata (On Ojamas): But as the average Archetype Archive Youtube commentor would say: "At least they're good in Duel Links!"
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Certain filler videos like "nodl" or "Did You Know Rank10".
    • On that note, the appearance of The and its speech.
    The: In 1886, during the Battle for Bloughstern, a nameless captain was left tied to a tree by enemy forces. It was their hope that he would die there, and serve as an example to his comrades. As he lay there shivering in the snow, he looked to the sky and saw that the stars had turned red, like stinging welts on the skin of God. Although he was far from his home or any of the friends he had made at the front, he felt he could see each of them, hung up in the night sky like decorative ornaments. It was then that he knew peace, and could be certain that he would never die. And he is there to this day, tied to the tree, with the stars and their strange faces as his only memory.
  • Cargo Ship: He has referred to Number 81: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Superior Dora as being his wife on several occasions.
    • He has also referred to Nekroz of Gungnir as a "MILP", or "Mother I'd Like to Play", being quoted as saying "Oh baby, slap me with an icicle."
    • After going off of Amazoness Queen's physical traits, he suddenly, at the end of his description of the card, asks for it to step on him.
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    • After noticing how popular Madolche Magileine was in terms of fan art, he mentions he wished Hiita the Fire Charmer had the same treatment, while also showing a picture of him asking if he can marry a picture (which was an "Ideal GF" meme in the form of a "Sporty Cute High-Energy GF"), though he also admits to his preferences playing a part.
    • He says that Lunalight Panther Dancer's design "is targeting (him) as a person individually."
    • In the comment section for Kaminakat's "HOW TO PLAY CYBER ANGELS 101", Rata has this comment on the thumbnail (Cyber Angel Izana in a basketball uniform).
    Rata: that basketball uniform Izana got me feeling things
  • Crazy Awesome: The Genex & Meklord players, the former in the eyes of the fandom solely due to using Genex so effectively, and the Meklord player for the sheer ridiculousness pulled off during each Duel (refer below for all of their escapades).
  • Critical Research Failure: Apply the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment on this one; as the game has had a very long history, it's almost impossible to know every single use of every single card and strategy available. In addition, especially with his Archetype Archive reviews, it's worth noting that while he may refer to other cards to help the deck out, he focuses and reviews based on the archetype alone rather than what it does with other outside factors. Examples below are such:
    • He admitted after the fact that his video on Worms was extremely poorly researched, as the deck had several tops during Six Samurai format, and the deck's key cards were actually rather good.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: This gem on Chaos Ancient Gear Giant, which was the muscle of the Heartland Invasion in Yugioh Arc V.
    Rata: Satisfyingly, it also disables [Utopia The] Lightning's effect... oh, that's how they killed all the children...
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Malefic Rata who shows up about once (excluding a potential Early-Bird Cameo), yet is by far the most popular side character.
    • Among the reviewed Archetypes, Genex is the most popular due to its great performance and exciting duels in War Of the Worthless. Meklords also got this for similar reasons, as well as winning the War of the Worthless in style. Somewhat amusingly, and rather unsurprisingly, the finals were between those two archetypes.
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    • Ojama Indigo (stylized as Ojama I N D I G O), a weird ambiguously-Ojama non-card monster shown in the corner of Ojama Country (in the same vein as Ojama Lime) is inexplicably popular within Rata's comment section, despite Rata having only ever made one joke about it.
  • Growing the Beard: The channel steadily improved with time, but the effort put into editing, writing, and research majorly jumps at points, with the Neos and Guardians videos showing some of the biggest.
  • Heartwarming Moments: Lime meeting Dark Jeroid and the two of there friendship is one of the few good things that happens to Lime.
    • After perhaps the biggest Yank the Dog's Chain in the whole series Lime meets Dark Jeroid again. His only friend by the way
  • Hilarious in Hindsight/It Will Never Catch On: Extremely frequent, to the point that the commenters frequently joke that Konami is watching Rata's videos, and that some of his suggestions or criticisms would be "memed into existence", with the phrase and trend itself becoming a comical Berserk Button for him.
    • He pronounced Genex to be one of the worst archetypes he ever reviewed. Genex would go on to win the first bracket of the War of the Worthless, though they narrowly lost in the second bracket to Meklords, much to his relief.
    • Several of the archetypes to be showcased in "Legacy of the Worthless", including Vehicroids, Amazoness, and B.E.S. have all received Balance Buffs since then. In the case of B.E.S., their new support (Great Fortress Zelos and Big Core MK3) came out so soon that Rata had to give an Obvious Rule Patch that the players couldn't use archetype-specific cards that weren't discussed in the videos.
    • After his Neos video was one of the most scathing, Neos managed to acquit itself fairly well in the Losers bracket of War of the Worthless, making it to the quarterfinals. (Admittedly, this was after having some of the worst duels while in the primary bracket.)
    • One of his earlier videos petitioned Konami to unban Thousand-Eyes Restrict, arguing that the card was harmless without Metamorphosis and Magical Scientist and had suffered heavily from Power Creep. Five months later, Thousand-Eyes came off the banlist for the first time in over a decade, and became unlimited not long after.
    • "Top 10 Weirdest Card Effects" ranked Darkness Approaches fairly well for it being the only card in the game capable of turning monsters into facedown Attack Position - a completely useless effect, but a very interesting one. About a year later, Konami errataed Darkness Approaches to no longer do this, making it effectively just a worse Book of Moon. Rata gave this a Take That! in one of his videos.
    • He made something of a Running Gag out of making fun of the short-lived "column" mechanic, including bringing up Alien Infiltrator three times. The third time, in "Archetype Archive - Aliens", he even had a jokey ramble about how nobody knew or cared about the column mechanic. One day later, Konami announced the mechanics of Link Summons, which were based heavily on the column mechanic.
    • Similar to B.E.S., Vampires received new support in the form of Vampire Sucker, a Link-2 monster. This was revealed on the same day as the B.E.S. support, which notably terrified Rata.
    • You'll have to pause it; but a lot of (if not all of) the monsters on the "Blackwing Shitty Support Wheel" made in one of his first few videos are all the blackwing support Crow Hogan has to start off with in Duel Links.
    • The tradition continued with Red-Eyes receiving a new Link monster not even two days after the upload of the Red-Eyes Archetype Archive, which Rata lampshaded on his Twitter account.
    Rata: Okay. It's been TWO DAYS. It's been TWO. FUCKING. DAYS.
  • Ho Yay: Rata x The One and Ojama Lime x Dark Jeroid (BlanketHeart and Chaos shipping respectively.)
  • I Am Not Shazam: The one-eyed monster barging in on Rata's videos from Shapesnatch's card artwork is The One Whose Shape Was Snatched, not Shapesnatch. Shapesnatch itself is the bow tie.
  • Memetic Mutation: Since the powerful Synchro monster Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier is consistently summoned by the Genex deck throughout War of the Worthless, and the Ice Barrier archetype is notorious for being unable to summon their Synchro monsters consistently, people have joked that Trishula actually belongs to the Genex archetype.
  • Mind Game Ship: Anyone x The One.
  • Moment of Awesome:
    • Most of the duels involving the Meklord player in "War of the Worthless" are considered to be this. Most notable is him winning a duel against the Flamvell player with just 100 LP (to which Rata edits in the last panel of the "Mission Status: SICK" comic), and the very final duel between him and the Genex player, which ends with him using a Limiter Removal on Meklord Emperor Wisel to deal 10000 damage in one attack. Oh, and the 100 LP comeback? Facilitated by using Destruct Potion earlier in the duel to gain exactly 100 LP. Intentional or not, it's often considered one of the best plays in the tournament. Also, he punched out a Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon with Silver Gadget, and laughed in the face of Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons by getting rid of it practically immediately.
    • The Genex player's duels are among the favorites in the tournament, mainly for the balls-to-the-wall feat of taking what Rata deemed the worst archetype ever and using it as a legitimate Synchro engine capable of consistently summoning Trishula, leading to a lot of commenters joking that Trishula is their favorite Genex monster. Of particular note is him rounding off the primary bracket by making a comeback against Nordics with two Synchros and a Dark Rebellion on the field by lasting out several turns and then hitting for 5500 damage using Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Malefic Rata in the Malefic Archetype Archive.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Downplayed. While he will give advice on plays and show example decks involving them, his general tone and disdain in his voice makes it rather apparent he dislikes Link monsters and their Character Select Forcing if you want to use the Extra Deck, especially if it seriously gimps whatever remotely viable plays the deck had before they were introduced to the game.
  • Tear Jerker: Rata's alcoholism and general Snark Knightiness.
    • The biggest example of this happens in the finale to the Cloudian video, where a cloud man tears into Rata about his own insecurity over his newfound fame, while Rata sits there and takes the savage berating like a Stepford Smiler.
    • Also how depressing Ojama Lime's life is. First off he was abused in his home country and was sent to Malefic World after his banishment in which he was then arrested and pulled through the wringer. Thankfully now he's friends with Dark Jeroid.
  • The Woobie: Lime. Just Lime. Just watch the second half of Legacy of the Something or any video showing how sad his life is.

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