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  • Adored by the Network: Spanish TV channels used to be awfully smitten with this film, to the point that it almost became a meme in Spain.
  • Box Office Bomb: Made $7 million from its $17 million budget.
  • Creator Killer: To date, Howard McCain has only made a single short film, and otherwise seems to have left the film industry along with co-writer Dick Blackman.
  • Doing It for the Art: This film was a long-time passion project of writer-director McCain, who'd been trying to get it made since the mid-1990s.


  • Diana Gabaldon and George R. R. Martin are quite well aquainted (both living in New Mexico) and funnily enough, their respective series also have quite a few things in common. If you squint you can even see a parallel between the female characters named Brienne/Brianna - both are taller-than-average women who have to deal with the prejudices of men. On a meta level, both authors have famously spoken out against fanfiction on their works. Both authors have also had their books turned into TV shows named after the first volume of the series.


TV Series

  • Actor Allusion: In Wentworth Prison, Black Jack Randall offers Jamie the chance to die honorably if he agrees to have sex with him. Among the various methods, Randall mentions falling on his own sword like Brutus. Tobias Menzies famously portrayed Brutus in HBO's Rome.
  • Acting for Two: Graham McTavish plays Dougal MacKenzie and William Buccleigh MacKenzie.
  • Award Category Fraud: For the 2015 Saturn Awards, Sam Heughan was nominated for Best Supporting Actor, despite playing a lead character. Notably Tobias Menzies was nominated in the Best Actor category so Heughan's classification may have been to be avoid the two competing. This was all but confirmed after Menzies left and Heughan started being nominated in the Saturn Awards' Best Actor category.
  • Casting Gag: Frazer Hines portrayed Wentworth Prison's governor, and also previously played Doctor Who character Jamie McCrimmon, who was the main inspiration for Jamie Frasernote .
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  • The Cast Showoff: Richard Rankin as Roger sings and plays guitar frequently in Season 5, sometimes to serenade Brianna or to entertain Jemmy.
  • Fake American: Sophie Skelton (British) plays Brianna Fraser (American).
  • Fake Brit:
    • Caitriona Balfe (Irish) plays Claire Fraser (British).
    • David Berry (Australian) plays Lord John Gray (British).
  • Fake Nationality:
    • Due to SAG restrictions, all the Cherokee and Mohawk characters are played by First Nations actors from Canada.
    • Laura Donnelly (Northern Irish) plays Jenny Murray (Scottish)
    • Nell Hudson (British) plays Laoghaire MacKenzie (Scottish).
    • Maria Doyle Kennedy (Irish) plays Jocasta Cameron (Scottish).
    • Ed Speleers (British) plays Stephen Bonnet (Irish).
    • Lottie Verbeek (Danish) plays Geilis Duncan (Scottish).
  • Playing Their Own Twin: Paul Gorman plays identical twins Josiah and Keziah Beardsley.
  • Separated-at-Birth Casting: Lauren Lyle as Marsali looks a lot like Nell Hudson as her mother Laoghaire.

General Trivia

  • The show is infamous in certain quarters for not being shown in Scotland - ironically. The reason? UK Prime Minister at the time, David Cameron, begged Sony to embargo it as it premiered during the 2014 Scottish Independence campaign and he was afraid it would enflame Scots into a patriotic Yes Vote. Sony agreed and the show has been absent from Scottish screens ever since.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Outlander Wiki.

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