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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Jamie breaks into Fort William and successfully rescues Claire from Black Jack Randall with only an empty gun at his disposal.
  • Jamie rescuing Claire from the witch trial. Everything about it.
  • Basically everything Claire does to find and rescue Jamie from Wentworth Prison. She rides all over the Highlands with Murtagh searching for him for almost a month, and when she hears that he has been caught and taken to prison she doesn't give up— she instead bribes Dougal into lending some of his men to her and Murtagh and organises a prison break.
    • And then there's what Claire did after their escape, when she saw Jamie giving into his PTSD and wasting away because of it. Through a strange ritual she forces Jamie to confront his shame, self-loathing and fear and gives him a chance to fight back like he couldn't do at Wentworth. Because of this Jamie recovers from his life-threatening fever and isn't a broken shell.

Dragonfly in Amber

  • All of the Highlander battles during the Rising (except Culloden). The battle of Prestonpans in particular, since it was won against all odds by the Jacobites, while the more powerful English army lost.
  • Jamie rescuing Claire from the Duke of Sandringham's clutches during the Rising.
  • Though heartbreaking and sad, Jamie's choosing to save his men from dying on Culloden Field is this. He is determined to do what he can for them, and he succeeds. He leads them away from the battle and returns there to die.


  • Claire kills Geillis Duncan-Abernathy with an axe after realising that Geillis plans to go back to the future and use Brianna in her crazy plan to bring about an independent Scotland. It's very horrifying, but awesome at the same time.
  • When the Earl of Ellesmere threatens to throw William out the window, and Jamie calmly shoots Ellesmere on the spot.

Drums in Autumn

  • Brianna straight-out tells everyone at Lallybroch that Laoghaire purposefully tried to get Claire burnt at the stake for witchcraft. It's something Claire herself was never able to do, because she thought Laoghaire was too young and naive to comprehend the consequences of her actions at the time.
    • In the same scene, Brianna silencing Laoghaire by saying "My mother's name is Claire" and dropping Ellen's pearls in the middle of the table was pretty awesome.
  • Bree, while heavily pregnant, in contractions from shock, and, in a prison rigged to burn down-slash-blow up as part of a villainous plan, forced to briefly ally with her rapist, manages not just to escape but to escape carrying out her platonic husband/protector who is soaked in blood from a messy head wound and seemingly already dead. Despite her rapist telling her (reasonably) not to bother.

The Fiery Cross

  • Brianna shooting at Bonnet when the latter attempts to abduct Jemmy.
  • Roger's response to Jocasta suggesting Roger might not love Jem as much because Jem isn't his biological son. “Madam,” he said, speaking very softly into her face. “I do not want your money. My wife does not want it. And my son will not have it. Cram it up your hole, aye?”

A Breath of Snow and Ashes

  • The rescue of Claire.

An Echo in the Bone

  • William showing up at the printshop in the middle of Arch Bug's attack on Rachel.
    • “Is there something about you that attracts men with axes?” William asked crossly. He sighted carefully along his pistol’s barrel, and fired.

Written in My Own Hearts Blood

  • Bree curb-stomps Rob Cameron when he is about to rape her while wearing only a T-shirt and underpants.
    • In order, she hits him in the face with her jeans, knees him in the stomach, grabs his balls, smashes a heavy wooden box over his head, kicks him in the face, knees him in the face, hits him in the ribs with a cricket bat, hits him over the head with the cricket bat. In contrast, Brianna's only injuries are some scratches on her legs and a slight pain in her foot from kicking him in the face.


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