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  • Exiled from Continuity:
    • Characters from Doug are not included in any current Nicktoons merchandise, due to the merchandising rights being with Disney following their purchase of the show and its' studio in 1995.
    • As mentioned on the main page, all three of the DreamWorks shows have been excluded from Nick's post-2016 lists and retrospectives. They were produced at Nick Animation Studio and Viacom owns half the copyright to them, so Nick rightfully called them official Nicktoons while they were airing. Then The Lawyers stepped in: DreamWorks stopped licensing its characters to Nick in 2016, when the company was acquired by NBCUniversal and ended its partnership with Viacom.
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    • KaBlam! characters never appear on merchandise and are hardly ever shown in NickSplat promotions as Nick has lost the rights to most of the show's one-shot segments and music videos, making it difficult for it to air in reruns or get any form of home media release without any major edits- they most likely don't want to promote too much of a show that they can barely air anymore. Funko had the show listed in a poll of possible Nick shows for them to make Funko Pop figures of in March 2018, suggesting that Nick might be interested in releasing merchandise for the show.
    • There was a brief period where The Ren & Stimpy Show was this, due to the actions of John Kricfalusi.
    • Many of the “disputed” Nicktoons are considered disputed due to this trope, as Nickelodeon may or may not officially acknowledge them.
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  • Take That!: The Vanity Plate for Games Animation (now Nickelodeon Animation Studios) has Stimpy dressed as a milkman in response to John Kricfalusi exclaiming that the network will milk the cartoon for all its worth following his termination due to Schedule Slip and general production issues. Doubles towards Self-Deprecation for themselves.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Christmas In Tattertown was made for the network and was meant to be the pilot to a show called Tattertown, but the show was scrapped due to Ralph Bakshi feeling the short had no potential for a continuation. It's mentioned here because had Bakshi gone through with the original plan, it, not Doug, would've been the first Nicktoon. That said, the short was still successful enough to convince the network to keep going.
    • Adventure Time was proposed to be a Nicktoon, but was turned down, and it later made it to Cartoon Network. Something similar happened to The Proud Family, which ended up on Disney Channel. Even VeggieTales was proposed as a Nicktoon before being released on home video because Nickelodeon “wasn’t interested in computer animated shows”. Other scrapped Nicktoon pilots weren’t so lucky... these abandoned shows include Constant Payne, The Modifyers, Skeleton Key, The Crowville Chronicles (by Cosgrove Hall, who made another dropped Nicktoon known only as Trash), and The Weasel Patrol (based on an extremely obscure adult comic book).
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    • Notably, the Big Beast Quintet channel ID was supposed to be made into a full Nicktoon, but this did not come to be. The pilot episode to Stewey the Dog Boy was placed into KaBlam! (it and the other anthology shows are a goldmine of Nicktoon candidate also-rans) AFTER the series was rejected.
    • Ed, Edd n Eddy was initially pitched to Nickelodeon, but creator Danny Antonucci decided to shop it to Cartoon Network instead after Nickelodeon demanded full creative control.
    • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy was initially pitched to Nickelodeon, but it was turned down since it featured the Grim Reaper as a main character.
    • The Mighty Ones was pitched to Nickelodeon back in 2013. It was instead picked up by DreamWorks in 2016 and came out on Hulu and Peacock in 2020.

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