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  • Approval of God:
    • SE1985 designed the Big Telly sprite for Rockman 8 FC and MiniMacro redesigned this enemy for the Megamix Engine by taking inspiration on SE1985's sprite. When the enemy was ported from that engine, Zedicon did some polishing to the sprite. When showing the Mega Man Maker's sprite, he said that it looked good.
    • WreckingPrograms himself has shown approval for some mods, like the one that replaced the game's tiles with those from MM9 and MM10.
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  • Banned in Malaysia: Though not the entire game was banned there, only it's forums were banned access in Malaysia since March 18, 2019 due to the fact that infamous forum troll Fanduber is from Malaysia. However, it didn't work (or backfired, almostly literally), as the ban can be bypassed by the uses of VPN.
  • Creative Differences: MrKyurem left the team before 1.1.0 due to creative differences with WreckingPrograms about the game.
  • Creator Backlash:
    • Former team member MrKyurem was very critical of the team's response about Blast Man's polarizing reaction, since he considered that the response was dismissive of the audience.
    • Many staff members admitted that premiering the anniversary announcement for 1.7 was a bad idea, since it created too much hype for an announcement that could not live up to it.
    • The server upload announcement has Dr. Light and Wily speak ill of the pre-1.7 server. In the 1.7 stream, WreckingPrograms stated he regretted adding Wily Challenge the way he did in 1.4, since the server didn't have measures to calculate difficulty or quality.
  • Development Hell:
    • 1.5.0 lasted six months on development, due to Wrecking's injury and especially due to the boss overhaul to allow multiple bosses.
    • Despite WreckingPrograms' claims that 1.6.0 wouldn't be as ambitious as 1.5 so it could be released in a reasonable timeframe, 1.6.0's development has lasted even more. It was revealed that WreckingPrograms was also working as a tools programmer in the indie game 30XX.
  • Dummied Out:
    • While they couldn't be placed in-game prior to 1.5, 2 Mega Man 9 enemies, Petit Devil and Caricarry, have been inside the game's files. Those enemies work fine, although you'll have to edit the stage file to get them. The fact that they were accessible was lampshaded when WreckingPrograms announced that they would be officialized.
    • Gemini Man is unaccessible, but unlike the two Mega Man 9 enemies, he could not work well. In fact, the reason he is not available is that he didn't work properly in uneven terrain.
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    • The "Rockman Maker" Japanese Easter Egg Logo wasn't this at first, as it's present in 1.0. After the name change, however, the Easter Egg no longer shows up from 1.1.0. onward. Its sprite remains in the game files.
    • Since the Checkpoints (Retry Flags), the Teleporters, the Water, the Conveyor Belts, the Boss Doors, and other level objects were reimagined, previous versions are kept to avoid breaking old levels, but are now inaccessible.
  • International Coproduction: The developers of this game are of different nationalities.
  • Meaningful Release Date:
    • 1.0.9 was released on September 9, 2017 to celebrate the meme of Cirno's Day. Due to that, it included Perfect Freeze, a weapon inspired on her skills, and a song that mixes the Wily Stage theme from Mega Man 5 with Cirno's theme.
    • 1.2 was released on December 17, 2017 to celebrate Mega Man's 30 anniversary. Due to the celebration, the update implemented the Block Dropper from Mega Man 11 to celebrate the Mega Man franchise's revival.
  • Milestone Celebration: Every anniversary would feature a video announcing upcoming features to the game.
    • The first anniversary video revealed that version 1.4 would be focused on adding content from Mega Man 7 alongside the already-announced Mega Man 6 assets.
    • The second anniversary video revealed that, in addition to the already announced Mega Man 10 content, version 1.6 would also feature material adapted from Mega Man 11.
    • The third anniversary video revealed that the Switch Block and Switch Ball from Mega Man Powered Up would be added, along with original death spikes and ladders inspired by the concept. What makes this anniversary stand out is that the creators decided to try something different and released the video as a YouTube Premiere. As a result, viewers expecting a megaton announcement felt the reveal was underwhelming, and the game's staff agreed the idea was ill thought-out in hindsight.
    • The fourth anniversary video revealed the inclusion of Mega Man & Bass assets by showcasing Spread Drill and Magic Card as available weapons, along with several types of enemies. Another distinctive feature is the addition of Targets from MM10: destroying such objects in the area will yield an item.
  • No Port For You: WreckingPrograms listed requests for mobile or console versions among the "Deconfirmed features".
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content:
    • The prize on the Level Creation Contest 2017 included the possibility of having the winning levels added to the Example Levels.
    • In the Retro Redux challenge, the winner could select which weapon from the six NES Mega Man games would be added to 1.5 or 1.6. The weapon selected was the Rain Flush.
    • In the Level Creation Contest 2019, the winners had their levels added to the Example Levels.
    • The tiles FakeVirus made for a Game Mod were implemented when he was hired as a spriter.
    • There was an Enemy Contest for 1.7. Neo Heli Metall was added due to being the closest runner-up for the actual winner - Returning Machine Gun Joe, which was already implemented before the contest.
      • Right after revealing Command Selection several months later, Weapon Contest took place. It is very similar to the previous contest due to votable options being restricted to only 8-bit titles. The winner of this contest was the highly-requested Super Arm.
  • Promoted Fanboy: A few of the developers/beta testers were fans of the game before joining the development team, including members like N Mario 84 or BushBacon.
  • Release Date Change: 1.1.0 was moved from October 20 to October 24 due to the developers being demanded by the "Mega Maker" trademark owners to distinguish their game from said trademark. The name was renamed "Mega Man Maker", and the platforms and the domains were changed to reflect that change.
  • Role-Ending Misdemeanor:
    • Beta tester of the Discord server +Zircon/Gamingmage was fired from the team and banned on claims of repeated harassment of developers and moderators, attempts to dox them, inactivity as a beta tester, and constant badmouthing of the Discord server.
    • After multiple cases of abusing of his authority in his server Let Me Level With You, doing emotional manipulation, guilt-tripping and sexually harassing, dolphin was fired from being a Challenge Coordinator and beta tester. He also gave up the ownership of his server. The team published a Google Drive folder with evidence of this behavior when his dismissal was announced.
    • Aze was removed from his role as beta tester, writer and spriter after 1.5 after repeated conflicts with the team.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: The game had to be renamed from Mega Maker to Mega Man Maker because a company owned that trademark and it requested the team to rename the game. The release was delayed due to that.
  • Shrug of God: WreckingPrograms refused to deconfirm any boss partly because that would make the bosses for the update more obvious for the audience and partly because the team could find a way to fix the inconveniences of a previously infeasible boss.
  • Troubled Production: 1.5 had to be delayed in part because WreckingPrograms injured both arms and Luigi1000 had to fend for himself to program the updates.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The game was going to be initially named Mega Man Maker, but the team chose to shorten it to Mega Maker until a company with that name forced the team to rename the game due to trademark reasons.
    • Guts Man was considered as a boss for 1.0, but WreckingPrograms decided not to.
    • Gemini Man was intended to be added in 1.0, but he had to be discarded for the time being due to not being made for uneven terrain.
    • WreckingPrograms intended to add Caricarry and Petit Devil with 1.0, but the enemies were too glitchy at the moment and Wrecking decided to leave them unused until 1.5.
    • The team considered to allow Magma Beams to be frozen, but ultimately decided not to because magma is too hot to be frozen with ice, and even considering the Bose-Einstein condensate, it is beyond Mega Man's capacities.
  • The Wiki Rule: Mega Man Maker has his own wiki opened by WreckingPrograms after people showed interest on it.
  • Word of God: Luigi1000 did a locked forum thread to explain how the multiple bosses feature works and what limitations it has.

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