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Drinking Game / Mega Man Maker

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It's time for a Drinking Game! Note that some of these will probably kill you, however.

    Browsing for Levels 
  • When browsing for levels, take a sip if you see a level with a community rating of over 10.
    • Take a shot if the level itself ranges from mediocre to bad.
    • Take a shot if the level is just a recreation of a level from a different video game.
  • Take a shot if a level has a community rating of -8 or under.
    • Another one if it's ridiculously difficult.
      • Add a sip if the level has the word "Kaizo" in it.
    • If the level presents some neat ideas or gimmicks, take a sip after beating it and upvote it (at your discretion).
  • Take a shot if a level name you see is called an "Automatic Level", or "Auto Level".note 
  • Take a sip if a level is named "(Robot Master)'s (Location)".
  • Take a shot if you see a level named "My first level", "Testing", "(Weapon name) training", or "____ Man".
  • Take a shot if you see a level with the name of a Youtuber who plays the game in the title.
    Playing Levels 
  • Take a sip for each of the following:
  • Take a shot if the level abuses deathspikes or force beams.
    • Another if the creator used the red instadeath variety of lasers.
  • Take a shot the first time you have to go through one of green laser hallways that reduces your health to one, and a sip every time after.
  • Take a shot if you encounter enemy spam (five or more enemies in one screen).
  • Take a shot if you find a level that's actually impossible (or at least seems like it).
  • Take a shot if the level you play has a "developer's path"note .
  • Take a shot if the developer filled the pause screen with weapons.
  • Take a shot if an automatic level has just a conveyor belt or gravity just bringing the player into an energy element to complete the stage.
  • Down a shot if a section forces you to take damage.
    • Down another if it's required to avoid instant death that wouldn't have been possible without otherwise.
  • If you have weapons for the boss, prepare to take a shot.
    • If they have logical weaknesses (E.g. Stone Man's weaknesses are Crash Bomb and/or Plant Barrier), put it down.
    • If they are entirely immune to your weapons, take a swig.
    • And if they have illogical weaknesses, take a shot.
      • If they are weak to their own weapons, take yet another shot.
      • If it's Metalman who is weak to his own weapon, take a sip instead.
  • Take a shot if the boss room features Bottomless Pits. A second one if the boss drops into the pit and gives you an easy victory.

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