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  • Actor Allusion: In "Save My Love," Judge Reardon has a red Swingline stapler on his desk.
    • In an otherwise serious conversation with Winona, Raylan points to a ancient photograph of Wild-West era Marshalls hanging over his desk:
    Raylan: You see these old timers right here? Well I don't think a week goes by I don't look at them and wonder... Should I grow a moustache?
    • Ethan Picker is of Greek ancestry like his actor John Kapelos.
    • William Mapother's character Delroy was raised in a 'commune'...much like his character on LOST.
    • Mickey Jones' charatcer Hot-Rod mentions having been a musician. Jones is a musician who has played with the likes of Bob Dylan.
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    • Producer Allusion: In "Hole in the Wall" Constable Bob gets to Stab The Hostage. Executive producer Graham Yost was the screenwriter for Speed
  • Casting Gag: James LeGros interacting with Timothy Olyphant is a big one, why? James played the character of Raylan Givens years before Tim in a direct-for-TV adaptation of the novel Pronto.
    • Timothy Olyphant's former Deadwood co-stars keep finding their way onto the show as well (Ray McKinnon, Jim Beaver, W. Earl Brown, Gerald McRaney, Sean Bridgers, Pruitt Taylor Vance, Brent Sexton, Stephen Tobolowsky, and Garret Dillahunt at last count).
  • Enforced Method Acting:
    • While filming the pilot episode, Walt Goggins kept the various temporary racist tattoos that the character Boyd had on during the entire time he filmed the episode in order to channel the disdain he received from strangers into his performance. Timothy Olyphant was not made aware of this until filming of the pilot began, when he invited Walt out for dinner and was horrified when he saw that Walt didn't have the tattoos removed after that day's filming wrapped.
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    • While filming the final episodes of season 3, Timothy Olyphant was running a very high fever but decided to not delay production and filmed his scenes while sick. As a result Raylan appears extremely tired and world-weary in those episodes which fits neatly with the personal and professional problems the character is going through at the time.
  • Dedication: The series finale ends with a dedication to the people of Harlan, Kentucky, The men and women of the united marshals service and to Elmore Leonard who died 2 years before the shows final season.
  • Executive Meddling: Walt Goggins was only supposed to be in the pilot and was killed off in the original script for the episode. Thankfully, once the series was picked up by FX, Goggins was signed up for the second half of the season and a new ending made showing that he survived, due to Raylan purposely missing Boyd's heart when he shot him in the chest. Consider how Boyd became the Ensemble Dark Horse insanely quick, this is a good case of the trope.
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  • Fake American: Full-on Kentucky Nazi redneck Dewey Crowe is played by Australian Damon Herriman.
  • Fan Nickname: There are some people that call Winona "Whineona".
  • McLeaned: Kevin Rankin became a regular on Unforgettable, so Devil gets put out to pasture when he attempts to incite mutiny against Boyd.
  • Real-Life Relative: Wood Harris and Steve Harris are, obviously, brothers in real life.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Before he was famous, Chadwick Boseman appeared in one episode as Flex Beeman.
  • Spiritual Successor: To Karen Sisco, complete with Carla Gugino appearing in Justified, and the 7-episode Elmore Leonard-based series Maximum Bob, right down to the eccentric judge and the Crowe family.
  • Throw It In!:
    • In Theo Tonin's first appearance, Arkin suggested that he wear a contact lens on his eye that gave it a glazed, glassy look; the next season, a backstory was written to explain this. This was also the reason for his extremely unexpected Season 5 appearance. Adam Arkin was directing, so it was decided that they might as well throw in an appearance by Theo to wrap up that storyline properly.
    • Raylan's accusation that Boyd wasn't really racist and was simply a con man who was pretending to be racist in order to gain flunkies was not in the original script for the pilot. It was added on the fly by Olyphant after talking to Walt Goggins and seeing how he was struggling with the racist monologue he had to recite during their characters first meeting in the pilot.
    • Dickie Bennett's weird hairstyle from Season 3 on is the result of Jeremy Davies turning up to set having cut his own hair.
  • Wag the Director: Walt Goggins was able to score considerable creative control over his character Boyd, when the show's producers asked him if he would sign on for season one after filming the pilot. In particular, the character's transformation into a repentant Born-Again Christian was Walt's idea (along with the notion that Raylan would not believe that Boyd had reformed).
    • Some of the wagging may have been on Timothy Olyphant's part, considering that according to Goggins, he himself initially turned-down the role. He only agreed to take it after Olyphant sweet-talked him into it and came up with some major revisions to the character.
  • What Could Have Been: According to the DVD for the season one finale, the original plan for the finale would have been for Boyd to visit the family of the white supremacist recruit that he murdered in the pilot in order to try and offer some form of restitution for the man's death. Raylan would trail him to Oklahoma in hopes of getting the family to help him trick Boyd into confessing to murder. Unfortunately for both, the family turns on both of them and tries (unsuccessfully) to kill them... with chainsaws.


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