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Beware of spoilers! Only major spoilers and spoilers relating to the current season (6) are whited out!

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    Season 1 
  • One of the big reasons this show was so well received right out of the gate was the fact that the first scene is a Moment of Awesome. Not to mention a perfect Establishing Character Moment for Raylan.
  • The gun fight in "Bulletville"
  • Raylan assists a man who buys Hitler paintings and it is clear he is disgusted by the man. The art collector continues to ask Raylan to see his private collection but Raylan refuses, clearly believing it will be Nazi propoganda, but finally accepts. The collector reveals his private collection is glass jars filled with the ashes of Hitler's paintings. The collector's father was an abused secret Nazi to the collector buys Hitler's crappy paintings and burns then so no one will ever be able to collect them again. Raylan is clearly impressed.

    Season 2 
  • Tim shooting the "apricot" in "The Life Inside." Then again, Tim does seem to run almost entirely on CMOA and a dash of Deadpan Snarker.
    • "Can't carry a tune. I don't know how to shoot a basketball, and my handwriting's barely legible. But I don't miss." Marvelous little Badass Boast.
  • How Raylan handles the thug who kicked Winona in the face at the bank robbery. It was just plain beautiful.
    Raylan: Do you know where I'm from, asshole?
    Thug: No.
    Raylan: Harlan County, where we know the difference between dynamite and road flares. (He delivers a very sweet punch right to the thug's face)
  • To give credit where it's due, Coover Bennett beating the crap out of Raylan twice. Up to this point, the only fight Raylan has ever lost was when he was drunk and outnumbered. Coover takes him on one-on-one (and Raylan, unlike Coover, doesn't have a broken hand) and demolishes him. He might be Dumb Muscle. He might be an absolute jackass. But damn the boy could fight.
  • Mags' outgambitting of the mining company, securing millions of dollars for his grandchildren in the process.
  • Raylan punching his old man in the face in "Reckoning" for his facilitation of Aunt Helen's death. It was well overdue.
  • Boyd's beautiful out-gambitting of Mags, orchestrating the deaths of many of her goons.
  • Tim shooting Doyle in the head]] in the Season 2 finale right before Doyle could kill Raylan, followed by Art's voice on the bullhorn. Big Damn Heroes indeed.

    Season 3 
  • Ava hitting Devil in the face with the frying pan when he tells her that he is not going to destroy the worthless marijuana crop. That will teach him not to disrespect her. You can also see from Arlo's expression that he is quickly reevaluating the pecking order in Boyd's organization.
  • Art going "Old book" on the scumbag who killed his friend in "Cut Ties"
    • From the same episode, Boyd approaching a clique of black inmates in prison, and asking to use the weight bench. And fearlessly displaying his swastika tattoo, and asking for a spot. They actually give it to him too.
  • The way Raylan beats "Icepick" Fletcher at his own game. It has to be seen to be truly appreciated.
  • Limehouse's introductory speech to a young henchman who fell asleep while on guard duty, quickly established why he is so feared and respected in Harlam County.
  • Quarles's double killing of Arnett and his assistant not only gets rid of two under-performing individuals, but also scares Wynn Duffy. That moment has already cemented Quarles as one cold hearted man.
  • Raylan finally living up to his word and engaging in that "special conversation" with Wynn Duffy. And then there's the following bit, which was referenced by an FBI agent to be "badass":
    Raylan: (tosses a bullet onto Wynn's chest) The next one's coming faster.
  • Raylan, doped up on as Art says "Enough tranq to stop a rhino" shooting through the dead guy on top of him, to take out the woman about to kill him during "Thick As Mud."
  • Boyd's speech during the town hall meeting completely changes the nature of the election. Sheriff Napier is made to look like a mining company goon and Shelby and Boyd are made to look like folk heroes fighting for the little guy. It's nonsensical, populist rhetoric but Boyd really knows how to inspire a Harlan resident and once he is on a roll, nothing can stop him.
  • Ava killing Delroy. After seeing him brutalize Ellen May and manipulating the women in his brothel into doing his dangerous dirty work, it was satisfying to see his karma catch up with him.
  • Shelby facing down two deputies who were trying to plant drugs in his car. He makes them back down by telling them that he has cancer and thus does not care if he lives or dies. He then suggest that he might keep them as deputies if he gets elected sheriff. He is lying through his teeth.
  • Boyd steals the election from Napier and Quarles through an ingenious abuse of an anti-nepotism law. Quarles is furious but even he admits that the way Boyd blindsided him was impressive.
  • Rachel very calmly kicking an ignorant thug in the nuts when he won't let her talk to some drug dealers about Dickie Bennett. The moment becomes even more awesome when Tim sneaks up behind them as they try to ward her off.
  • Boyd beating the ever loving hell out of Dickie Bennett, during the start of "Coalition."
  • Raylan's amazing "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Dickie Bennett shortly before shooting the little weaselly coward and hauling his ass back to jail.
  • Quarles killing a pair of drug dealers with a samurai sword.
  • Limehouse liberating Quarles of his arm with his big ass meat cleaver.
  • Raylan's version of Russian Roulette with Wynn Duffy.
    • Also counts as a dark Funny Moment, due to Duffy loudly reminding Raylan that he is a cop, there are other cops outside and he can't just go around shooting people on a whim.

    Season 4 
  • In the first episode of season 4, Raylan is involved in a gun standoff with a convict sitting in a vehicle. Raylan fires at the steering wheel, causing the air bag to abruptly inflate in the convict's face.
  • Several moments from "Outlaw".
    • Arlo, jacked up on a double dose of knockout drugs, springing up and whooping the asses of his assailants. Even if it does end with him getting fatally stabbed.
    • Colt delivering a wicked body slam to an asshole drug dealer.
    • Raylan plugging the fake cop full of holes.
    • "I am the outlaw".
  • Constable Bob getting the ever loving hell knocked out of him during "Decoy". Through all of it, he refuses to tell the douchy guy(Named YOLO) where Drew Thompson is. He winds up killing YOLO to boot.
  • The ambush Colt sets for the Marshals in "decoy" shows that when he is not high on heroin, he is scarily competent. The only thing more awesome is Tim spotting the ambush and figuring out how to extract themselves out of it without any loss of life.
  • A standard Damsel in Distress situation turns itself around right quickly when Raylan AND Winona manage to kill three Detroit mobsmen together.
  • Raylan turning a blind eye while Sammy Tonin and his crew gun down Nicky Augustine.

    Season 5 
  • Raylan threatening Hot Rod into submission by telling him a story how his house was shot up by goons after Arlo botched a cocaine deal when he was little, which made him prepared for the job even before he was trained into a gunslinger at Glynco, which in turn makes him entirely willing to kill four of his men and take his chances with the other two left. We get a Gilligan Cut to Raylan driving away scott free.
  • The prison guard who tried raping Ava getting a beating from his superior officer.
  • Boyd killing Lee Paxton and making it look like a suicide during "Shot All To Hell.
    • Followed by Nick Mooney getting gunned down by a terminally ill miner.
  • Art intercepting Elias Marcos outside the diner followed by Art threatening to shoot Marcos when he follows Art into the diner and tries to take Picker away. Then next time Art and Elias meet, Elias takes on Raylan and Art using an an automatic shotgun.
  • Johny proving to be Properly Paranoid when he anticipates that Hot-Rod will betray him to Boyd so ahead of time he bought off Hot-Rod's goons with all the money he had. When Hot-Rod realizes what happened, the expression on his face is priceless.
  • Boyd teaming up with the Crowe clan to beat the shit out of Gunner Swift.
  • Hot-Rod going out like a badass, by shanking his killer in the throat with a pencil.
    • Dewey ditching Danny. Running him over and leaving him stranded with a run over DEA agent.
  • Judith kicking Ava's ass. Yes, the plot requires that Ava win out in the end, but seeing The Scrappy take a beating that severe from somebody that much older than her, is truly satisfying.
  • Boyd blowing Picker to bloody chunks with an improvised explosive device.
  • Dewey whooping some ass(Yes, Dewey) to get his gator teeth necklace back in "Starvation".
    • Raylan finally reaching the end of his patience with Wendy and Daryl's bullshit about Art's shooting. He goes for the jugular by getting Judge Reardon to charge Kendall as an adult. Which means 40 years to life for something Daryl did.
  • A twisted one, but Alberto Ruiz, the unassuming cartel hitman gets points for managing to actually put the fear of God in Boyd Crowder. When Alberto lays out his knives and starts describing how he's going to skin Boyd, we clearly see that Boyd is scared, making Alberto the first person since Bo to frighten him.
    • Subsequently we have Rachel and Tim taking on and beating Alberto and his three henchmen in a gun battle, with the last henchman being shot by Boyd who is handcuffed and holding the gun behind his back.

    Season 6 
  • Raylan's method of handling the Jerkass Federale who refuses to talk about Boyd's murder of Johnny and the others: after the polite approach doesn't work, he rams the guy with his car, shoves him in the trunk, and transports him to America where Raylan's the one who can put the squeeze on.
  • Ava managing to talk her way out of Boyd catching her red-handed coming back from delivering evidence of his recent bank robbery to Raylan. Followed by figuring out Ty Walker's plan, which gets Boyd to bring her in as a full partner in the scheme so she can give the cops some real information.
  • Avery Markham introducing himself to Boyd and Ava. Boyd's subtle Oh, Crap! reaction to just hearing his name tells you everything you need to know about what a big deal this guy is.
  • Loretta gets her final revenge on the Bennetts by manipulating Dickie's none too bright hatred of Raylan to get him to sell her the Bennett family land to start her own weed empire.
  • Walker making it as far as he did after getting shot by Raylan and left for dead by Markham. Despite his lack of resources, he almost appears to make his way back to recovery by negotiating with Boyd and Ava. Unfortunately for Walker, they sell him out to Raylan.
    • Let's also note that it took a team-up between Raylan and Markham to bring him down.
  • Loretta hijacking Markham's big speech at his engagement party to offer to buy everyone's land herself, and not make them move out, with Boyd's help. Both Markham and Raylan are left slack-jawed at her audacity.
  • Loretta's great-aunt Lillian refusing to be intimidated or manipulated by Markham in "Trust". The old battleaxe is dripping with anger and disgust when she calls Markham out.
  • Boyd busting into the Bennett farm and managing to kill Crosley and Markham.
  • The showdown between Raylan and Boon. Both of them go down, but as Boon lies dying, he tries to get a final shot off to finish Raylan. But Loretta steps on his hand to prevent him, giving him just the coldest look as he expires.
  • The culmination of Wynn Duffy's time in Kentucky: driving out in a dog grooming van covered in dirty jokes, alive, unharmed, not connected to any crimes, and millions of dollars richer. All his partners, competitors, and bosses are dead or imprisoned, and he's surfing in Fiji.

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