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Trivia / Jimi Hendrix

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  • Archive Panic: He only released a handful of (very influential) studio albums in his lifetime, and one all-original LP recorded live (Band of Gypsys), but the amount of released demos, live recordings, alternate takes, rehearsals, runthroughs and incomplete studio outtakes seems staggering. New Hendrix releases still arrive on store shelves more than 40 years after his death, a staggering amount given his short lifespan. And there's more that as of 2018 await release, like the Black Gold demos.
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  • Big Name Fan: Where to start? It was Chas Chandler of The Animals who became his manager in the first place and got him to England, but after that it was Paul McCartney of The Beatles who urged the organisers of the Monterey Pop Festival to put him on the bill, by which time more or less every rock guitarist in Britain from Eric Clapton on down viewed him as The Ace. Miles Davis admired him; Bob Dylan says that his cover of "All Along the Watchtower" is better than the original; Gil Evans arranged his music for jazz orchestra, Sting covered him, Frank Zappa owned one of Hendrix' guitars and had him appear on the cover of We're Only in It for the Money.
  • Creator Backlash: Fans requested that the Experience play "Hey Joe" so much that he was utterly sick of the song.
  • One-Hit Wonder: "All Along the Watchtower" was his sole Billboard Top 40 hit, peaking at No. 20.
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  • Sequel First: In the video game world, the Rock Band platform to be specific, Axis: Bold as Love was released before Are You Experienced (though the latter's track list is a little different from the original LP).
  • Short-Lived Big Impact: One of the most influential guitarists of all time; the "burn the strings" guitar solo was invented by him, and just about every hard rocker since has imitated it. He was also dead by age 27.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • It's well-known that he was planning a collaboration with none other than Miles Davis before his death. It recently emerged that Hendrix had also contacted Apple Corps, to ask Paul McCartney (of the then-rapidly-disintegrating Beatles) to play bass on the album.
    • When the Experience was looking for a drummer, they narrowed the choice down to Mitchell and session great Aynsley Dunbar. When they couldn't decide on who to pick, they tossed a coin... and Mitchell won. One can only imagine how the Experience would have sounded with Dunbar.


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