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  • In some live performances of "Purple Haze" he would sing the Mondegreen version "Scuse me while I kiss that guy!" And then he did.
  • His British label accidentally mistitled the first pressing of Electric Ladyland as Electric Landlady. He successfully sued them over it.
  • "Red House", which is both a blues and a parody of the blues. He gets up one morning to visit his baby only to find that she's left home and changed the locks. After having a wangst-y guitar solo about it, he decides to make out with her sister instead.
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  • Jimi's antics at the conclusion of The Experience's performance at Monterey, which involved him rolling about on the stage, humping his guitar against an amplifier and, of course, setting said guitar on fire.
  • From the May 13, 1967 issue of NME, Jimi's advice to those who try to imitate some of his stage gimmicks:
    "Everywhere I go, they tell me about one group who got up like us and the fella tried to play guitar with his teeth and his teeth fell out all over the stage. That's what you get for not brushing your teeth I tell 'em! You can't be too careful."
  • The "EXP" skit from Axis: Bold as Love.
  • Paul McCartney on hearing Hendrix play the title track of Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band: "You haven't heard your song until you've heard Jimi play it back a hundred times faster and louder."
  • Just like their fellow Clubber, Hendrix had a "drunk Jim Morrison" story of his own-only this time, there's audio. Feast your ears. (NSFW)


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