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Trivia / Final Fantasy I

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  • Breakthrough Hit: As mentioned on the main page, this game helped launch Square from being a small company who couldn't make a hit to being the JRPG juggernaut it eventually would be.
  • Christmas Rushed: It was released a week before Christmas 1987, and there are quite a few bugs at release, several of which were game-breaking, good and bad.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • This game named the trope Peninsula of Power Leveling due to the eponymous Peninsula of Power north of Pravoka, which featured late-game enemies that could be easily dispatched with Level 2 magic.
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    • The "Giants' Cave"/"Hall of Giants" is the small loop on the first floor in the Cavern of Earth where every step you take causes an encounter with one to four Giant-type enemies.
  • Late Export for You: Like the other Final Fantasy games before 7, 1 wasn't released in Europe until 2003 when it was released for the PlayStation via the Origins remake. The original NES version wasn't released there until 2008 for the Wii Virtual Console.
  • Port Overdosed: First, there were just the NES and MSX 2 versions. Then came the Wonderswan Color remake, and suddenly, Square couldn't stop re-releasing this game. The Origins re-remake was based on the WSC version, and so were the three Japanese cell phone releases, based on the WSC version, as well as the Dawn of Souls edition on the Game Boy Advance, and the American cell phone release in 2010. Then Square Enix redrew all the sprites and backgrounds in the game and released it once again for the PSP, and this version found its way to the PS3, and iOS, and Android. Oh, and it's on the Virtual Console, too—the NES version, that is. Did you keep track of all that?
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  • What Could Have Been: There's an old flier for the game that seems to depict a battle not in the game, with a "dragon" (named in katakana) the size of the full enemy area facing off against four warriors of light, all wielding weapons at once, and with a Black Wizard in red. The dragon graphic is one not used in the final product, too (its sprite is bigger than Chaos and it looks more like enemy sprites from II or III than the ones found in I). There's also what appears to be a castle at Crescent Lake, and Crescent Lake's design is itself somewhat different (with a small "sub-lake" within the crescent).
  • The Wiki Rule: The Final Fantasy Wiki.
  • Word of Dante: A lot of people attribute the personalities (and in the case of the White Mage, gender) of the 8-Bit Theater cast to the characters in the game. Of course, nobody has a personality in the game, so you can add pretty much whatever you want and it still works.


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