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Final Fantasy I

The world lies shrouded in darkness.
The winds die. The seas rage. The earth decays.
But the people believe in a prophecy,
patiently awaiting its fulfillment.
"When darkness veils the world,
four Warriors of Light shall come."
After a long journey,
four young travelers did at last appear...
...and in the hand of each was clutched a crystal.

2000 years ago...

In a mythical world far, far away, a knight named Garland summons four evil Fiends and asks to join them as their demon king, Chaos. In return, he sends the Fiends 2000 years into the future to cause death and destruction...


The Fiends arrive and begin to wreak havoc upon the world for nearly 200 years. Entire towns become desolate due to soil degradation, planetary races are nearly wiped out and the Fiends take over a floating castle.

In the present day, a group of sages see a prophecy that four warriors, nicknamed the "Warriors of Light", will reveal themselves and free the world from the tyranny of the Fiends. At the same time in the Kingdom of Cornelia, the King's daughter, Sarah, is captured by Garland and taken to his castle. She is rescued when four rescuers appear out of nowhere, each holding a small crystal that corresponds to the four types of Elemental magics in the world.

As a token of his appreciation, the King has a bridge built for the warriors, who continue onward and eventually meet a pirate named Bikke, who gives them his ship after being defeated.


The warriors eventually arrive at a castle with a king who implores them to find and return the crown he lost in the Cave of Marsh. When they do so, the king reveals that he is really Astos, a Dark Elf, who stole a crystal from the witch Matoya and threw the kingdom of the Elves into anarchy after he poisoned their prince. The warriors defeat Astos and return the crystal to Matoya, who gives them an herb to cure the prince with.

When the prince is cured, he gives the warriors a special key that can unlock any door. The warriors use the key to obtain explosives from Cornelia Castle, which they then to deliver to a dwarf who uses it to create a canal for passage to the west.

The warriors arrive in the city of Melmond and discover that it has been destroyed by the Earth Fiend, Lich. They eventually make their way to the depths of the nearby Cavern of Earth and defeat, which causes the Earth Crystal to begin shining brightly. They continue onward, eventually making their way to Mount Gulg and defeat the second Fiend, Marilith.


Afterwards, the warriors discover an object called the Levistone in an ice cavern, which they use to repower an ancient airship. This allows them unrestricted access to the various continents, and they set out to destroy the last two Fiends. On the way, the party stops to undertake a series of trials offered by a group of dragons in the Citadel of Trials.

The warriors gain access to the underwater Sunken Sea Shrine with the help of a captured fairy, and defeat the third Fiend, Kraken. The warriors head back to Melmond, where a professor named Unne uses an ancient Rosetta Stone to translate the language of the Lufenians for the group. They head to the sole Lufenian settlement and discover that the final Fiend, Tiamat, is trying to destroy it. With the help of a robot programmed by the Lufenians and a special chime and cube, the team infiltrates the Flying Fortress and defeats Tiamat, which restores the last of the four crystals.

The Crescent Lake Sages appear to the warriors and tell them of the prophecy with them and Garland's turn into Chaos, and that they must stop him once and for all to restore the timeline. The warriors use a dark crystal to travel 2000 years into the past to the Temple of Fiends, and vanquish Chaos once and for all.


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