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The 2001 movie

Trivia tropes

Miscellaneous trivia

  • The mall that features in the third act was, in reality, a ghost mall abandoned for several years. The production team added store fronts and set dressing to make it look fully functional.
  • According to Ivan Reitman on the commentary track, contrary to popular belief, the prominent feature of Head&Shoulders was not a case of product placement; P&G wasn't approached for placement, no money was paid for the appearance, and the bottles shown were acquired by the production.

The video game:

  • Dummied Out:
    • There are a few unused tracks in Evolution Worlds, including all of the dungeon tracks from World of Sacred Device, either as leftovers or an indication that those dungeons were meant to be in the game at one point. In the final game, the dungeons in the first half use the Blaze Ruins theme from Far Off Promise.
    • Additionally, there are voice clips for the NPCs of the Pannam Port and the KronPrinz including lines for the various Mooks from the Battleship Raid in the original, along with dialogue for some of the scenes that got cut in Worlds, such as the one where Mag and Linear first mee Eugene. Even more interestingly, all of them are dubbed. Given the fact that the first game didn't even have voice acting outside of the occasional battle grunt/phrase to begin with, the presence of the voice clips, much less the dubbed ones, could be an indication that the first game was meant to be preserved more closely than it ended up being.
  • Market-Based Title: The name of the Gamecube port is Evolutia in Japanese and Evolution Worlds in English.
  • The Other Darrin: Almost the entire cast got replaced in the jump from Far Off Promise to Evolutia/Evolution Worlds. This is a somewhat interesting case, as Worlds getting a dub means that this technically applies twice overnote :
  • Porting Disaster: Evolution Worlds. Considering how unfinished the entire second half of the game is, it makes you wonder why they would consider packing both games on one disc considering the way they mangled the first chapter.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The World of Sacred Device was initially previewed in Sega Saturn Magazine, indicating it was supposed to be on that console before getting moved to the Dreamcast. A remnant of this can be found in the CG cutscenes; The characters' eyes (particularly Mag's) suddenly become more detailed than during gameplay. Screenshots of the Saturn version have the characters' eyes match the cutscenes, implying that they were created during that period of development.
    • Concept art shows that the Airacomet went through several designs, the earliest seeming to be a replacement for Mag's actual hand while a later version looks more like an actual arm than the swiss-army knife design of the final. Another piece of art shows the Airacomet wielding a sword; While it has many different parts, a sword isn't one of them.
    • The JP-only official strategy guide shows a sketch of a lineup of the initial main cast; While Mag, Linear and Pepper went by with no changes, Chain's design was more childish and androgynous. This design is suspiciously similar to Nash, one of the NPCs hanging around Pannam Town, suggesting that the design was repurposed. Meanwhile, the fifth character was an older adventurer with a cannon Cyframe on his shoulder in contrast with Gre who is a Badass Normal in the final. This design, notably, was not repurposed like Chain's was, although the cannon may have been the inspiration for Pepper's Moranna Solnier.
    • Unused voice clips for various NPCs that were cut, cutscenes that were removed and music for the dungeons of the first game (the former two even as far as being dubbed) are present on the Evolution Worlds disc, carrying the implication that the first game's port was not meant to be a Adaptation Distillation like it is in Worlds.

  • The Wiki Rule: A small one can be found here

The Wrestling stable

  • What Could Have Been: Mark Jindrak was at one point slated to be part of Evolution, but for unknown reasons Batista joined instead. The rumours suggest that Triple H had taken a liking to Batista mostly because they would work out together and became gym buddies.

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