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The wrestling stable

Fridge Brilliance

  • The new creed of the stable during their feud with The Shield was "Adapt or perish," which Triple H really had no grounds to claim if he was actually expecting that he could take out three of the hungriest, freshest, hottest (in more ways than one), most talented young stars in WWE by rehashing an old alliance with a stale Randy Orton and a rusty Batista. But then consider what his Plan B was: convincing The Heart of the Shield to betray his brothers and rejoin The Authority. Wait, this makes absolutely no sense either.

    Except if you consider this: throughout his years as the WWF/E's premier active arch-villain, he genuinely cared for his buddies in both DX and Evolution to an extent but was perfectly willing to step on any and all of them if he had to stay on top. Having the eye for talent that he does, and having described Rollins as a guy he sees being key to the company's future, it's most likely that he saw this same darkness in Rollins before anyone else even thought of the possibility. Thus, it only stands to reason he was using Evolution as a sort of final test for the Shield and especially Rollins, who'd been asserting his leadership in the Shield through directing their targets and tactics, and once they'd achieved the heights of their success as a stable by beating one of the most dominant stables in recent memory into implosion, Rollins' ambitious dark side would be in prime position to reveal itself. A secret phone call between shows later, cue the end of the Shield.
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  • Evolution appearing at the 1000th. episode of Smackdown Live! is a big eyebrow-raiser, especially when the stable was practically identified with Monday Night RAW... except that Batista and Randy Orton had their beginnings in the "blue brand", and were brought to the "red brand" thanks to forged documents. Not to mention that Triple H was also part of Smackdown during some time.