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  • Fan Nickname: Otsdarva of Boletaria.
  • Mid-Development Genre Shift: Sony wanted an open-world, medieval fantasy game that appealed to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion fans, but a Troubled Production and a lack of vision led to Hidetaka Miyazaki taking over and making the game we know today.
  • Sleeper Hit: Developed by a relatively small and obscure developer, released at a time when numerous big titles were coming out, absolutely no advertising or fanfare, Nintendo Hard... and still sold well. Enough to qualify for a Greatest Hits hits release and extend the lifetime of the servers. Also a critical hit, scoring The Game of the Year at both IGN and Gamespot. Who saw that coming?
    • Its spiritual sequel/possible actual sequel Dark Souls and that game's own followup Dark Souls II have only bolstered this game's reputation since, as the foundation for the entire Souls pseudoseries.
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  • Stillborn Franchise: Kind of, From Software made the first Dark Souls game due to Sony holding the rights to the Demon's Souls brand and they weren't interested in working again with FromSoftware due to its low sales in Japan. Ironically, the Dark Souls games would prove to be highly successfull and form a huge dedicated following with Sony regretting their choice of not publishing Demons' Souls in North America.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda: No, increasing the luck stat does not affect rare drop rates, it rather increases the odds of any given enemy dropping something period. The confusion occurs because high luck players do see an increase in the amount of common drops...which is statistically exactly what should be occurring.
  • What Could Have Been: There is a number of cut content still in the game data.
    • The Monumental was originally able to be killed, rather than be immortal. It had both a death animation and dialogue for when it was killed.
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    • The now infamous Broken Archstone was to lead to an area called the Northern Limits, a massive maze-like fortress in the midst of a frigid tundra, possibly besieged by a snowstorm. The enemy loadout for the area is unknown, but the list of cut enemies can give an idea: werewolf, werebear, and werehyena warriors; owl mages; serpent man soldiers and archers; a strange creature mimicking a humanoid bust, which would be able to attempt to eat anyone who got close to it; a yeti-like creature with a mouth for a stomach; an aristocratic woman, covered in insects and wielding a serpentine staff, known by her model name as "wandering daemon (unclean)"; an unknown aristocratic man carrying a cane, who may have been a friendly NPC.
    • There is a model for an unknown child, supposedly the son of the Filthy Woman in the Valley of Defilement. The reasoning behind said child being cut is simple: being able to kill children in video games is a huge taboo the world over.
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    • An NPC named "Tell All" was to appear, but what her role was is unknown. Her character model was finally found, depicting her wearing the Rouge's Set with the Assassin's Mask.
    • There is cut dialogue from a woman who may have been Stockpile Thomas' daughter.
    • Mephistopheles originally had a request to kill Stockpile Thomas.
    • The biggest piece of cut content is something known as "True Death" mode, which was found in the text dump. Whether it was an optional hardcore mode or part of the original game is unknown. Essentially, dying in soul form would cause something like a perma-death, but instead of deleting your character and starting the game over entirely, the character would automatically re-spawn with all or certain progress lost. The way it is worded, it is not clear if everything would have been lost, or if obtained gear would remain but simply got de-leveled. Reaching your bloodstain would restore you back to your human form, but dying in soul form would have bound you to a stone monolith of some sort.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Wikia Demon's Souls Wiki, Fextralife Demon's Souls Wiki, and Wikidot Demon's Souls Wiki.

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