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Note: No dates have been established relative to our calendar, outside of "the future", and even then, there's some things that don't have a concrete date and can only be placed based on other info.Spoilers will be off

My Hero Academia

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    Before Midoriya meets All Might 

First Quirks Appear

  • One theory states that Quirks are the result of a virus spread from pest animals such as rats to humans. This is, however, only a theory.
  • A baby is born in Qing Qing City, China who glows brightly, becoming the first known human with what would later be called a Quirk.
  • Prior to the proliferation of "Quirk" as a term, superhuman powers were called "Meta Abilities".
  • The world begins to fall into chaos. Many people with Meta Abilities become criminals, others face hatred and prejudice, particularly those whose appearances differ from the norm. Vigilante heroes begin to rise in order to combat this unrest.

The Rise of All for One and the Formation and History of One for All

  • All for One amasses a cult-like following with his power to remove and give Meta Abilities at will. He claims to be attempting to return society to a state of humanity and balance by giving Meta Abilities who those who want them and taking Meta Abilities from this who do not. In truth, he's assembling a vast organization of people with Undying Loyalty who will act upon his every whim.

First Person to have One for All: Yoichi Shigaraki

  • Yoichi Shigaraki, All For One's allegedly non-powered brother, starts a rebellion against his new world order and is captured. All for One makes many attempts to sway Yoichi to his side, but the younger Shigaraki rebuffs each one of them. Ultimately, when Yoichi goes on a hunger strike, One for All decides to force a Meta Ability upon his brother which even his frail body could make use of—a power stockpiling ability which initially seems useless. One for All's reasons for this—whether to try and persuade his brother, out of pity, or simply to mock him—are unclear at this time.
  • Yoichi Shigaraki discovers that all along he had possessed a Meta Ability which would allow him to pass on his abilities and consciousness to another person, which has bonded to the gifted stockpiling ability. This combined Quirk forms the basis of "One for All".

All Might and his Predecessors

Second Person to have One for All

  • The second bearer of One for All is a so far unnamed rebel leader who rescues the imprisoned Yoichi during an attack on All for One's headquarters.
  • His Quirk "Gearshift" becomes compiled into One for All. At this stage his Quirk is relatively weak. When Midoriya tells the Second User that he's been trying to activate the Quirk, he is warned that after seven generations, it's become powerful enough that it should only be activated as a last resort.
  • Like most of the other vestiges, he dies fighting All for One, and he passes his Quirk on before it can be stolen.
  • As with Yoichi, a copy of his consciousness is also integrated into One for All. This would happen with each subsequent user as well, though it will take decades before Nana Shiumra learns this, and it won't be until Izuku Midorya that actual communication with these "vestiges" can be established.

Third Person to have One for All

  • The third bearer is also unnamed, but known to be a fellow member of the second bearer's rebel group.
  • As with his predecessor, his Quirk "Fa Jin" is added to One for All.
  • As above, the circumstances of his death have yet to be revealed.

Fourth Person to have One for All: Hikage Shinomori

  • His Quirk "Danger Sense" becomes a part of One for All.
  • Recognizing that he has no chance of beating All for One in a straight battle, Shinomori spends the entirety of his time with One for All hiding out while undergoing intensive athletic training. As such he becomes the user who contributes the most raw physical ability to One for All to this point, which allows his successors to perform astonishing athletic feats.
  • Hikage wields One for All for eighteen years, the longest amount of time a user had been able to until Toshinori Yagi.
  • Hikage Shinomori dies at forty due to One for All's unknown side effect: premature aging in bearers with Quirks, passing One for All to Daigoro Banjo.

Fifth Person to have One for All: Daigoro Banjo aka Lariat

  • Banjo's Quirk: "Blackwhip" is added to One for All.
  • At one point, All for One attempted to steal One for All from this user, but failed.
  • Banjo passes One for All to En using his own blood after being trapped under debris following his battle with All for One.

Sixth Person to have One for All: En

  • His Quirk: "Smokescreen" is added to One for All.
  • As with the fifth user, All for One tried and failed to steal One for All from En.
  • En passes One for All to Nana Shimura using his hair, after being fatally wounded in his battle against All for One.

Seventh Person to have One for All: Nana Shimura

  • Nana Shimura's Quirk: "Float" is added to One for All.
  • Shortly after getting One for All, Nana has a strange dream about a former user of the Quirk telling her: "It's not time yet." This would later be revealed to be the first known time a vestige of a prior user attempted to contact the current one.
  • Some time into her career, she meets and is impressed by Toshinori Yagi, a Quirkless teen who wants to become a Symbol of Peace for the world. She begins physically training him to be able to stand One for All's power, impressing on him in particular the necessity of a hero keeping a reassuring smile on their face, no matter how grim the situation.
  • Nana implicitly becomes the first user of One for All to peacefully grant the Quirk to her successor, as opposed to being forced to choose someone nearby while dying, when she gives Toshinori a strand of her hair to eat.
  • Using the remaining embers of One for All within her, Nana teams up with Gran Torino in order to train the newly-empowered All Might.
  • After her husband is killed by villains, Nana Shimura gives her son, Kotaro Shimura, to social services in order to keep him away from the villains she fights. She tells Gran Torino about this, breaking down in tears, and implores Toshinori and Torino to have no contact with the boy.
  • Nana Shimura, fighting with the last traces of One for All's power within her, is killed by All for One, dying in what is described as a "shameful" manner.

Eighth Person to have One for All: Toshinori Yagi aka All Might

  • Middle-schooler Toshinori Yagi encounters Nana Shimura and shares with her his belief that the world in chaos because there is no Symbol of Peace for the people to believe in, expressing his desire to become said symbol in spite of being born Quirkless.
  • Impressed by his zeal and vision, Nana determines that Toshinori would be a worthy successor and lets him in on the secret to One for All, as well as beginning his training.
  • Toshinori becomes the first initially Quirkless user of One for All. Being Quirkless, he avoids the Rapid Aging side-effect of the Quirk which killed the fourth user. (The others being killed before it became evident). In spite of being Quirkless, his body is able to quickly adapt to its vast power. In total, he would come to hold One for All for forty years, assuming Shimura's vestige isn't rounding up or down.
  • Toshinori trains his new powers under Nana (using the embers of One for All within herself) and Gran Torino. The latter's combat training is so fierce that All Might has terrifying memories of it decades later.
  • Shortly after receiving One for All, Toshinori wins first place at the UA Sports Festival.
  • After Nana Shimura's death in combat, All Might trains and studies in America to be away from All for One, after his mentor's death in the hands of their nemesis.
  • All Might befriends and makes a sidekick out of David Shield while in the US after saving him and his fellow scientists from a lab accident.
  • After studying in America, All Might returns to Japan. He uses what he learned in America to stylize himself as an American-themed superhero.
  • For a time, All Might uses a support item to enhance the air blasts he can make with his fingers and arms. Unfortunately, he proves too strong for the items to handle and they break. This phase happens early enough in his career that even Izuku Midoriya, All Might superfan, is surprised when he hears about it.

Timeline of the Meta Liberation Army (Unknown generations)

  • The "Mother of Quirks" dies, protecting her son from an anti-Quirk faction. Her sacrifice is moving. The term "Quirk" she uses to describe her son's abilities is later officially adopted by the government to refer to Meta Abilities.
  • Moved by the death of his mother, Destro/Chikara Yotsubashi creates the Meta Liberation Army.
  • At an unknown point, Destro has a sexual relationship with an unknown female member of the MLA.
  • The Meta Liberation Army is busted. Many high-rank members are arrested including Destro, and the organization seems to have been disbanded. However, it simply goes underground.
  • Destro writes his manifesto from his prison cell. Once completed and published, he kills himself in prison, dying without ever learning that he had had a child who would carry on his legacy and start a line of hidden MLA leaders.
  • The MLA establishes Deika City, a place where ninety percent of the population are well-trained, militant members of the Meta Liberation Army.
  • Rikiya Yotsubashi—descendant of Destro—becomes the CEO of Detnerat, a company for personalized everyday items, and recruits various known politicians and business people into his inner circle, and they restore the Meta Liberation Army.

120+ Years before the start of the series

  • While it's not clear exactly when the first Quirks began appearing, by this point they have become a well-established fact of society. It is not clear how prevalent they are among the population, however.
  • Dr. Kyudai Garaki is born. His Quirk: Life Force, will keep his body relatively youthful and healthy at the expense of his physical mobility, allowing him to survive into the modern age.

70+ Years before the start of the series

  • Dr. Garaki proposes the Quirk Singularity Theory—the notion that since Quirks grow more powerful, more mixed and more ambiguous each generation, eventually they will reach a point where their might becomes uncontrollable. He is laughed out of the scientific community and becomes an outcast.
  • All for One, however, takes the embittered scientist into his organization and supports his research, earning his undying loyalty. At some point after this AFO uses his influence to make Garaki the director of Jaku Hospital as a cover for his experiments.
  • At some point, Garaki—now going by Daruma Ujiko—learns how to make perfect copies of Quirks, and gifts his Life Force Quirk to One For All, rejuvenating the now-ancient man and receiving a copy of his former Quirk. Because AFO has a number of movement enhancing Quirks, the mobility loss isn't really an issue for him.

Unknown time before the start of the series

  • U.A. is founded.
  • At some unknown point prior to the series, Nezu becomes the first animal to demonstrate a Quirk (High Specs) and undergoes horrifying experiments at human hands. Eventually he somehow leaves captivity, becomes a well-known speaker on Quirk morality, amasses a ridiculous fortune through uncertain means, and becomes the Principal of U.A. Finding a spot to put this on the timeline is difficult because we have no idea how old Nezu is—although he seems to have been All Might and Endeavor's Principal?—and relatively little of his past has been revealed.
  • At some point, All for One and Garaki create Gigantomachia, taking advantage of a follower's powerful physical endurance Quirk to pump a ridiculous number of Quirks into him, particularly those based around strength and even more endurance, to create a titanic, tireless juggernaut of a bodyguard.
  • The creation of Gigantomachia would form the basis of their research into Nomus.
  • Tenya and Tensei Ida's grandparents make their superhero debut, starting a superhero legacy which would go on for generations. It's uncertain which one was Ingenium.
  • Tenya and Tensei Ida's parents make their superhero debut. Once more, it's uncertain which one was Ingenium. One's instincts might say it was Mr. Ida, but he may have taken his wife's surname.

Around fifty-five years before the start of the series

  • By now, being born Quirkless is considered unusual, but not as much as it will be in the contemporary era.
  • Toshinori Yagi (All Might) is probably born around this time, based on most conjecture. (i.e. He appears to have gotten OFA at fifteen, and is mentioned as having had it for forty years—if this is not an approximation).

Forty-two years prior to the series

  • Cathleen Bate (Star and Stripe) born.

Forty-five years before the start of the series

  • Enji Todoroki (Endeavor) born.

Forty years before the start of the series:

  • Toshinori Yagi and Nana Shimura meet. As mentioned above, she begins training him as a successor, and he comes to see her as a mother figure.
  • Toshinori Yagi, having been trained to be able to safely accept One for All's power, officially inherits the Quirk at the age of fifteen, taking on the superhero name "All Might". He enters UA and wins First Place in the Sports Festival afterwards, and continues training under Nana Shimura and Gran Torino until Nana Shimura sacrifices herself by fighting All for One for his sake.

Thirty-something years before the start of the series

  • Although he continues training under Gran Torino, All Might burns for vengeance against All for One, but is convinced by Torino not to waste Shimura's sacrifice getting killed by AFO by taking him on before he's ready.
  • All Might graduates from UA and goes to America to train further and get away from AFO.
  • Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, All Might rescues a group of scientist from their burning lab. One of them, David Shield, offers to become his sidekick, creating a new uniform for him as well.
  • Cathleen Bate and her family are on their way to the Santa Monica pier when they get caught in a villain attack. All Might saves their lives, inspiring young Catherine to one day become the hero Star and Stripe.

An unclear amount of time earlier than thirty-one years before the series.

  • Pre-adolescent Enji Todoroki watches his father attempt to save a woman from "a bastard"—and fail, with the woman and his father killed before his eyes in what (judging from what we see of one of the bodies) seems to have been a horrific manner. The feeling of helplessness this induces within him marks the beginning of his Inferiority Superiority Complex and obsession with strength. Later, when he attends UA High School, he chooses the name "Endeavor", symbolic of his desire to overcome the weakness he perceives in himself.

Thirty-one years before the start of the series.

  • Shota Aizawa (Eraser Head) born
  • Nemuri Kayama (Midnight) born.
  • Hizashi Yamada (Present Mic) born.
  • Sekijiro Kan (Vlad King) born.
  • Oboro Shirakumo (Loud Cloud) born.
  • Jin Bubaigawara (Twice) born.
  • Shino Sosaki (Mandelay) born
  • Yawara Chatora (Tiger) born
  • Ryuko Tsuchikawa (Pixie Bob) born
  • Tomoko Shiretoko (Ragdoll) born

Thirty Years before the start of the Series

  • Tensei Ida (Ingenium) is born.
  • All Might returns to Japan, saving tons of citizens on his first night out, and becomes the inspiration for a generation of superheroes.
  • Ultimately, in the Age of All Might Crime in Japan lowers to below 6%.
  • With the debut of All Might, Enji sees a man who betters him in every way, with none of the personality flaws or weaknesses that torment him. His desire for strength shapes itself into an obsession with surpassing All Might and proving himself worthy to be the Number One Hero.

Twenty-Six Years Before the Series

  • Kai Chisaki (Overhaul) born.

Roughly twenty-five years before the series

  • In his efforts to surpass All Might, Enji decides to create a child who can use both Fire and Ice Quirks while overcoming the inherent overheating issue which plagues his body and those of other fire users as well as the inherent freezing issue which plagues the bodies of many ice users, Enji Todoroki proposes a Quirk marriage to the family of Rei Himura, a civilian with an ice Quirk implied to be unusually powerful. Rei agrees in order to please her overjoyed family.
  • Although initially a marriage of convenience, the couple do develop genuine feelings of affection and respect toward each other, and in spite of the unfortunate implications which often haunt Quirk marriages, all four of their children are conceived consensually, with Toya, a son, being the first. Following his birth, Fuyumi, a daughter, is born a year later.

Twenty-two years before the series

  • Keigo Takami (Hawks) is born

Roughly twenty years before the series

  • Shuichi Iguchi (Spinner) is born. For much of his early life he is discriminated against due to his mutant Quirk giving him a lizard-like appearance and grows into a shut-in until Stain's last stand.
  • Although none of their children have the combined Quirk Enji was seeking, the Todorokis had a happy enough home life, with Toya's fire Quirk being even stronger than his father's. Enji starts training his son, believing that he may one day be able to topple All Might and become the Number One Pro Hero with his fire powers alone, and Toya is an eager student who has inherited his father's burning ambitions.
  • Unfortunately, as Toya's Quirk grows stronger, it becomes evident that he's inherited his mother's icy body disposition, as his own flames begin to damage his body. For his own good, Enji deems Toya a failure and stops his training, refusing to continue no matter how the boy begs.
  • Enji comes to the conclusion that the only to put Toya's ambition to become a hero to rest is to conceive a child who hews to his original ambition of a dual Quirk, and thus conceives another child, Natsuo, with Rei. Natsuo, however, turns out to have an ice Quirk like his mother and sister.
  • Toya begins to realize that his father has truly given up on making him a hero, but rather than end his obsession, he just grows more desperate to prove himself and begins training on his own at Sekoto Peak like his father used to.
  • Enji's own obsession with surpassing All Might has begun to overwhelm him and affect his ties to his family, and he plans to conceive yet another child in spite of Rei warning him that doing so would only make things worse for Toya, who has realized what his father had really been hoping for with all his children and is bweginning to see himself as a failure. Obviously, Enji eventually manages to convince (browbeat?) Rei to conceive one last child (Shoto), although it clearly takes quite some time.
  • The young Kai Chisaki is taken in by the boss of the Shie Hassaikai, coming to accept the boss as a father figure. The boss tries to shape the brash kid into an honorable Yakuza, but Kai grows up wanting to abandon the old ways and gets involved with researching and selling Quirk-related drugs as a way of taking back the power the Yakuza once held.

About seventeen years before the series

  • Melissa Shield is born Quirkless. All Might becomes a surrogate uncle to her.
  • Himoko Toga is born.
  • Jin Bubaigawara's parents die in a villain attack, leaving the middle-schooler with no relatives to adopt him. The boy eventually finds an employer who evidently offers him a place to live as well as a job.

About fifteen years before the series

  • At this stage eighty percent of the human race has a Quirk.
  • Izuku Midoriya and the other students in his school year are born.
  • With the birth of Shoto, Enji's dream of a child with combined fire and ice Quirks has come true. Toya despairs, believing that his purpose for being born is now truly lost to him. Enji, knowing that Toya has been injuring himself with his "secret" training, tells him once and for all to stop his obsession with being a hero and live a normal life. Enraged, Toya lashes out at the infant in his mother's arms while demanding his father look at him, but is stopped by Enji before he can harm Shoto. This incident leads Endeavor to determine that it would be best to isolate Shoto from the others, planning to hire a maid to help Rei take care of the other children. Rei protests that Toya wants to be acknowledged, but Enji says all he can do is show him the world of heroes. Rei accuses Enji of running away from his problems, using his job as an excuse.
  • Over the next five years, Toya seems to be forming a close relationship with his younger siblings, but beneath his cheerful exterior his resentment and misery are growing by the day.
  • Kotaro Shimura, having grown into a deeply troubled man with a hatred of superheroes due to what he perceived as abandonment by his mother Nana Shimura, is a harsh father to his own children, Hana and Tenko, and refuses to allow anyone in his house to so much as talk about superheroes.
  • In a surprising appearance of his Quirk, Tenko Shimamura accidentally kills his family with his uncontrollable power. In his search for help, he finds All For One, who (recognizing him as the grandson of his old nemesis) takes him on as an apprentice and renames him Tomura Shigaraki.
  • Young Keigo Takami (who would one day be known as Hawks), grew up violently abused by his father and largely neglected by his mother and believing that the heroes he saw on TV were fiction. He learns that they are real people when one of those heroes—Endeavor—actually shows up on his family's doorstep and arrests his father. His mother takes Keigo and flees to avoid being arrested for harboring a criminal. After some time on the streets, Keigo uses his feathers to save people from a massive car accident and is recruited by the Hero Public Safety Commission to serve as one of their agents, undergoing harsh training in the art of espionage.
  • Midnight begins a work-study with His Purple Highness at the Purple Revolution Agency.
  • Jin Bubaigawara accidentally hits a man who was jaywalking with his motorbike, injuring him. Since the accident was obviously the man's fault, the police let him off, warning him that if things had gone differently he might have an arrest record. Jin's relief is short-lived as it turns out the man he hit was the staff member of a long-time client of his boss's business, the loss of whose custom leads the boss to angrily fire/evict him.

About fourteen years before the series

  • Present Mic joins a work-study for a battle-themed hero, so his best friends Eraser Head and Loud Cloud accept Midnight's offer to join her at the Purple Revolution Agency.
  • While evacuating children during an attack by the villain Garvey, seventeen-year-old Loud Cloud extends a cloud shield to protect his charges and is unable to defend himself from having loosened rubble fall upon him right in front of Eraser Head's eyes.
  • Furious, Eraser Head manages to defeats Garvey on his own, with the voice of Oboro coming through his radio and cheering him on all the while, but his moment of triumph is ruined when he learns that Oboro had been killed instantly and he'd apparently only been imagining his friend's encouragement.
  • All for One secretly has Oboro's corpse stolen, and Garaki uses his body as the base of a unique Nomu, combinging a number of Quirks to transform Oboro's cloud creation Quirk into a cloud-based Warp Gate Quirk. Oboro's memory is gone (wiped?), and Garaki and AFO program their new Nomu into a loyal assistant and protector for Tomura Shigaraki under the name of Kurogiri.
  • Himiko Toga's Quirk develops, and with it comes the urge to drink the blood of the things she loves. Her disgusted parents manage to force her into repressing her desires for over a decade, a period her memories represent as her wearing a smiling mask over her true face.

Roughly ten years before the series

  • One night, Toya tries to confide to Natsuo about his doubts and despairs, feeling that his father sees his older children as nothing but "failed creations". The sleepy Natsuo brushes him off and tells him to talk to their mother about it in the morning. Toya, having seen his brother as the only one he could confide in, is deeply hurt.
  • Rei is trying to talk Toya out of going to Sekoto Peak to train, when he snaps, yelling furiously that he knows Rei's family sold her to Enji because they were poor and blaming her for his birth. Rei is too shocked to stop him from heading out.
  • After Shoto's Quirk becomes active, Endeavor begins harshly training him, going so far as to attack him viciously when sparring, and begins to overtly emotionally abuse his wife and neglect his other children even more as his obsession with outdoing All Might starts overwhelming him.
  • Toya has a growth spurt and his flames go from orange to blue—much hotter than his father's—and he realizes that his flames grow hotter as he grows more emotional. He excitedly runs home to tell Endeavor about it, but his father only points out his burn scars and angrily confronts Rei about not stopping him from training—actually striking her in the face. Shoto intervenes, telling his father not to bully his mother, but Enji tells him to keep out of it.
  • Rei (understandably not doing too well emotionally) begins to grow more and more mentally unstable until one day she splashes boiling water on the side of Shoto's face which reminds her most of her husband. Although she's immediately horrified and desperately tries to undo what she has done, Endeavor has her committed to a psychiatric ward.
  • Toya demands that Endeavor meet him where he's been training and see his progress, but his father doesn't show up. Toya's frustration grows to the point that he immolates himself—implicitly because Endeavor's incomplete training left him unable to tamp his flame down properly. All anyone finds is a fragment of his jawbone. In fact, Toya barely survives by jumping into a nearby lake, but is burned so severely that he goes into a coma for three years, during which time he's taken in by All for One who has Garaki fix him up.
  • Although she had been recovering, hearing about Toya's apparent death causes Rei to relapse so badly that Shoto is forbidden from seeing her for his safety.
  • Sir Nighteye persuades All Might to take him on as a sidekick.
  • A group of four college friends form The Wild Wild Pussycats.
  • At age 4, Midoriya watches a video of All Might's premiere in Japan, inspiring him to become a hero who saves people. However, his dreams are dashed when his doctor informs him that he's one of the twenty percent of people to be Quirkless.
  • Katsuki Bakugo, a schoolmate of Midoriya's, is also inspired to become a superhero by All Might's amazing triumphs.
  • The parents of Yuga Aoyama, despairing that he was born Quirkless, manage to get into contact with All for One, who gives their child a Quirk: Navel Laser, with the proviso that they will return the favor later. Although the Quirk proves to be not fully compatible with his Quirkless physiology, Aoyama's parents buy a support item in the form of a belt which mitigates the drawbacks to a degree.
  • Jin Bubaigawara, having drifted around for years with no one to trust and nowhere to go, decides to use his Quirk to duplicate himself several times over and lead his doubles in a life of crime. It ends in blood, as he allows himself to become complacent and starts treating his clones like slaves. Naturally, they rebel and tie him up, and then are unable to decide who the original was, slaughtering each other in a massive nine-day melee. This leaves poor Jin traumatized and uncertain of his own identity. Certain that he might be a clone, he resolves never to duplicate himself ever again. Finding a spot on the timeline for this period is difficult as it's unclear how long he drifts before his criminal career, how long his criminal career lasts, and how long he drifts afterwards before meeting Giran.
  • By now, twenty-year-old Tensei Ida has established himself as a successful Pro Hero with several sidekicks to his name. His father proudly notes that he's more accomplished than most aspiring heroes his age. Although Tensei is humble about his success, his young brother Tenya hero worships him.

Roughly seven years before the series

  • At some point before this, Garaki and All for One open an orphanage/nursery for "warped seeds"—children with powerful/dangerous Quirks who can serve as a vessel for AFO, should his plans for Tomura fall through.
  • Toya awakens from his coma in this orphanage and meets several children who are surprised to see him awake. When he speaks to them he's shocked to hear what his voice sounds like and learns that he's been in a coma for three years. An attendant (who might be a Nomu of some sort?) tells him the people within the orphanage are his new family. Toya angrily rejects this, saying he wants to apologize to his real family for the terrible things he said, and finally show his father what he can do with his flames.
  • All for One's voice comes from a nearby computer speaker, telling him that the latter would be impossible, as Toya has been damaged so badly that he will never achieve the heights of power he once had as their attempts at making him healthy had failed. The word "failed" causes Dabi to briefly flash back to his childhood as a "failed creation", as AFO offers to help him find a way to restore his flames to their full glory once more. Dabi, refusing to be trained by anyone but his father, freaks out and burns down the orphanage, escaping. Garaki and AFO decide to let him go, as they expect that he'll be dead within a month without their treatment.
  • Upon returning home, Toya sees the shrine the Todorokis put up in his room, realizing they really had given him up for dead and secretly watches as his father trains Shoto, his "perfect creation". In his eyes, his family has moved on without him, as if he'd never existed, as if his life had never meant anything at all.
  • That day Toya truly dies and Dabi is born. He spends years obsessively watching Endeavor and his career and training himself to regain the power he'd once had, heedless of the damage he was doing to his own body—all for the purpose of destroying everything Endeavor held dear, particularly his perfect child.

About five years before the series

  • All Might and All for One have an epic battle that costs them both a great deal:
    • All Might requires multiple surgeries just to survive, and afterward, needs to limit his superhero activities.
    • Similarly, All for One needs to rebuild himself, surviving due to his Quirks in his collection. He also begins to form a plan against All Might and all he stands for.
  • All Might is recommended to find a successor. After some searching, he is eventually convinced to become a teacher at U.A., both as a place for him to pass on his experience to all the students there, but also as a place to find someone to inherit his powers.
    • All Might and his current sidekick, Sir Nighteye, break off their partnership over irreconcilable different views on how All Might's career should proceed after his surgeries and after Nighteye predicted his horrible death within 6 years.
  • Sir Nighteye forms his own hero agency.
  • David Shield, hearing about All Might's injury but not the details, offers to have a look at him on I-Island, an offer which All Might, who has kept in touch with him and Melissa, apparently puts off for several years.
  • After noticing on his own that All Might has become weaker, David Shield and his assistant Sam develop a Quirk-enhancing device, However, the completed invention is confiscated by his superiors, who fear its power in the wrong hands and prohibit him from further research in this vein.
  • At some point in middle school Himiko Toga gets a crush on a male classmate after seeing him get bloodied in a fight. Years later, when she meets Izuku Midoriya, she's struck by how closely he resembles her former crush.

Roughly two years before the series

  • Eri accidentally erases her father from existence when her Quirk activates. Her mother abandons her to the care of her grandfather—the boss of the Shie Hassaikai. The boss, figuring from what he can see of Eri's power that it may be similar to Kai's Overhaul Quirk, asks him to study the girl and see if her ability can be restrained.
  • With non-invasive experimentation, Kai discovers that Eri's Quirk reverses living things to an earlier form of themselves, and believes that by experimenting on extracted blood and skin cells, he may find a way to create a drug which can temporarily or permanently erase a Quirk.
  • Kai proposes to his boss that they would be able to monopolize the market on Quirk-erasing and -restoring drugs and use the money to control the underworld once more. The boss reacts badly to the prospect of human experimentation—particularly on his own granddaughter—and finally suggests that perhaps Kai's ambitions aren't a good fit for the Yakuza. Frustrated, Kai uses his power to put the boss into a coma so he can take over, promising to restore him once his schemes came to fruition, and begins monstrous experiments on Eri, taking tissue, blood and cells from her until her body was on the verge of death, then using his Quirk to destroy her and restore her to full health once more. Over the next two years, he repeats these actions hundreds if not thousands of times, warning the poor girl that he'll kill anyone she comes to for help.
  • At some point, Kai recruits three outcasts from society to serve as foot soldiers on the front line should his operation be raided.
  • Kota Izumi's parents, operating as a Pro Hero team under the name of Water Hose, are brutally murdered by the powerful criminal Muscular (Goto Imasuji), leaving Kota to be adopted by his cousin Shino Sosaki aka Mandalay of the Wild Wild Pussycats.
  • After around a decade of repressing her craving for blood, Himiko Toga finally snaps and attacks her crush at their middle school graduation, drinking his blood with a straw, than escapes before her appalled classmates' eyes. She proceeds to vanish, leaving a trail of exsanguinated bodies before she joins the League of Villains.

    After they meet 

Izuku Midoriya meets All Might

  • Entrance Exam Arc
    • Hitoshi Shinso, after a lifetime of people ribbing him for how his hypnotic Brainwashing Quirk is a perfect power for a villain, has decided to apply for the Hero course at UA, although he also applies for the General course as a backup.
    • Midoriya is bullied by Katsuki Bakugo, a long-time schoolmate, about his desire to join U.A. even though he's Quirkless. As he's walking home from school, he's attacked by a sludge villain who plans to escape All Might by stealing Midoriya's body. All Might rescues him, but Midoriya tags along when All Might leaves the scene and sees his emaciated true form. All might explains that a fight five years ago basically wrecked his organs and that he can only do hero work for three hours a day. When Midoriya asks if it's possible to be a hero without a Quirk, All Might tells him that it is not, crushing him.
    • The sludge villain manages to escape confinement and grabs Bakugo with the intent of stealing his body. When the Pro Heroes at the scene find themselves unable to act without risking Bakugo's life or their own (due to Bakugo wildly using his explosive Quirk in an effort to get away), Midoriya rushes in and tries to save his bully with his bare hands. This inspires All Might to take his muscle form again in spite of the risk to his health and he defeats the sludge villain once more. Impressed by Midoriya's heroic instincts, All Might tells him that there is indeed a way that a Quirkless person can become a hero.
    • Midoriya spends 10 months of intense training, ending with eating a strand of All Might's hair.
    • February 26: Midoriya eats All Might's hair, gaining One For All. Several hours later he takes the U.A. Entrance Exam, meeting Ochaco Uraraka and Tenya Ida.
    • All for One contacts Yuga Aoyama's family, coercing them into making the boy his spy at UA.
    • Seeing Uraraka trapped under rubble and threatened by a massive robot, Midoriya unleashes One for All for the first time in order to save her, leaping up and destroying the zero-point robot with one massive punch that his his fellow examinees staring in wonder. As he falls to the ground with a shattered arm, Midoriya is saved from further injury by the quick actions of Uraraka, who uses her Quirk to remove his gravity, and then begins to vomit due to her Quirk's after-effects. Recovery Girl sees that Izuku is the only severely injured candidate and uses her power on his arm.
    • Shinso, having no fighting ability outside his Quirk (which doesn't work on robots), scores badly on the Entrance Exam and ends up on the General track, something he feels is unfair due to the nature of the test being stacked against people with Quirks that aren't overtly physical in nature—something Mr. Aizawa would later point out.
    • Midoriya is certain that though he passed the written exam, his score of 0 in the practical portion will sink him, but is thrilled to learn that there was a second grading system, one based on rescues, and that by risking his own life to rescue Uraraka, he's earned 60 Rescue Points, more than making up for his lack of Villain Points. He's been accepted into U.A.

Midoriya enrolls in U.A.

  • Quirk Apprehension Test Arc

  • Midoiya throws the ball and at the last second of contact, channels One for All into his finger, breaking it, but sending it an incredible distance. Since he can't risk using One for All for any other event, this is the only one he comes first in.
    • Aizawa reveals that he had been lying about expelling the student who placed last in order to motivate everyone. A "rational deception", as he puts it.

First Year

Spring Academic Term (April - July)

  • Battle Trial Arc
  • Unforeseen Simulation Joint Arc
    • Midorya tells Ida and Uruhara about how nervous he is to be the Class President, but Ida assures him he'll do well, and that Ida had voted with him due to his courage and decisiveness in a pinch. Urahara notes the formal way Ida speaks and asks if he's from a rich family, and Ida explains that he is indeed from a well established hero dynasty and that his brother is the current Ingenium. He smiles for the first time that his friends see as he explains that his brother is his own inspiration for becoming a hero. Suddenly, UA's infiltration alarms go off and the lunchroom students panic and start rushing for the emergency exit.
    • Seeing through the windows that rather than villains, the campus has been infiltrated by the press, Ida asks Urahara to make him weightless, then uses his Quirk to slam himself into the wall above the exit. He loudly assures his stampeding schoolmates that everything is fine, and they calm down and listen as he explains the situation.
    • Once they've returned to their classroom, Izuku steps down as Class President in favor of Ida, which most of the class eagerly supports, though Momo is a bit annoyed as she originally got more votes than him (And Todoroki is revealed to have been one of those votes).
    • Meanwhile, the staff is examining the breach of security—it seems someone decayed one of the UA Barriers into pieces. The Principal believes that it wasn't a mere reporter who did this and that it was a declaration of war from a powerful villain.
    • The next morning, Mount Lady and Kamui Woods struggle against a villain by the name of Habit Headgear, who is threatening a family, but All Might—on his way to UA—swoops in to rescue them. As he prepares to depower and leave the scene, he hears about someone else in trouble...
    • Aoyama had contacted All for One with news about the training at the USJ, and the League of Villains led by Tomura Shigaraki invade with the intention of killing All Might.
  • However, due to taking his muscle form and performing a number of rescues on the way to school that morning, All Might is almost out of juice and so is recovering in the faculty lounge when the invasion happens.
    • Although briefly disappointed to see that All Might isn't present, Tomura Shigaraki decides to content himself with merely killing the students and teachers present and has Kurogiri warp them into random places around the USJ.
    • Asui, Midoriya and Mineta are teleported to a sinking ship simulation in the Flood Zone and surrounded by aquatic villains. Quickly determining that the villains don't know about their Quirks, Midoriya comes up with a plan to immobilize the villains and get away.
    • Like them, the students in their various new location manage to work together to subdue or at least hold their own against the villains who confront them, although Todoroki nearly freezes Hagakure without realizing she was present.
    • Aoyama is teleported to a safe place by Kurogiri during the invasion. When he reappears later, no one is particularly curious about where he was, even after he broadly hints that he was in a secret place.
    • Forcing himself to remain in his hero form and pushing his power beyond its limits, All Might raises his damage output well past the Nomu's ability to absorb it with a series of three hundred mighty rapid-fire punches and sends it flying out of the USJ.
    • The other teachers of UA arrive, with Snipe shooting Tomura's arms and legs. Kurogiri manages to get himself and his master out before they can be captured.
    • Because of his injuries, Aizawa can't keep his eyes open as long as he used to and has to take longer breaks between uses of his Quirk.
    • All Might reveals to Midoriya that due to his massive overexertion, he's shortened the time he can remain in his super form.
  • Sports Festival Arc
    • Hitoshi Shinso makes a declaration of war to the boastful Bakugo and Class 1-A by extension, declaring that while he wanted to be in the Hero course, he was forced to be in the General course instead and that he and several other General students intend to usurp the positions of those in the Hero course.
    • Ojiro warns Midoriya that his next opponent, Hitoshi Shinso, appears to have a Quirk which allows him to control people based upon whether or not they respond to something he says. Izuku tries to put this knowledge to use against Shinso, but can't help himself from responding angrily when Shinso insults Ojiro and is caught. Shinso forces him to begin walking outside of the ring.
    • However, just as Izuku is about to pass out of bounds, One for All activates on its own as Midoriya sees a dim vision of its previous bearers standing before him. His fingers, almost by themselves, perform a Smash move which shakes him out his brainwashing. He proceeds to wrestle the struggling Shinso out of bounds.
    • Although Shinso is dejected about losing, the reassurances of his impressed classmates and audible comments from heroes in the audience about how useful his Quirk would be in hero work cheer him up and renew his zeal to become a better hero than anyone in the Hero course, something he playfully warns Midoriya about.
    • Urahara puts up a good fight against Bakugo, dodging his attacks and tricking him into creating a lot of debris which she levitates over the arena, but ultimately loses when rather than get buried once she restores the rubble's gravity, he simply destroys the whole mass of it with one blast and she passes out from exhaustion. Though he doesn't say it out loud, Bakugo is impressed at her tenacity.
    • Ingenium (Tensei Ida) is crippled from the waist down by Stain the Hero Killer in Hosu, barely escaping the incident with his life due to Stain wanting Tensei to spread word of him. According to Stain a hero must stand alone, and Tensei has violated the killer's code of conduct due to his large number of sidekicks.
    • Tenya's mother calls him to tell him about his older brother and Tenya leaves the festival to visit him in the hospital. On the edge of life and death and crippled below the waist even if he does survive, Tensei fights through the anesthesia long enough to pass his hero name to Tenya.
    • After Izuku calls him out for not fighting with everything he has and tells him his Quirk belongs to him and not his father, Shoto breaks his promise to himself not to use his fire half and beats Midoriya in combat.
    • Endeavor is proud that Shota has finally overcome his juvenile protests against using his fire powers (though he needs to learn how to control them more effectively) and offers to make him his sidekick after he graduates. Shoto coldly tells him that the only reason he used his fire power was that he completely forgot about his father for a few moments and tells the startled Endeavor that he isn't certain whether forgetting him was a good thing or not and that he'll have to think about it.
    • Shoto takes Second Place, Tokoyami and Ida share Third Place, and the furious Bakugo is forced to accept First Place in spite of feeling cheated out of the fight that would let him feel that he earned it.
    • Recovery Girl tells Midorya and All Might that Izuku's right arm is damaged beyond her capacity to fully heal and that she refuses to heal any more injuries Midoriya suffers due his lack of control over One for All, saying that All Might and he are going to have to find some other way to train besides breaking his body.
    • Shoto visits his mother for the first time in ten years, and they rebuild their relationship.
  • Hero Killer Arc
    • Aoyama chooses to call himself: "The Shining Hero: I Cannot Stop Twinkling." Midnight suggests he cut it down to "Can't Stop Twinkling" and he agrees. The class is somewhat troubled by this strange name.
    • Ashido chooses: "Ridley Hero: Alien Queen" as her sobriquet, which Midnight also rejects.
    • With these odd names, everyone's concern about what might come up next, but they are ressured when Asui elects to call herself: "Rainy Season Hero: Froppy", a name she's had ready since elementary school. The class finds this adorable and begins cheering.
    • "Sturdy Hero: Red Riot" is up next, and Kirishima acknowledges that he has chosen to emulate Chivalrous Hero: Crimson Riot. Midnight warns him that trying to live up to his personal hero might be tough, but Eijiro says he can handle it.
    • Kaminari's still struggling to come up with a name when Jiro suggests Jammingyay, which he takes to be a Hemingway reference but she explains is mean to reference how his powers jam is brain and make him go: "Yaay!". As he snaps at her, Jiro shows the class her hero name: "Hearing Hero: Earphone Jack".
    • Shoji (Tentacle Hero: Tentacole), Sero (Taping Hero: Cellophane), Ojiro (Martial Arts Hero: Tailman), Sato (Sweets Hero: Sugarman—he calls Ojiro a copycat), come up in quick succession and an annoyed Ashido settles for "Pinky".
    • Kaminari picks: "Stun Gun Hero: Chargebolt" and Hagakure decides to go by: "Stealth Hero: Invisible Girl."
    • Yaoyorozu decides to be: "Everything Hero: Creati" and Todoroki simply goes by his own first name, Shoto, to Midnight's surprise. (Note that his name combines the words for "burning" and "freezing").
    • Tokoyama (Jet-Black Hero: Tsukuyomi), Mineta (Fresh-picked Hero: Grape Juice), and Koda (Petting Hero: Anima) choose their names with little fanfare besides Midnight's positive comments.
    • Bakugo decides to call himself: "King Explosion Murder", which Midnight immediately vetoes to his unsurprising annoyance. (And Lord Explosion Murder is no good, either)
    • Ururaka decides to call herself: "Uravity", punning off her surname.
    • Although his brother has passed the Ingenium legacy to him, Tenya can't make himself accept the name yet and like Todoroki writes down his own first name. ("Tenya", by the way, is derived from Idaten, famously fleet-footed divine guardian of Buddhist temples.)
    • Finally (my poor aching fingers), Izuku is up, and he has chosen to own the insult Bakugo always used for him: "Deku", not as the worthless type of Deku, but as the Deku who tries his hardest. Bakugo is irritated, but Uraraka is happy for him.
    • Izuku receives an internship offer from Gran Torino, who tells him that he's both idolizing All Might too much and thinking of One for All the wrong way. Izuku eventually realizes that he should be using One for All to enhance his whole body at once instead of one part at a time as he'd been doing. During their training sessions, Torino also teaches him his superspeed fighting style.
    • Uraraka takes an internship with Gunhead, a hero who's a master of martial arts, in order to improve her short-range combat abilities. Gunhead proves an excellent teacher, and she demonstrates a marked improvement in only a week.
    • Tsuyu takes an internship with Selkie, where she helps him take down a group of smugglers, learning about teamwork and counting on one's friends.
    • Ida, who has been hiding the growing anger and thirst for revenge within his heart from his friends, chooses to accept the offer from Normal Hero: Manual's agency because its location in Hosu will allow him to hunt down Stain.
    • Bakugo chooses to intern with Best Jeanist and spends the week getting unwanted lessons in etiquette, appearance, and bearing. However, although the lessons seem to roll off Bakugo's back, it's shown that Bakugo is listening during a valuable lesson about what a hero name ought to mean to him, and later he's shown having considered joining (the now-missing) Jeanist's agency for another work-study.
    • Kirishima finds himself working alongside Real Steel at Fourth Kind's agency, where they learn the importance of behaving professionally and serving the community.
    • Yaoyorozu ends up mostly helping Uwabami with her modeling, including ending up beside her and Itsuka Kendo in a commercial, where she spends most of her time desperately trying to frame it as a valuable lesson about the life of a Pro Hero.
    • Jiro interns with Death Arms, and helps gather info and evacuate civilians during a hostage situation.
    • Mineta is forced to be Mt. Lady's personal slave for a week—and not in the fun way. Should've gone with Midnight.
    • Shoto chooses to intern with his father, Endeavor, because even though he hates the man, his hero skills are solid.
    • Tokoyami interns with Hawks, becoming the first student he's scouted as an intern. However, he sees very little action as Hawks is able to resolve his cases without help—it seems to Tokoyami that Hawks only took him on so he could learn more about the attacks the League of Villains made on the school from someone who was there.
    • Stain the Hero Killer meets with the nascent League of Villains and he and Tomura Shigaraki are mutually unimpressed with each other. Nevertheless they agree to a joint attack on Hosu, with Shigaraki using Nomus.
    • The heroes of Hosu, including Manual and Ida, mobilize against the Nomu, receiving unexpected aid from Endeavor.
    • Gran Torino decides to take Midoriya out for training in Shibuya, but a Nomu goes straight through their train at Hosu and they get off, with Torino attacking the monster.
    • Midoriya sees Manual running around trying to find where Ida went, and realizes that he's gone to find Stain.
    • Breaking away from Manual, the enraged Tenya Ida discovers Stain in Hosu attacking a local hero by the name of Native and ragefully proclaims his plans to avenge his brother by killing the Hero Killer—finally taking on the name "Ingenium" both to remind Stain of what he had done and to defeat him in his brother's name. However, Ingenium is easily outmatched by Stain's unexpected skill and Quirk.
    • Deku (who's been searching back alleys) sends an emergency signal to the other students and intervenes with Stain's attempt to kill Tenya, impressing Stain with his heroism and getting the chance to try out his new Full Cowling technique.
    • Shoto also shows up and helps fight Stain, having accompanied his father to Hosu and gotten Midoriya's message.
    • After being called out by both Stain and his friends for selfishly acting out of vengeance, Ida is ashamed of his actions and resolves to act with nothing but noble intentions in the future.
    • Together the three students overcome and knock out Stain, then they and the grateful Native meet up with the other local heroes who have been busy fighting Nomus alongside Endeavor and Gran Torino.
    • Deku is snatched away by the flying Nomu (implied to have been based on the body of one of his school bullies), but is saved when Stain comes to, uses his Quirk to freeze said Nomu (who had been injured and left some blood nearby), and finishes it off.
    • Stain turns to face the heroes, but their confrontation is forestalled when Stain's broken rib punctures his lung and he passes out again.
    • In order to keep themselves from getting into trouble for the unlicensed use of their Quirks to violently take down a criminal, Izuku, Tenya, and Shoto agree to let Endeavor take the credit for defeating Stain, but receive the personal gratitude of the Chief of Hosu City Police.
    • Following his capture, Stain's manifesto video goes viral, spreading his message across the country and inspiring several new villains, including Spinner, Toga and—perhaps surprisingly—Dabi.

  • Final Exams Arc
    • Giran scouts Dabi and Himiko Toga for the League of Villains, unknowingly bringing the former back to very people he rejected years ago. Kurogiri convinces a reluctant Tomura to at least give them a chance.
    • After hearing Twice's story, he leads him to the LoV as well.
    • All for One and Garaki are somewhat surprised to see Dabi, as they expected him to be long-dead. Conversing with him, Garaki realizes that the sheer power of his grudge against his family was the only thing that kept him alive.
    • At some point Shuichi Iguchi (Spinner), Kenji Hikiishi (Magne), Mustard (Real Name Unknown), Moonfish (ditto) and Atsuhiro Sako (Mr. Compress) come into contact with the League and join. Goto Imasuji (Muscular) is freed from prison by All for One and also joins.
    • This is believed to be the point where Garaki copies Muscular's Strength-Enhancing Quirk and gives it to AFO.

Summer Break

  • I-Island Arc (MHA: Two Heroes) (Most plausible time)
    • All Might decides to take up David's offer to be examined at I-Island, a an independent Quirk research enclave and brings Midoriya along as his plus-one, as there's an Expo going on and he thinks Izuku will enjoy it.
    • Izuku meets Melissa Shield, who notices his scarred hand, to his embarrassment.
    • Wolfram and his cohorts arrive on the island and notify their contact.
    • Izuku meets David Shield and his assistant Samuel Abraham, and when David notices what All Might is steaming, he asks his daughter and Izuku for some alone time with his old friend, and suggests she show him around the Expo. They happen to run into Jiro, Yaoyorozu, and Uraraka while they're touring, and it turns out that Momo's family is a financial supporter of the place, and she decided to attend the Expo and bring her friends.
    • The while Ida family, as famed heroes, were also invited, but Tenya was the only one with the time to attend.
    • Shoto is there to represent Endeavor.
    • Bakugo was invited because of his Sports Festival win and brought Kirishima along.
    • By some bizarre coincidence, everyone else from Class A is also on the island in various contexts.
    • Scanning All Might, David is shocked to se that his Quirk levels have undergone a massive drop. All Might refrains from explaining that he passed his power on.
    • Wolfram and his cohort receive the equipment they'll be using in their operation, and Wolfram hints that he's got plans for All Might.
    • Melissa invites Izuku to her lab, and revealing that she noticed his Quirk was harming his body, gives him Full Gauntlet, a Support Item she invented which should be able to stand up to three of All Might's punches at 100% while keeping his arm from being further damaged.
    • Izuku and those classmates with invitations get ready to head to the reception party, while Wolfram's group does the same.
    • David explains to his disbelieving daughter that he and Sam planned to fake a theft of the Quirk-enhancer so he could give it to All Might. David is shocked to hear that Melissa and her friends had been risking their lives to save every one, particularly when his daughter shows the cut she'd received from Swordkil.
    • As it turned out, the so-called "actors" he'd hired to "steal" the Quirk-enhancer were actually real criminals all along. Sam had betrayed David and made an arrangement to help them steal it because he felt after all the work he put into the device that he deserved compensation rather than simply to give it away. Rather than giving to to All Might, he planned to sell it. Instead of paying him, Wolfram shoots him in the arm, and Sam is shocked when David leaps in front of him to intercept another bullet.
    • Wolfram mocks David for thinking that after committing a crime like this he'd be able to return to his normal life, noting that the one good deed he's planned wouldn't make up for what he had done. Instead, Wolfram intends to kidnap David and force him to keep producing Quirk-enhancers for profit.
    • Wolfram reveals to All Might that he had been given a strength Quirk prior to the I-Island operation by All for One, whom he had been working for from the start.
    • All Might and Izuku, fighting together for the first and last time, defeat the enhanced Wolfram, destroying the Quirk-enhancing device (and Full Gauntlet) in the process. Seeing Midoriya fight, David realizes that he is a worthy heir to All Might's mantle as the Symbol of Peace, and (judging by the imagery) may even have realized just what happened to All Might's power.
    • The last we see of David Shield, he's being visited in the hospital by his daughter while police guard the door, implying that he's going to face justice for his crimes, however well-intentioned.
  • School Trip Arc
    • Class 1-A and 1-B head to a training camp in the mountains, run by the Wild Wild Pussycats. Although in light of the attack on the USJ, this trip was meant to be a secret, Aoyama secretly contacts All for One and gives him the details.
    • Midoriya meets Kota Izumi and is punched in the crotch.
    • The Vanguard Action Squad, consisting of all LoV members but Kurogiri and Tomura plus a chainsaw Nomu, invade the training camp.
    • Midoriya saves Kota Izumi from Muscular, breaking his own arms in the process.
    • After Shoji is injured by Moonfish, Dark Shadow, already empowered by the darkness of night, goes wild and starts wrecking everything around him while Tokoyami desperately attempts to regain control.
    • Ragdoll (Tomoko Shiretoko) is captured by the League of Villains.
    • By using Izuku's plan to trick Dark Shadow into running into him, the students manage to take down Moonfish.
    • Although the students manage to save Tokoyami from being kidnapped, Bakugo is taken by the League. As he is warped away, Bakugo warns Midoriya not to follow him.
  • Hideout Raid Arc
    • While visiting Midoriya in the hospital with several other students, Kirishima proposes a plan to rescue Bakugo from the League of Villains using the tracker Yaoyorozu, had had Awase stick on their Nomu. Most of the other students object or try to talk him out of it, with Asui saying that if they deliberately went against the rules and engaged in combat they'd be no better than villains and Yuga saying that they should leave rescuing Bakugo to the heroes. After the others leave, Eijiro confides that the plan to rescue Bakugo was going down that night and tells Izuku where and when to show up if he wants to join them.
    • Izuku's doctor tells him that though Recovery Girl had healed his arms enough to move them, the hysterical strength he used to beat Muscular caused the ligaments to deteriorate, and he risks the ability to move his arms if he keeps injuring them. He also hands Izuku a letter from Kota apologizing for punching him in the balls and thanking Izuku for saving him.
    • Izuku and Momo meet up with Eijiro and Shoto, but Tenya shows up as well. After socking Izuku in the face for ignoring his concerns and making the same mistake he made in Hosu. Eijiro assures him that they plan to rescue covertly with no combat involved, Tenya agrees to accompany them to make certain that they won't perform any illegal or dangerous actions, and Momo believes that they'll give up when they see how difficult rescuing Bakugo will be.
    • Ragdoll is rescued, but All for One has stolen her Quirk (Search), and she is clearly traumatized from her experience.
    • All for One is taken to Tartarus Prison, but gloats about how rage at the capture of his mentor will only inspire Tomura Shigaraki to new heights of villainy. He sarcastically expresses his sympathies over Ragdoll's lost Quirk and mockingly suggests they allow him to use his powers to restore it.
    • Toshinori sends a text to Midoriya to meet on the beach, and Midoriya skips dinner to rush off to meet him. They gratefully run to each other—and All Might punches Midoriya in the jaw for his recklessness, then hugs him. Having used the last of the remaining embers of One for All, All Might is no longer able to retain his muscle form for more than a few moments. As such, he re-dedicates himself to teaching Midorya how to be the best hero he can—as well as the other students, as we will see.
    • Midoriya realizes that the light sting on his jaw, more than anything, drives home the realization that the era of All Might has ended.
    • Hawks is ordered by the HPSC to infiltrate the League of Villains.
    • With the defeat of All for One, Yuga and his parents are greatly relieved, believing that they can finally escape the monstrous villain's shadow. Alas, this proves not to be the case.

  • Hero License Exam Arc
    • Aizawa makes it clear that though saving Bakugo made it possible for All Might to defeat All for One, most of the class violated school rules—both the rescuers and those who knew about the rescue plan but stayed silent. Therefore all but the four students who were completely unaware of the plan have lost the trust of their teachers and shall have to work to get it back.
    • That night, Asui tearfully tells her fellow students about how she came to regret comparing their plan to break the rules and save Bakugo to the actions of villains, feeling that she was too harsh and might have jeopardized her friendships with them. They're quick to reassure her otherwise.

Fall Academic Term (late August - December)

  • Internship Arc
    • Overhaul is approached by Twice, who takes him to the League of Villains' hideout. Unimpressed by the League and their filthy hideout, he talks about how someone needs to rule the underworld and that Tomura doesn't seem to have a plan for doing so, as well as pointlessly wasting his resources. Rather than join the League, he would like the League to join him, so that he can teach them the proper way to run an organization while using them to make enough capital for Kai to be the next ruler of the underworld.
    • Incensed, Magne rejects Kai's offer and uses her Quirk to draw him close before hitting him in the head with her magnet. Kai vaporizes her from the legs up. As Kai complains about how the League was responsible for throwing the first punch and the blood on his face, the enraged Mr. Compress rushes him and touches his arm but Chisaki explodes it before he can be compressed. Shigaraki tries to Decay Chisaki, who orders one of his subordinates to take the hit for him. Kai's other subordinates then crash in, and Tomura has to stop Twice and Toga from attacking Chisaki. As he goes, Chisaki tells Tomura that, as each of them has lost a member of their organization, they're even and suggests thinking over his proposal to work together.
    • Uraraka and Asui join Hado at the Ryukyu Agency.
    • Midoriya asks Togata to get him a work-study interview with Sir Nighteye. Nighteye appears initially skeptical, but after Midoriya manages to impress him, he reveals that he'd planned to agree to hire him all along—in order to break his spirit and prove to him that he was unworthy of One for All.
    • Kirishima does his work-study with the Fat Gum agency, alongside Amajiki.
    • Tokoyami does his work-study under Hawks once more and this time is able to use his new techniques to better keep up with the more experienced hero. Impressed, Hawks gives him a flight around the city and suggests he learn how to use his powers to fly for himself. Tokoyami develops the Black Fallen Angel technique as a result.
    • Midoriya quickly works out that as long as he keeps using One for All at peak level, Eri's Quirk will reverse any damage it does to his body, and if Eri's Quirk isn't busy reversing damage to his body, it'll start reversing him, so he doesn't hold back—utterly thrashing Overhaul.
    • After Overhaul is defeated, Eri's power goes out of control, putting Midoriya into horrible agony. Eraser Head quickly neutralizes Eri's power before Midoriya can be killed, and the little girl faints.
    • Sir Nighteye dies, his last words telling Mirio that he will be a great hero and encouraging him to make people smile.
    • Although safely recovered, Eri is badly feverish and has been quarantined for the safety of others.
    • Mirio promises to be a hero even if he never gets his Quirk back.
    • Chisaki's prison wagon is intercepted by the League of Assassins, who manage to get their hands on him, killing several officers in the process. Rather than kill him, they opt to remove his arms, rendering him effectively Quirkless. Mr. Compress takes his left arm to avenge his own lost arm and Tomura decays his right arm before cutting it off. Realizing that now there is no way to take his boss out of the coma he'd put him into, Chisaki screams in despair.
  • Culture Festival Arc
    • Midoriya, having noted that no one during the festival had been selling candy apples, reveals to Eri that he'd made one himself, borrowing some food coloring from Rikido Sato. Eri tries it and loves it.
  • Pro Hero Arc
    • Eri becomes a ward of U.A., with Aizawa primarily in charge of helping her develop her power. While she was with the Shie Hassaikai, it turns out that no one bothered to teach her how to write, and so behind the proverbial scenes, she's also getting caught up educationally to other girls her age, as evidenced by the letter she sends Midoriya.
    • The Wild Wild Pussycats visit Class 1-A's dorm, and Ragdoll appears to have recovered her old cheerful self, albeit still Quirkless and therefore working in the office instead of the field.
    • Fuyumi and Natsuo, while visiting their mother, are surprised to learn that although they haven't met face-to-face as Rei is still too frightened of him, Enji regularly visits Rei in the hospital, leaving her favorite flowers. She believes that he's no longer running away from his family and truly wishes to patch things up.
  • Joint Training Arc
    • After the Joint Training is over, Aizawa has Eri meet up with Monoma in an effort to see if he can copy her power, master it, and teach her her how to use it. However, because he only copies the basic nature of a Quirk and Eri's requires a long time for its power to build up—longer than he can hold a Quirk—it's no good.
    • Although Eri is saddened by how much trouble she feels her power has caused everyone, Izuku quickly reassures her that a power isn't good or evil—it just depends on who's using it, reminding her of how it saved his life when he was fighting Overhaul.
    • Shinso's impressive performance leads the teachers to agree that he may transfer to the Hero course. Nezu offers to take care of the paperwork.
  • Nabu Island Arc (Heroes: Rising)
    • In light of All Might's retirement, the Hero Public Safely Commission debuts a program which will allow students to work as an ersatz Hero Agency in low-crime areas in order to get some Hero experience under their belts.
    • Class 1-A is sent to Nabu Island, a peaceful place where crime hasn't been a problem for over thirty years.

Winter Academic Term (December - March)

  • Meta Liberation Army Arc
    • The memories of Tomura's past flow back into him and he remembers everything—his mistreatment at the hands of his father—the lack of support from his other and the rest of his family—his father finally going over the edge and beating him because of the picture—how desperately he had pleaded his entire life for someone in his family to step in and stand up for him instead of just bending to his father's will—how the hate that had festered in his heart for years finally came to a boil and expressed itself in a Quirk that finally let him strike out after years of torment...but most of all, he remembers the joy he felt as he leapt upon his father and crumbled him to ashes.
    • Coming out his reverie, Tomura destroys his father's hand, calling it unnecessary and thinking about how his family's death was no tragedy and speculates that if even one person besides All for One had helped him in his life, his hatred for the world might never have been given form.
    • Re-Destro tries attacking him with Stress 100%, but Tomura only casually Decays the energy tendrils and mocks him by pointing out out how easy it is to destroy the energy before it reaches him, and calls him a big guy who uses his to stomping out bugs because they annoy him, saying he can relate. Affronted, Re-Destro says his power is not meant for petty purposes, but for the liberation of the people as Destro willed. Re-Destro tries to define the feeling welling up within him—not fear, because fear would raise the level of his Stress Quirk and instead he's feeling...weak.
    • Re-Destro summons Claustro—a set of powered armor designed to enhance the power of his Stress and proclaims that his power has raised to 150%. Tomura is not only unimpressed, he doesn't seem to even care, smiling blithely as he places his hands on the ground. Re-Destro sees Tomura's face and finally puts the feeling that had ebbed away his will to fight into a coherent thought—This man before him is the living embodiment of the true purpose of the Liberation Army, not some dusty old words in a book or ties of blood as he had been raised to believe, but the freedom to do anything you wish with nothing capable of holding you back.
    • "Adopt this mindset," Tomura remembers All for One saying. "People's lives, their progress, their efforts...I hold it all in the palm of my hand. Will you close your hand and destroy it, or roll it around in your palm according to your whims? That melding of hatred and delight is true freedom."
    • Tomura laughs as his Decay spreads out in a massive shockwave, Re-Destro tries to run and get out of its range, but realizes that it's spreading farter and faster than he had thought it could and he's forced to eject from the decaying Claustro keeping hold of a piece of armor and sailing on the shockwave. As he looks back in horror at the bliss on Tomura's face, Re-Destro is hit by a piece of debris and his feet touch the ground.
    • Gigantomachia freezes in shock at Tomura's rapture as he stands in the wasteland of decay he's created.
    • In the wake of the wave, most of the city has been rendered into ash. Re-Destro has cut off his own legs to stop the Decay from spreading further. Tomura walks up to him as mockingly asks what they were fighting over, then "remembers" that it was because the MLA picked a fight with the LoV. All Rikiya can do is smile ruefully.
    • Trumpet gathers the remaining MLA members to attack, but Tomura freezes them with a grin that overcomes even his Quirk, and Re-Destro tells him to back down, surrendering to Tomura and offering to add his army's strength to the League.
    • Gigantomachia sheds a tear at the sight of the liberated Tomura with an army at his feet, recognizing that his sheer destructive power and the joy with which he wields it have now truly made him a worthy successor to All for One.
    • For his part, Tomura remembers Mr. Compress once complaining about how their life on the run kept them from eating a decent meal, and asks the powerful CEO if he can get them lunch.
  • Endeavor Agency Arc
    • Using their connections in the media, the MLA cover up the events of Deika City by claiming it was a terrorist attack meant to undermine the public's faith in heroes, with the dead citizens explained as having stood up to the attackers after the heroes had been led away by a false call.
    • The League of Villains are recovering from their injuries. Toga has barely survived thanks to Twice's quick actions. After his Moment of Lucidity during the Deika City battle, Twice has relapsed and ended up worse than before, randomly lashing out with strange non-sequiturs.
    • Rikiya Yotsubashi calls a meeting of the MLA in which he comes off as a born-again Shigaraki fanatic, eagerly sharing his prior epiphany with his fellow members and proclaiming that as of this day, the MLA and LoV are one organization under Tomura's leadership: The Paranormal Liberation Front! Although Re-Destro's former lieutantants are unhappy with this situation, they follow his will.
    • Class 1-A Celebrates Christmas with a party, and Aizawa brings along a special guest: Eri! The teacher explains that she's taken what Midoriya said to heart and has been overall much more positive and cheerful, to Izuku's joy.
    • Midoriya and Bakugo accept Todoroki's offer to do their work-study at Endeavor's agency.
    • Endeavor is less than pleased to to see Midoriya and Bokugo, saying that he only accepted them because Shoto asked him to.
    • Midoriya notes that Endeavor seems more calm and less intimidating than he used to, and Endeavor recalls Izuku's words at the festival about how Shoto wasn't Enji.
    • Starservant appears and is taken down by Endeavor, with Hawks taking down the deranged mystic's followers before the kids can get them. As he's being arrested Starservant proclaims that Endeavor is to be the root of an overwhelming darkness that will sweep the world.
    • Although Endeavor is annoyed at Hawks showing up on his turf without warning, Hawks brushes it off and, indeed acts strangely chummy with the older hero, constantly talking up Destro's book (which he'd been disdainful of before) and insisting that Enji read it, even offering him his own copy. Hawks inwardly regrets that he can't be more clear, but there are listening devices in his wings.
    • Endeavor, picking up on Hawks's odd behavior, realizes that he's hidden a secret code in the book which the latter hero foisted on him. Deciphering it, he learns that there will be a massive attack from the Paranormal Liberation Front within four months. In light of this knowledge and the fact the the head of the Public Safety Commission personally asked him to help students get the training they needed to handle vilains, Endeavor decides to personally train all three of his new interns instead of leaving Bakugo and Midoriya to his sidekicks.
    • While Endeavor had been reluctant to teach Midoriya and Bakugo, he finds surprising common ground with the former, both being able to understand Izuku's elaborate comments about his power and recognizing that his Quirk his made him suffer in his way much like the Todorokis' Quirks have led to their suffering as well. As Deku is largely unaware of the Todoroki family's travails, of course, Endeavor's comment about this only confuses him.
    • Midoriya says he's certain that Shoto, being a deeply caring person, is looking forward to the the day when can finally forgive his father. Unbeknownst to him, both Natsuo and Enji hear this conversation.
    • Natsuo, recalling Midoriya's earlier words to Shoto, says that he doesn't feel like he's the same kind person his sister and brother are and that he'll never be able to forgive Enji. Enji says that he isn't looking for forgiveness, but to atone in some way for what he has done, and reveals to Natsuo that he plans to have a house built where Rei, Fuyumi, Natsuo and Shoto can live peacefully—without him, as he will stay at the old Todoroki house. He believes that this will be the only way the others can be happy. He later tells Fuyumi about this as well.
    • Bakugo mentions that he's picked a superhero name, but doesn't plan to tell anyone what it is until he gets the chance to tell Best Jeanist first.
    • Asui, Uraraka, and Nejire return to the Ryukyu Agency, where Asui has an unexpected reunion with Selkie and his agency as Ryukyu and Selking work together to stop Trigger smugglers. Ochaco's power in particular (with help from Nejire and Ryukyu) helps her land the smugglers' plane safely on top of the ocean instead of crashing and polluting it.
    • Yoroi Musha takes Aoyama, Ashido and Hagakure on as interns and he proves to have so many offensive and defensive Ultra Moves that they have to adapt new ones to keep up. Aoyama learns to use his Quirk to make a Laser Blade a Hagakure's control over light has improved to the point where she can manipulate lasers, including Aoyama's. Shido perfects a move she calls Acidman: sheathing herself in acid to protect herself from attack—a trick inspired by Kirishima's Hardening.
    • Mineta and Sero learn fighting techniques under the tutelage of the Lurkers.
    • Tokoyami, taught by Hawks's sidekicks in his absence improves all-around.
    • Manual helps Tenya loosen up a little.
    • Kirishima learns more ways to destroy enemy morale with Fat Gum.
    • Shishido the Lion Hero teaches Ojiro and Rikido to read ahead in battle and and strike rapidly.
    • Jiro and Shoji improve their senses and searching ability with Gang Orca.
    • Mystic teaches Momo to move and act with greater efficiency.
    • By the end of their training with Endeavor, Bakugo has learned to always strive to improve, Shoto's speed has improved drastically, and Midoriya is an expert at using Blackwhip.

  • Paranormal Liberation War Arc
    • Eri starts to cry about her horn feeling funny, and Nejire calms her down while Aizawa neutralizes her Quirk. With her powers active again, they begin to train her by having her restore the lost legs of lizards and insects. After two months, she develops enough control to successfully restore Mirio's Permutation at last.
  • Final War Arc


  • Midoriya becomes the #1 hero in the world.