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Ancient History: The Age of Heroes


  • The Gods of Olympus create mankind and the Amazons. (Wonder Woman)
  • Kryptonians explore the universe and create outposts. (Man of Steel)
  • The New Gods of Apokolips invade Earth, and get repelled by an alliance comprising the Gods of Olympus, the Amazons, mankind, Atlanteans and at least one Green Lantern. Three Mother Boxes are left behind and hidden by the Amazons, Atlanteans and men. (Justice League)
  • The seven members of the Council of Wizards recklessly choose a champion and empower him. Said champion released the Seven Deadly Sins into the world, causing millions of deaths and wiping out entire civilizations. The Wizards then seal the Seven Deadly Sins within the Rock of Eternity. (SHAZAM!)
  • The Kryptonian Scout Ship 0344 crashes on Earth and Kara Zor-El disappears. (Man of Steel Prequel)

    5th millennium BC 

4358 B.C.:

  • Enchantress and her brother Incubus materialize on Earth. Due to their incredible powers, they are worshiped as gods by ancient humans of Pre-Columbian South America, but are ultimately betrayed by their subjects and somehow defeated and sealed away into containers, which are placed in the tomb of Tres Osos Caves in the Amazon rainforest. (Suicide Squad)

    3rd millennium BC 

Circa 3000 B.C.:

  • War of the Gods: Ares, out of hatred of humanity, gets into a conflict with the other Gods of Olympus, and kills them all. Before dying, Zeus casts Ares out of Olympus and impregnates Hippolyta with Diana. The Amazons seclude themselves on the Isle of Themyscira and Diana is born. (Wonder Woman)
  • After a time of great prosperity and technological advancement, reckless experiences on the power of the Trident of King Atlan cause Atlantis to sink. Surviving Atlanteans adapt to underwater life and split into several kingdoms. King Atlan disappears with the Trident. (Aquaman)

20th Century



  • Steve Trevor crashes on the Isle of Themyscira and informs the Amazons about the Great War. Diana decides to leave the Isle of Themyscira to go confront Ares where the war rages, and accompanies Steve and his group on a dangerous mission to thwart the plans of German General Ludendorff and his chemist Dr. Maru, aka Dr. Poison, in occupied Belgium.
    • Their victory at the battle of Veld is short-lived as all its inhabitants are gassed to death.
    • Diana kills Ludendorff under the presumption that he's Ares in disguise, but the failure to stop war by killing her shatters her view of the world at first.
      • Steve dies upon destroying Ludendorff's weapon of mass destruction to protect the Allies's peace to come.
      • Meanwhile, Ares reveals himself to Diana and gets destroyed by her. The November 11 armistice puts an end to World War I. (Wonder Woman)

Late 1910s:

  • Some time after the armistice, the late Steve Trevor's group goes on a mission to find a Mother Box. (Wonder Woman, Deleted Scene)



  • Birth of Bruce Wayne on February 19, 1972.


  • In Christmas time, young Thaddeus Sivana is summoned at the Rock of Eternity by the Wizard Shazam. He fails the test to become champion, and his panic upon being sent back in his father's car causes an accident that cripples his father. (SHAZAM!)


  • Birth of Floyd Lawton on December 4, 1978.



  • Birth of Kal-El on Krypton on February 29, 1980 (Earth time). He is the first natural born Kryptonian in centuries. (Man of Steel)
  • Jor-El warns the Kryptonian Law Council about the instability of the core of Krypton. General Dru-Zod of Kandor leads a coup to take over the planet. Jor-El refuses to join Zod's coup, steals the Growth Codex and imbues Kal-El's cells with it before sending him to Earth in a small ship. Jor-El is killed by Zod, Zod's coup is put down and its perpetrators are condemned to be sent in the Phantom Zone. (Man of Steel)
  • The instability of Krypton's core causes the planet to explode, causing the death of billions of Kryptonians and Kal-El's mother Lara. The planet's destruction causes Zod and his followers to break free from the Phantom Zone. Kal-El is found on Earth by a couple of farmers, Jonathan and Martha Kent, who adopt him, name him Clark and raise him. (Man of Steel)



  • Birth of Alexander "Lex" Luthor Jr. after his father Alexander Sr. fled East Germany.
  • Events of Wonder Woman 1984.


  • Queen Atlanna flees Atlantis. She is found by lighthouse keeper Thomas Curry, and the two fall in love. (Aquaman)


  • Birth of Arthur Curry on January 29, 1986. (Aquaman)

Late 1980s:

  • Queen Atlanna is forced to go in exile after an attack by Atlantean soldiers, leaving Thomas Curry to raise Arthur by himself. (Aquaman)



  • Birth of Harleen Francis Quinzel on July 20, 1990.


  • Birth of Bartholomew Henry "Barry" Allen on September 30, 1992
  • Around this time, Vulko, Chancellor of Atlantis, begins training Arthur Curry, true heir to the throne in his Atlantean powers and skills so as to prepare him for his destiny as a warrior king.

  • Birth of Victor Stone on June 29, 1994.

Circa 1995:

  • Bruce Wayne starts fighting crime as Batman.
  • Around this time, The Bertinelli family is mostly killed in a hit to steal the Bertinelli diamond. Only one daughter, Helena, survives thanks to the mercy of a hitman who takes her to an italian mob villa, where she trains to avenge her family.


  • Jonathan Kent is killed by a tornado on April 19, 1997. (Man of Steel)

21st Century: The Age of Superheroes

     Before the battle of Metropolis 
  • Batman begins fighting a long list of rogues.
    • Batman apprehends the famed assassin Deadshot in front of his daughter, locking him up in Belle Reve Penetentiary.
    • Gotham gang lords begin rising to power, including the sinister Black Mask, and the Clown Prince of Crime known only as the Joker.
  • On one of the Joker's temporary lockups at Arkham Asylum, he seduces Harleen Quinzel into letting him out of Arkham, followed by goading her to jump into a vat in Ace Chemicals to "prove herself" to him.
    • Joker originally plans to abandon Harleen to her death, but has a change of heart in seeing her absolute devotion to him, and saves her life, though she gains his trademark bleached skin as a result of the chemicals.
    • Following this, Harleen become Harley Quinn, Joker's Number Two and true girlfriend.
      • But, like all criminals in Gotham, Batman crashes Joker's car on a chase, and locks Harleen up in Belle Reve.
    • Killer Croc, a large man with avarianism and super strength is locked up at Belle Reve.
  • The original Black Canary, who worked with Gotham PD on occasion, meets an untimely death. Feeling betrayed, her daughter Dinah joins up with Black Mask for protection.
  • El Diablo accidentally kills his girlfriend with his fire powers, and turns himself in.
  • Helena Bertinelli begins her crusade to kill every person who killed her family. While known as "The Crossbow Killer", she styles herself as "The Huntress."

     The rise of Superman 
  • Clark, having reached maturity, decides to travel the world, figuring out who he is. During this time he performs several grand feats or rediculous stories. Whether it's saving an oil rig crew or destroying a logger's truck.


  • After a long journey, Clark finally finds a downed kryptonian ship, and meets a hologram of his father Jor-El. Learning of his true origins as a Kryptonian, and given a new suit as part of his new mission to help inspire mankind.
  • General Zod escapes the Phantom Zone, and means to extract the Kryptonian genetic matrix from Kal-El.
  • Clark meanwhile has some trouble with the american military in earning their trust, but ultimately gets enough trust to assist in stopping the Kryptonian world shapers.
  • While scientist Will Hamilton sacrifices his life to destroy one machine, Kal-El destroys the other. Then, Clark has a final showdown with Zod, and after a long and destructive struggle, breaks his neck to protect the earth.
    • In the carnage of this battle, Bruce Wayne develops a crippling paranoia of this alien who wrecked parts of Metropolis.
    • For Clark though, having done this deed is highly traumatic, and he swears to never take another life if possible.
  • After recovering with his mom, Clark decides to move into Metropolis to better work as a reporter. Lois, after her long trip following him, recognizes the man behind the glasses, but keeps her mouth shut so as to allow Clark Kent some peace in his new status quo.

     Mistrust, the showdown, the fall 
  • Following the battle of Metropolis, Superman begins global work helping others. Whether it's saving astronauts in faulty spaceships or just rescuing people from a flood, he becomes a buzz topic for the whole world.
    • However, despite his selfless acts, the world is still divided on his intentions, regarding someone with such power with suspicion or hatred.
      • Among those who take this view are Bruce Wayne (for paranoid, experiential reasons), and Lex Luthor (for personal, spiteful reasons).
  • Lex kidnaps Martha, and using this leverage, tries to get Batman and Superman to kill each other.

     The Suicide Squad is gathered 
  • After the battle with Doomsday, the US government begins thinking about the potential dangers of super peoples. Into this void, Amanda Waller steps up with a proposition: Task Force X (a.k.a. the "Suicide Squad"). In short, it's a task force of supercriminals, who are used as expendable agents for dangerous secret missions.
    • For their first mission, they gather criminals Deadshot, Killer Croc, Digger Harkness/Captain Boomerang, Chato Santana/El Diablo, Slipknot and one Harley Quinn. Captain Rick Flag, the Japanese mercenary Katana and Flag's own task force accompany them.
    • Slipknot is killed when trying to escape.
  • Said first mission consists in stopping the demons Enchantress and Incubus, who have returned to the physical world thanks to the recklessness of Amanda Waller. Enchantress finds a human host in archelogist June Moone.
  • Enchantress and Incubus are defeated and killed by the Suicide Squad, and El Diablo seemingly dies.
  • The remaining Suicide Squad criminals are put back in their prison cells. The Joker breaks Harley Quinn out.

     The second invasion of Apokolips and the new Age of Heroes 
  • A New God from Apokolips, Steppenwolf, teleports on Earth with a small army of Parademons, and starts looking for the three Mother Boxes that were lost in battle there thousands of years prior. Atlanteans and Amazons are unable to stop him.
  • Bruce Wayne/Batman investigates the presence of Parademons in Gotham. He puts his plan to gather a team of metahumans in motion. With the help of Diana/Wonder Woman, he recruits Barry Allen/Flash, and they are soon joined by Arthur Curry/Aquaman and Victor Stone/Cyborg. The Justice League is born.
  • The Justice League manages to resurrect Superman and, despite having to fight him right upon his return to the world of the living, eventually defeats Steppenwolf with Superman's help.
    • Steppenwolf gets teleported back to Apokolips.
  • Bruce Wayne turns the ruins of Wayne Manor into a headquarters for the Justice League.

     The true king of Atlantis reclaims his birthright 
  • Responding to a distress call from a russian submarine, Aquaman helps defend it from seaborn pirates, led by Jesse Kane and his son David. During the fight, Jesse is pinned in a sinking portion of the submarine, and Arthur refuses to give mercy due to their evil ways.
    • Forcing his son to flee, Jesse blows himself up, and David vows revenge.
  • Orm of Atlantis begins his political campaign to become Ocean Master of the 7 seas by uniting a majority of the atlantean tribes. For those purposes, he stages a False Flag Operation to convince King Nerus of Xebel to be first to join the alliance with the help of David Kane.
  • Despite her own reservations about humanity, Princess Mera of Xebel follows the wishes of the former queen Atlanna and so goes to Aquaman, asking for his help to stop Orm's plans. While resistant at first, Arthur then almost loses his father due to Orm unleashing a tidal wave as a first warning the surface. Mera saves Thomas, and in gratitude, Arthur agrees to go fight, but not become a king.
    • Meeting his old mentor Vulko, Arthur is given a path forward to stop Orm: find the legendary trident of Atlan to establish divine and historical right to the throne.
      • Unfortunately, they're then captured, and using some political theater, Orm tries to make his case to attack the surface while trying to discredit Arthur's claim to the throne. Undeterred, Arthur invokes trial by combat to try and stop Orm immediately.
      • Unfortunately, Orm is a much better fighter underwater, and solidifies his claim to the throne. Realizing there's no going back from this, Mera commits treason to the alliance to rescue arthur and properly begin their quest for Atlan's trident for a divine right to Atlantis's throne.
  • Orm sends David Kane after Arthur, with the intent to kill both escapees. To better help, Kane is given Atlantian weapons and armor. To better adjust it to his own abilities, David modifies the gear into a new Powered Armor.
  • Traveling to the Sahara and then to Italy, Arthur and Mera talk through their differences, particularly in regards to the surface. In the process, they get their heading to where to properly find Atlan's trident.
  • Orm's next move is coup on the Fisherman kingdom, where he kills their king and forces the princess into his army.
  • David Kane, along with Orm's troops catch up with Arthur and Mera. In the pitched battle that follows, David declares himself Black Manta, and nearly kills Arthur. Fortunately, the 2 drive them all off, then head to the trench to finish their mission.
    • Arriving, they discover that Queen Atlanna was not dead from her exile, but trapped underwater, unable to get the trident.
  • Arthur dives down to face the guardian Karathan, and while physically outmatched, he uses his ability to talk to fish as a way to ask for permission to gain the trident. Impressed for actually being heard, the great beast grants him a chance. Taking the trident and Atlan's old armor, Arthur rides the Karathan with Atlanna and Mera following behind back to the rest of the underwater to stop Orm.
  • Leading his three kingdom coalition, Orm invades the Brine Kingdom, the last kingdom needed to begin his invasion of the surface. Getting the Brine king at his mercy, Orm "officially" declares himself the Ocean Master.
    • Unfortunately for him, Aquaman arrives just in time to help, using the trident's power to turn their sea life against them, driving the invasion off, and engaging with the Ocean Master one more time.
      • Leading Orm to a vehicle on the surface, Arthur defeats his half brother, but spares his life, with him and Atlanna having pity on Orm, and wanting to give him a second chance later on.
  • Atlanna finally reunites with her human husband.
  • Aquaman begins his rule as the one true king of Atlantis. A hero for all the earth.

     A new champion is granted the powers of SHAZAM 
  • Billy Batson, young teenager, is placed in a new foster group home, the Vasquezes, after years of running around looking for his birth mother.
  • Thaddeus Sivanna, having worked to become a historical/medical doctor, eventually finds a way to return to the Rock of Eternity, and immediately frees the Seven Seadly Sins, who make him their champion. Sivana then kills his father, his brother and the whole board of Sivana Industries using his new demonic friends.
  • To stop Sivana and the Seven Deadly Sins, the Wizard Shazam has no other choice but to grant the powers of SHAZAM to Billy Batson, and dies as a result.
  • Billy begins mastering his powers, in part out of necessity due to Sivanna coming after him on the Sins' influence.
  • Identifying Billy as "the hero", his foster siblings help point Billy to where his Biological mom is. However, on reuniting, Billy is profoundly disappointed on finding out his mother isn't interested in raising him. He resolves to properly be a good brother to the family who truly accepted him.
  • Tricking the sin Envy to attack and depower Sivana, Billy then has the Seven Deadly Sins imprisoned once again thanks to Billy/Shazam sharing his powers with his new foster siblings. Together, they claim the Rock of Eternity as their base.
  • Mr. Mind escapes his jar at the Rock of Eternity and proposes an alliance to a jailed Sivana.

     The fantabulous emancipation of the Birds of Prey! 
  • Harley Quinn and the Joker break up, and Harley blows up the Ace Chemicals facility as personal therapy. She gets entangled with several other women (pickpocket Cassandra Cain, nightclub singer Dinah Lance, GCPD detective Renee Montoya and vengeful crime family heir Helena Bertinelli) all because of a hidden fortune and a diamond as the key to it.
  • They find themselves teaming up to confront crime lord Roman Sionis a.k.a. Black Mask.
  • Black Mask meets his demise and the vigilante team Birds of Prey is formed on the backs of the newly reclaimed Bertinelli fortune. It includes Dinah Lance/Black Canary, Renee Montoya and Helena Bertinelli/Huntress.
  • Harley meanwhile takes on Cassandra as a criminal in training.


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