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Web Animation / Resident Evil Musicals

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If you thought he was bad in the games, you've seen nothing.
A series of musicals about Resident Evil, created by ShadowLeggy, consisting of a popular song being played to a synced series of of comedic sketches. Occasionally also features "in a nutshell" summaries of various Resident Evil works. Resident Evil: Survivor, a Spinoff by the same author has also returned from a three year hiatus, simultaneously parodying almost all Resident Evil characters and the Survivor reality TV shows. Can be found here

Tropes Present

  • Canada, Eh?: Steve's voice from the games translates directly into text, and is often said to sound like a Canadian on crack.
  • Cat Smile: Wesker when he's up to something.
  • Take That!: Many examples.
    • The Teh Stream series has a number of targets of this, mainly involving G.I.F.T's and Social Justice Warriors.
    • There are some videos in which the author expresses her hatred towards the newer games, these videos consist of her curb-stomping the main cast of these games into oblivion while triumphant music plays on the background. No Hope Left even has a segment where the author laments about how CAPCOM has turned the franchise into crap at the expense of their fans to get money from the Call of Duty audience.
    • One scene from the 6th episode of Survivor has the cast complaining about the author adding more characters to the mix and not caring about her old ones. She justifies their treatment by claiming she has learned with the best (CAPCOM).
  • Too Dumb to Live: Every single character, but special mention go to:
    • Chris, over the fact he picks a knife over a gun in his scenario.
    • Leon, who only ever pays attention to Ada and nothing else.
    • Ada, who can't control herself and tell everyone her real name.
  • Valley Girl: Gender-inverted with Alfred in Survivor.
    "ZO-MAI-GAWD. Wesker lykes MY sister?!1!/ Hellz. NO. Don't EVEN go ther!"